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Season 10

Episode 49

(The Mother-in-Law Rubbing in the Wound (10)

Jiang Xiaowei liked Huo Mian, that’s why she domineeringly decided to be good friends with her.

She only made friends with people who lived genuinely and despised double-dealing individuals.

At least Huo Mian didn’t have a mask over her face; she may seem calmer than others, but it was only because her brain spun faster, not because she was cold-blooded and indifferent.

All these years, Huo Mian had been taking care of her mother and her brother. After breaking up with Ning Zhiyuan, she continued treating Uncle and Auntie Ning with respect. Even though she and Wu Xiaowei were enemies, she still risked herself to save her baby. She was aware that she might get herself in trouble, but she still chose to rescue that pregnant woman. She also risked her life to rescue Zhu Lingling from Seductive Fox… Huo Mian always knew what she was supposed to do and never regretted her actions, because that was the kind of person she was.

What moved Jiang Xiaowei the most was that Huo Mian risked herself and helped Su Yu when he was in trouble.

If it were her, she might not even have the guts to do something like this. However, Huo Mian’s decisions have always been so brave.

If Huo Mian shirked like a turtle, in fear of ruining her own reputation, Jiang Xiaowei might look down upon her.

‘Men must be daring and bold’; so must women.

Huo Mian lived candidly and never let anyone down…

Although the things she did were widely disputed and many people slandered her, Jiang Xiaowei was always her top admirer.

Many women on this earth were like Song Yishi, who lived with masks on their faces. But not many were as blunt and outspoken as Huo Mian.

Song Yishi was common, but Huo Mian was rare… That was what made her so special.

Song Yishi had a lot of friends, even a girlfriend squad that consisted solely of socialites.

However, she didn’t have any close friends…

Huo Mian, on the other hand, only had Zhu Lingling and Jiang Xiaowei. However, when she needed help, both of them were willing to move heaven and earth for her, because she was worth it.

“Xiaowei, calm down… it’s really okay, I don’t care about what others say… No matter what they say, I’m still me, and I’ll never change. I know how I feel towards Qin Chu, and he knows too. We don’t need to explain much to each other… I believe that time will prove everything.”

Huo Mian was wearing a long, baggy T-shirt with a Winnie the Pooh cartoon printed onto it. It was simple but cute.

She looked out, showing her profile. Her features weren’t perfect, but they were pretty all the same and most importantly, highly recognizable.

“Huo Mian, I’m not as calm as you are… The truth is, I care about what others think. After this incident, I’ve been really worried about you, and that’s why I registered a new Weibo account to shut Song Yishi down. But you’re right, there’s not much meaning to what I’m doing. In the end, none of these things matter. Just ignore people who don’t like you, it’s not like you will get anything out of them anyway, right?”

“Haha, right… my life won’t become brighter and shinier just because they like me… People I don’t care about are mere strangers to me.” Huo Mian put down her teacup, looked at Jiang Xiaowei, and flashed her a nonchalant smile.

“I’m curious, have you ever complained about your family background because of everything you went through in the past?”

Jiang Xiaowei knew that Huo Mian’s life hadn’t been easy, and it took her and Qin Chu a long time to come together.

“Truth be told, I used to… Back then I was young when I was faced with bumps along the road, I blamed others… But then I stopped because I realized that each and every decision I make now will determine my future. Some people, like Huo Yanyan, were born with good cards, but they played them terribly. Others, like me, are dealt nasty cards at birth, but have ended up working hard to turn things around.”

“Hahah… which category do I belong in?” Jiang Xiaowei laughed.

“You were born with good cards and played them perfectly. You’re a straight flush…”

“Hahaha, you’re killing me.” Jiang Xiaowei burst out in laughter, completely disregarding her image.

Then, she sent what Huo Mian said to Wei Liao.

Wei Liao was quiet for a while before replying, “Then am I the poor fellow who didn’t even end up with a pair in his hand who lost to you and then got enslaved?”

It was a little cold up in the rooftop, so Huo Mian was just about to stand up and get Jiang Xiaowei a blanket when her phone began to ring…

“Hello?” Huo Mian looked at the unfamiliar number and hesitated for a few seconds before picking up.

“Hi, Huo Mian… I’m Su Yu’s mom.” Mrs. Su’s voice was as gentle as ever.


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