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Season 10

Episode 83

(She Had Always Been So Strong (4)

“She’s been suppressing herself for so long… She’s been pushing down her feelings for Qin Chu all this time, and no one knows how much she loves him. Today, she finally let herself go…” Jiang Xiaowei knew Huo Mian well.

She knew that Huo Mian appeared indifferent on the outside but was actually passionate on the inside. To others, she was overly aloof and calm.

Yet, Qin Chu existed like a God to Huo Mian, and no one could take his place.

Su Yu looked at Huo Mian and felt like someone had dug out a hole in his heart; it hurt so much that he couldn’t breathe.

She had always been so calm, yet at this very moment, she was acting like a crazy wife.

It all came down to how much she cared about him…

Loving someone like so could drive them mad…

In turned out that Qin Chu was Huo Mian’s only pressure point…

Furious, Su Yu walked up to her in a few steps, pulled on her collar, and dragged her away from the door.

Then, he pinned her onto the wall…

“Huo Mian, wake up… he’s still receiving emergency treatment, slapping on the door won’t help him. You need to come to your senses!”

“Let go of me, I need to see him.”

Even now, all that was in Huo Mian’s head was that she needed to see Qin Chu right this second.

“You won’t be able to see him anyways. He’s in surgery, he was shot… We don’t know if he’s dead or alive… You being crazy isn’t going to help anyone, it might even affect the surgeons who are operating on him. Where did all your arrogance and calmness go, Huo Mian, huh?”

Su Yu had obviously gone crazy too, as he screamed at Huo Mian.

Everyone was dumbstruck…

“Su Yu… don’t be like that…” Huo Siqian couldn’t take it anymore.

Mian was still a little groggy, and her current IQ was no higher than a little kid; wouldn’t Su Yu’s screams just scare her?

To his surprise, however, as soon as Huo Siqian’s hand touched Su Yu, the latter slapped it away…

“Don’t touch me, am I wrong? If you guys all care about her, then don’t let her go crazy like that.”

Then, Su Yu glared at Huo Mian with blood-shot eyes. “If you want Qin Chu to recover, then shut up, go back to your room, and rest up. Or else… even if he gets better, I’m still going to shoot him in the head.”

“You…” Huo Mian stared blankly at him, and just as she was about to say something to him, Su Yu cursed at a nurse beside them, “What the hell are you standing here for? Take her back!”

“No, I want to…” Before Huo Mian could finish her sentence, Su Yu once again grabbed Huo Mian by the collar and basically dragged her back to her room.

Although Huo Mian struggled, she couldn’t do anything to Su Yu, since he was much stronger than she was.

“I think… Su Yu’s being a little too violent.” Huo Siqian rubbed his forehead with a pained expression on his face.

“It seems like… Su Yu went crazy too…” Wei Liao sighed.

Huo Mian cared about Qin Chu, so she went crazy; Su Yu cared about Huo Mian, so he went crazy along with her…

This chain reaction… shocked everyone, leaving them speechless.

After Su Yu dragged Huo Mian back into her room, she was still emotionally unstable, so the nurse injected her with a sedative.

Su Yu didn’t leave her room until the sedative was in, and Huo Mian fell asleep…

He walked gently out of the room as if he had no more strength left in him…

No one knew how heartbroken he was upon seeing Huo Mian just now. However, he couldn’t do anything about it.

He hated her like that, acting like a half-dead zombie, and wanted her to pull herself together.

He wanted her to go back to being that fearless and arrogant Huo Mian, who was capable of heading off any dangers that came her way.

“How is she doing?” Huo Siqian was worried about Huo Mian.

“They gave her a sedative, she’s asleep now,” Su Yu replied grimly.

Everyone sighed in relief upon hearing this…

Just then, the OR door opened, and the lead surgeon came out with a dejected expression on his face…

“Doctor, how’s my friend?” Gao Ran immediately went up to ask.


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