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Season 10

Episode 31

(The Brilliance of Goddess Song (2)

They weren’t at home, nor were they at GK. However, to Huo Mian surprise, Mr. Qin kissed her, right then and there…

He just pounced on her… and then…

“Dr. Huo… are you okay?” The nurse just now didn’t know what they were doing; after busying herself with that patient, she suddenly remembered to ask how Huo Mian was doing.

Therefore, she barged into Huo Mian’s office without knocking on the door…

However, she was dumbfounded by what she saw…

“Um… I’m sorry, Dr. Huo, you guys continue.” Closing the door behind her, the nurse immediately ran away.

Huo Mian pushed Qin Chu aside and punched him in the shoulder blade.

“There you go, it’s all your fault… That girl has a giant mouth; everyone at South Side will know.”

“What’s wrong with me kissing my own wife?” Qin Chu felt wronged.

As expected, after their passionate make-out session, things went back to normal…

Qin Chu picked up Huo Mian’s hand and placed it on his own.

“Honey… I still have to talk to you about what happened with Su Yu.”

“I thought we were done with that, are you going to keep at it?” Huo Mian helplessly glanced at him.

Qin Chu shook his head. “That’s not what I wanted to talk about… I meant to talk to you about Su Yu being framed this time.”

“What about it?” In Huo Mian’s point of view, wasn’t it normal for a man like Su Yu to be set up? After all, he was an arrogant man and had too many enemies…

“I don’t think he was supposed to be the victim this time.”

The truth was, if he wasn’t so angry at Huo Mian at the time, he would’ve suspected this a long time ago.

“You mean…?” Huo Mian seemed to be catching on.

“Who’s the ultimate victim here?” Qin Chu asked.

“You and me.” Huo Mian reacted fast; Su Yu’s incident involved only two people – her and Qin Chu.

Because she was currently surrounded by negative news, Qin Chu had been implicated as well.

“That’s right. So, I was thinking the person behind this didn’t actually want to do anything to Su Yu. After all, the Su Family is powerful, and nothing would happen to him anyways. However, when you stood up for him, you fell right into the perpetrator’s trap. Plus, the time you met with Su Yu and the weird death of that woman… is very fishy.”

After Qin Chu finished his analysis, Huo Mian sank deep into thought as well…

That’s right, back then, she was only thinking about proving Su Yu’s innocence, so she didn’t think about much else.

However, it seemed like Su Yu was going to be okay anyway. The only affected parties were her and Qin Chu.

“So… if your hypothesis is correct, then that person sure is scary… Not only was he able to control the time Su Yu and I met up, he even planned out the death of that woman. Most importantly, if I didn’t stand up for Su Yu, then his plans would’ve fallen through… However, he managed to trick me into doing it.”

“So… whoever did it probably knows you very well,” Qin Chu placed Huo Mian’s hand on his chest and said slowly.

“Do you think it’s…?” Huo Mian’s eyes widened as an answer popped into her head.

“Yeah, we’re probably thinking about the same person. However, we don’t have any proof,” Qin Chu nodded, he knew who Huo Mian thought it was.

“This incident… involves a person’s life… I really hope it’s not him.”

“Perhaps he’s killed more than one. After all, he is a resolute man.”

Huo Mian fell silent upon hearing what Qin Chu said, but her heart sank…

Why would anyone put someone’s life in danger just to get what he wanted?

Of course, she didn’t have any proof of what happened; these were only their deductions.

“The enemy is in the dark and we’re in broad daylight. We’re at a disadvantage, no matter what we do… Plus, it won’t be easy to investigate this incident. If we act rashly, we might alert the enemy…”

“Yeah, I never paid attention, so I didn’t think too much into it. But the important thing is, what does he want out of this? Did he want to defame me? I’m used to slander, so I’m not scared… but he wouldn’t get anything out of doing so.” Huo Mian didn’t understand what his ultimate goal was. It didn’t seem worth it to pay such a price, just so he could smear her name.

“What if the price was you leaving me?” Qin Chu asked in response.

Huo Mian froze slightly…


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