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Season 10

Episode 78

(Scared of Losing You (9)

Just then, someone suddenly cried out, "Boss, they're back."

The scar-faced man immediately shouted, "Fatty, bring her in."

"Boss…" The fat man felt like crying, and his face was filled with disappointment.

However, he had no choice but to listen to his boss and drag her back…

"Take off her blindfold, it's going to be a good show," the scar-faced man laughed.

Then, the fat man took Huo Mian's blindfold off…

Only then did Huo Mian realize that she was actually sitting in an abandoned warehouse.

There were eight people around her, and the man standing in the middle was the patient she saw in the morning.

She looked at his 7 lackeys… and didn't recognize any of them. Who in the world hired them?

First, she thought it was Song Yishi… however, she immediately rejected her own accusations.

If Song Yishi kidnapped her, she would've killed Huo Mian long ago, rather than wait for Qin Chu to show up. Song Yishi would never hurt Qin Chu.

Same goes for Mrs. Qin, she would never drag her own son into something like this.

Therefore, she then pointed her suspicions at Huo Siqian; was he behind this?

However, Huo Siqian treated Huo Mian well, so he would never let the people he hired run amuck.

The good thing was, that fat guy didn't get to have his way with her.

Huo Mian already knew what to do; as soon as that fat man dragged her into that warehouse, she would convince him to untie her ropes.

Then, she would use her silver needle on him, since she knew that whichever body part she stabbed with that needle would definitely go numb.

As she tried to think, the scar-faced man added, "Hang her up."

"Will do, Boss."

Then, they hung her up with steel wire, and placed a big round tin bucket beneath her… that was a meter or so in height…

Huo Mian felt like she knew what they were going to do to her.

She didn't want Qin Chu to come, but she also wanted him to come.

If Qin Chu came, he would be in mortal danger…

But, if he didn't come, she might not even be able to see him one last time.

The people in front of her weren't ordinary hooligans; they were true criminals, capable of killing others and themselves at any given moment…

Just then, she heard footsteps; two men came in with Qin Chu.

He was always wearing a blindfold over his eyes as well; when he arrived, the scar-faced man welcomed him, and after making sure that Qin Chu came alone, they brought him in. Everyone was extremely cautious.

"Get in," the man behind Qin Chu pushed him forcibly, right into the warehouse.

Huo Mian looked down as she saw Qin Chu come in; at that moment, tears began falling uncontrollably down her cheeks.

She missed him; she missed him like crazy…

Qin Chu was wearing a thin black down jacket, which looked very handsome on him.

His facial expression was as calm as it always was…

He never panicked in the face of crisis; even if the world was collapsing, he would remain unchanged. However, as soon as they took his blindfold off and he saw Huo Mian, he felt like his heart had been crushed into pieces…

Qin Chu looked up at Huo Mian, who was hanging in midair.

Her white lab coat was dirty, and she had bruises on her face.

There were even dried up specks of blood by each corner of her mouth…

Qin Chu clenched his fists as he glared at the scar-faced man. "Didn't I tell you not to touch her?"

'I'm sorry, but your wife is stubborn… she wouldn't talk, so we had no choice but to teach her a lesson."

Qin Chu's expression turned icy…

"What do you want, tell me," Qin Chu looked at them coldly as he secretly swore that he was not going to let anyone here leave this place alive, because… he was going to kill them all.

Upon hearing what Qin Chu said, the scar-faced man sneered, and threw a dagger at him, which landed by his feet.

"Here, to show your sincerity, pick that up and stab your chest with it."

"Honey, no!" Huo Mian finally opened her mouth in fear.

She was scared that Qin Chu would do anything for her because she knew how important she was to him.

Qin Chu looked up at Huo Mian with inexplicable pain in his expression.

He then bent down to pick up that sharp dagger and slowly pointed the tip at himself…

"Honey, please, don't be stupid. He won't let us go, even if you do what he says." Huo Mian's face was covered in tears.


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