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Season 10

Episode 91

(Huo Mian’s a Crybaby (2)

“Mhm.” For some unknown reason, Su Yu felt his heartache after seeing Huo Mian smile like that.

Huo Mian had never spoken to Su Yu so gently before…

She walked to the shelf, held up the teapot, and poured Su Yu a cup of tea.

“Try it, after drinking tea for so long, I think that Xihu Longjing is the best, it’s mellow and sweet.”

“Why are you being so nice to me?” Su Yu was surprised by the attention.

They fought every time they saw each other…

So he wasn’t used to it when Huo Mian faced him with her rare, gentle side…

“What? Is it a crime to be nice to you?” Huo Mian joked.

“No, I’m just not used to it.” Su Yu awkwardly licked his lips.

God knew how he spent yesterday. He couldn’t sleep all night and kept thinking back to Huo Mian’s manic state, as if something was stuck in his heart

He begged his old man three times before the latter agreed to send an army surgeon…

In exchange, his grandpa also said that Su Yu had to go on an arranged date, and he agreed without hesitation.

He did all this for Huo Mian. To him, Qin Chu was just a love rival, his life didn’t matter to him.

However, he couldn’t leave Huo Mian alone. Upon seeing how she acted yesterday, Su Yu knew that she would go mad if Qin Chu died.

How could he sit and watch such a clever and cute girl turn into a crazy person?

“So it’s true that people are naturally despicable… If you get used to me being rude, you won’t be used to me being gentle.”

“Stupid girl, are you’re putting me down again? I won’t sink to your level today, you’re a patient.”

Smiling, Huo Mian remained silent. She then sat down opposite of Su Yu.

“To be honest, I thought that you were brain dead the first time I saw you at South Side.”

“Uh…” Facing such a crappy review, Su Yu didn’t know whether to smile or cry.

“What about afterward?” Su Yu was obviously unconvinced and kept asking.

“Then… my view of you changed. After a while, I realized that you weren’t brain dead.”

“That’s right…” Su Yu was proud of himself.

“You’re a total weirdo,” Huo Mian added.

Su Yu was speechless…

“Damn… Stupid girl, did you get addicted to dissing me… Do you really think that you can do anything you want now that you’re sick? I can throw you off the building anytime…” Su Yu purposefully said.

“You thought I was a weirdo when you first saw me too, right?” Huo Mian asked again.

“Mhm… I thought that you looked like an old grandma… Everyone else at South Side wore low cut uniforms, and you were the only one who wrapped themselves up like a dumpling. It was funny.” His first encounter with Huo Mian felt like yesterday.

Su Yu thought about how great it was back then…

If time could flow backward, he would go back to his time during South Side, since it became one of his happiest memories.

Because he could argue with that stubborn nurse every day, and she even tortured him for revenge.

Su Yu wasn’t a romantic person, and he couldn’t understand Nolan’s “If Time Could Stop at the Moment when We First Met” when he first read it.

He thought that the writer was being cheesy with his words, but now, he came to understand it…

How great would it be if his relationship with Huo Mian would be as if they first met…

He really wanted the time he spent alone with Huo Mian to pass as slowly as possible…

He wasn’t greedy, he didn’t want anything more than this…

“Time’s actually extremely heartless, it steals the most precious things away from us without us even realizing it. I used to always want to go back to being a child. When I was at school, I was stressed out over monthly exams. Then, when I started working, I realized that life was much more complicated than school. Tests and exams were the easiest.”

“Geniuses like you get stressed? You aced your middle school exams, and Second High School even offered you admission and provided you with a full-ride scholarship and stipends..” Su Yu asked in a joking manner.

Huo Mian’s face was filled with surprise. “How did you know about what happened all those years ago?”


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