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Season 10

Episode 29

(Proof of an Affair (10)

“Why aren’t you replying? Are you thinking about how to answer my question?” Huo Mian found Qin Chu’s silence amusing.

“Honey… you’re right, I did have dinner with Song Yishi tonight.”

“Yeah, so… it’s solid proof of an affair, isn’t it?” Huo Mian continued.

“An affair?” Qin Chu was dumbfounded; Huo Mian was making too big a deal out of things.

“Why are you looking at me with such surprise, did you think I didn’t know? I’m not that easy to fool…”

“No, I’m just surprised by your imagination. How did you deduce that I was having an affair with some dumplings? You’re a great fortune teller.” Qin Chu couldn’t help but laugh.

“Aren’t you? Don’t you think you’re interacting too frequently with Song Yishi? Last night she bought you a midnight snack, and tonight you had dinner together… Will your kids be playing catch by tomorrow night?”

Qin Chu: “…”

“What? You have nothing to say anymore? In that case, you should go. Also, tell Song Yishi something for me, will you?”

Huo Mian spoke with such seriousness that Qin Chu almost burst out in laughter.

“Tell her what?”

“If I, the queen, don’t die, she’ll always be a concubine.”

Qin Chu: “…”

“Honey, you can’t smear my name like that… I never got you back for standing up for Su Yu.”

“Why would you get back at me? There’s nothing going on with Su Yu and me.”

“So, there’s something going on with Song Yishi and me?” Qin Chu asked, feeling wronged.

“But I didn’t have dumplings with Su Yu, and he didn’t bring me midnight snack… Also, he didn’t move to Imperial Park. Plus, I didn’t grow up with him, and he hasn’t known me since I was eight. Most importantly, he didn’t visit Sky Blessing Court every single day to suck up to my mom…” Huo Mian said everything in one breath.

Qin Chu couldn’t help but laugh…

“What are you laughing about? Don’t think you can conquer me with your smile.” However, Huo Mian had to admit that Mr. Qin looked very handsome when he was laughing.

“Honey, you’re really cute when you’re jealous.”

“Are you having fun? I don’t think it’s funny, don’t you think you went a little overboard, Mr. Qin?” Huo Mian put her arms around her chest and demanded angrily.

“Honey, let’s go through what happened… Everything happened because you stood up for Su Yu, and now rumors are flying all over the place… Not only did you refuse to repent, you even iced me, forcing me to sleep alone. You’ve achieved 5-star stubbornness. It’s fine if you didn’t want to go home, I thought you were at your mother’s, but you weren’t even there. Rather, you are here, working the night shift at the hospital… How can you do this to your body? You let Zhixin down, you let me down, and you let all the medicine that you’ve been drinking and then throwing up down.”

Um… Huo Mian was completely dumbfounded.

She never knew how skilled Mr. Qin was at verbal confrontations…

She thought she was skilled enough, but Mr. Qin even brought up the Chinese medicine that she had been taking.

“You shouldn’t disregard your own health and pull all-nighters. What if our baby is born a night owl, huh? Whose fault would it be then?” Qin Chu pretended to be serious.

Huo Mian: “…”

She stared at Qin Chu, but she was at a complete loss for words.

“I’m not having a baby with you, go find Song Yishi, she’s so pretty. She’ll give birth to a mini Lin Chiling,” Huo Mian said incredibly sourly.

“No, I want a high IQ baby. That will only happen if I have a baby with you.”

“So… is that why you married me? To have high IQ babies?” Huo Mian demanded with a grim expression on her face.

“Why else? You think it was because you’re good in bed?”

For the first time in his life, Mr. Qin stuffed a sock in Huo Mian’s mouth.

She was so shocked that she almost turned crispy…

After a while, she pointed at her office door. “Get the f*ck out.”

Upon seeing how mad Huo Mian was, Qin Chu was happy that he finally didn’t have to live under his wife’s tyranny.

Therefore, he shook his hands, “Hey, never mind, I said the wrong thing. I’m sorry, I regret what I said. You’re the best in bed, number 1 in this world, okay?”

“Qin… Chu.” Huo Mian gritted her teeth as she looked at the man in front of her.

She really wanted to ask why he was here; was he here to fight her, to reconcile with her, or just to piss her off?


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