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Season 10

Episode 80

(She Had Always Been So Strong (1)

“Miss Hui… don’t be rash… Haha, allow me to do the honors.” The scar-faced man took the black handgun from Zhou Guanghui, and just as he was about to aim at Qin Chu’s head, Qin Chu immediately got up and snatched it from him. Then, Qin Chu pointed the gun towards the scar-faced man’s temple.

Upon seeing what happened, Huo Mian immediately ran behind Zhou Guanghui and pulled a silver needle out of nowhere, which she then pointed into Zhou Guanghui’s temple… the easiest and deadliest place she knew.


“Miss Hui!”

The lackeys all began to panic…

“Step back, let us go.” Qin Chu’s voice was icy.

The scar-faced man began blaming himself for underestimating Qin Chu. He never thought that a man with a dagger in his chest would be able to move with such agility…

Qin Chu pushed down harder on his temple upon seeing no reaction from him.

“You think I don’t have the guts to pull the trigger? Let me tell you, I can kill you anytime. Just so you know, I don’t need to take responsibility for killing outlaws like you.”

The scar-faced man became scared by Qin Chu’s threats…

“Move away, let them leave,” the scar-faced man said.

“Boss…” his lackeys were unwilling to settle.

While Huo Mian wasn’t paying attention, Zhou Guanghui tried to trip and regain control of the situation.

However, Huo Mian kicked her hard in the waist and then pushed the needle into her neck.

Zhou Guanghui’s entire body went numb…

“What did you do to me?” She tilted her head angrily at Huo Mian.

“If you don’t want to die, don’t move…”

Huo Mian and Qin Chu acted in unison; she knew that as long as Qin Chu overpowered the scar-faced man, his lackeys wouldn’t be able to use her to threaten Qin Chu.

Therefore, she decided to take Zhou Guanghui hostage as well; she didn’t know how the latter was related to these outlaws, but one thing was for certain – these people were all terrified of her and listened to everything she said.

After they successfully threatened them, the lackeys all retreated and made way for them to pass.

Qin Chu’s chest was soaked in blood; the good thing was, there wasn’t a massive hemorrhage, or else he would be long unconscious by now.

“Mian, you leave first.” Qin Chu glanced at Huo Mian.

She nodded and forced Zhou Guanghui out the door along with her…

Qin Chu then held the gun as he followed after them…

“You are all a bunch of useless sh*t…” Zhou Guanghui was furious; she was so close to achieving revenge, but her plans went down the drain.

No one dared to make a sound…

Huo Mian’s entire body was aching, but she knew she couldn’t fall apart right now.

She had to leave this place, even if she had to crawl out of it…

When they got to the door, the scar-faced man suddenly used all his might and charged towards them.

Qin Chu had great agility, but he was severely injured and therefore couldn’t respond in time.

The man rammed his body into his, knocking him down onto the ground.

“Qin Chu!” Huo Mian shrieked heartbreakingly.

The scar-faced man attacked at Qin Chu, tightening one hand around Qin Chu’s neck… and pushing down Qin Chu’s hand with the other…

Huo Mian felt like her heart was about to jump out upon seeing their struggle, while his lackeys seemed like they all wanted to charge towards them to help their boss.

“Don’t come up, or else I’ll kill her,” Huo Mian shouted as she held another silver needle against Zhou Guanghui’s neck.

“You idiots, get the hell away… if anything happens to me, my sugar daddy will never forgive you guys,” Zhou Guanghui shouted.

As expected, the lackeys stopped in their footsteps upon her mentioning of her ‘sugar daddy’.

Huo Mian knew that Qin Chu was about to win – he kicked at the scar-faced man as the latter covered his chest and rolled around on the ground…

Just then, the sound of sirens rang outside…

“You’re so despicable… I can’t believe you called the cops,” the scar-faced man spat out blood and lied exhaustively on the ground.

Qin Chu froze for a second as well; he turned around to see dozens of police cars heading their way. The truth was, he never told Gao Ran where he was.

As he was in a daze, Huo Mian saw the scar-faced man take out a small silver handgun from his inside pocket and aim it at Qin Chu…

“Qin Chu… be careful!” Huo Mian screamed at him with all her might.

However, she was too late; Qin Chu’s chest was wounded, slowing down his movements. He didn’t have time to avoid the bullet.

With a ‘bang’, the bullet was shot went into his body; Huo Mian felt like something ripped her heart open… as endless pain spread all over her body…

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