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Season 10

Episode 92

(Huo Mian’s a Crybaby (3)

“Mhm… I was pretty interested in your past a while ago,” Su Yu admitted up front.

“So that’s why you went to eat Ah-Xin’s Ramen?” Huo Mian asked.

“Yeah… Speaking of which, is that noodle restaurant really that good? It tasted pretty average to me…” Su Yu always wanted to ask Huo Mian but never got the chance, and when he had the chance, he forgot to ask her. Finally, he remembered to bring it up today.

“Who said that I went because of how good it tasted?”

“Uh… Why then?” Su Yu was filled with confusion.

“Because it’s cheap; it only costs two yuan per bowl, and it hasn’t changed all these years.”

“Pff… You’re going to kill me with shock.” Su Yu thought that Huo Mian had set up a trap for him.

When he first heard that Huo Mian loved to eat their ramen, he brought Wei Liao and Tang Chuan there.

To be honest, he thought that it tasted average; it wasn’t as good as he thought it would be.

However, he couldn’t admit that. So, every time he went with Tang Chuan and the others, he emphasized how good the noodles were.

Tang Chuan and Wei Liao looked down on him and said that the only reason he liked them was because of Huo Mian.

As long as Huo Mian liked it, even crap would be delicious to Su Yu.

Of course, something as vulgar as that came from Tang Chuan’s mouth.

However, Huo Mian didn’t eat it because of how good it was, it was because it was cheap… He was incredibly speechless…

“When I was in high school, my family didn’t give me much money to spend. I liked medical books and used all my money on those. Therefore, I used the money I had left at that restaurant because it was cheap…”

“Fine, you win.” Su Yu was filled with hopelessness.

Huo Mian smiled and kept speaking, “I went there after graduation because I was yearning for my youth. The past can’t come back, but I could look back on it… I eat it now to remind me of youth.”


Now, Su Yu was embarrassed. He never attended Second High and ate there anyway. Was he a parrot?

“I think that… You might be the weirdest woman I’ve ever known…” Su Yu exclaimed…

“Sometimes, I think so too.” Huo Mian seriously agreed with Su Yu’s words.

Su Yu looked at Huo Mian. They faced each other, and he felt a sense of happiness upon seeing how close they were.

Seeing that her face was pale from worrying, Su Yu said, “I’ll ask my housekeeper to make some date and lotus seed congee tomorrow. You’ve gotten skinnier and your complexion looks bad.”

“Don’t worry, my body’s great. I’ll recover soon.”

“Mhm, then rest. I’ll leave now, see you tomorrow.”

After speaking, Su Yu got up to leave…

“Su Yu…”

“Mhm?” Hearing Huo Mian’s sudden call, Su Yu stopped in his tracks.

“Thank you.”

“Eh, don’t be so emotional… I don’t help people to be appreciated, that’s too lame.”

“Su Yu, this is for you.”

After speaking, she took out a bullet shell out of nowhere…

“What are you doing? I said that I don’t want it back.” After seeing the bullet shell, Su Yu’s expression changed.

“No, I’m not giving it back to you, I have something to ask of you,” Huo Mian said as she stared into Su Yu’s eyes…

“What do you want, tell me.”

As Su Yu slowly took the old bullet shell from Huo Mian, he thought that the tiny object was extra heavy today.

He had a hunch that whatever Huo Mian said, it wouldn’t be good.

This was a promise that he made to Huo Mian…

He once said that if she wanted something one day, she could ask him. As long as it was within his powers, he would do it.

It was like Aladdin’s magical lamp from that old western tale.

Su Yu could do a lot of things, and if Huo Mian asked him for a hundred million yuan, he would immediately write her a check.

She could also ask Su Yu to make her a superstar or even ask him for a luxurious sports car or a mansion.

Anyways, this was a keepsake that could make a normal person rich overnight.

And the only person who had this keepsake in the world was Huo Mian.

Looking at Huo Mian’s pretty face, Su Yu waited for her to tell him her wish.

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