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Season 10

Episode 44

(The Mother-in-Law Rubbing in the Wound (5)

In turned out that the report clarified that the woman in GK’s President Qin’s car was Song Yishi.

She lived in Imperial Park as well, and that was why they were riding in the same car.

Most importantly, she was good friends with Mrs. Qin, and they enjoyed coffee together the day after the incident. The photo on the front page was of them laughing and chatting at the coffee shop.

However, that wasn’t what happened…

Huo Mian sighed; she thought she took everything into consideration, but she didn’t think that Song Yishi would do something like this…

It was obvious that Song Yishi asked to be followed the other day at the coffee shop…

Then, she released the photo on purpose, showing that Huo Mian and she were actually friends.

What was Song Yishi’s goal? Simple, it was to prove Qin Chu innocence.

Song Yishi cared about Qin Chu’s reputation; she also wanted to keep her ‘good girl’ reputation in front of Qin Yumin and his wife.

If others defamed Qin Chu, Song Yishi’s life would be much harder.

Therefore, she decided to use Huo Mian to prove her and Qin Chu’s innocence. That way, people would turn their attention back onto Huo Mian since her incident with Su Yu still hadn’t been resolved yet…

That day, Song Yishi updated her Weibo. She wrote, ‘love needs regular maintenance and upkeep, or else weeds will grow.’

Then, a bunch of fans became showing their support in her comments section…

“Goddess, we support you. You’re beautiful, and your heart is even more so.”

“Goddess Song, you’re so pretty. You look like Lin Chiling, why didn’t you become an actress? It’s such a waste of your looks.”

“Goddess, you’re so much prettier than GK’s Young Madam. I wonder why President Qin didn’t choose you. I hear that you guys met when you were 8 years old.”

“Goddess, when is your school opening? I want my nieces and nephews to learn drawing from you, I heard that you are a master of ink wash painting.”

Song Yishi’s Weibo was filled with fans who sucked up to her…

They were all crazy in love with her…

Jiang Xiaowei, who was resting at home, couldn’t take it anymore and registered a Weibo account, with the username, ‘B*tch-Conqueror’.

Then, she wrote in the comments section, “Hey, goddess, I have a question. There’re so many places to live in our city, why did you move to Imperial Park? Didn’t you know that President Qin lived there as well? Oh, and I heard that you haven’t been back in China for a long time, how did you manage to become such good friends with Mrs. Qin in less than a month? Finally, I heard that a couple of your socialite friends were blacklisted by Mrs. Qin’s coffee shop. Do you care to venture an explanation?”

Jiang Xiaowei’s questions were short, sharp, and to the point.

Song Yishi didn’t know how to reply upon seeing this comment…

However, she didn’t reply, pretending to be aloof.

A couple of fans who didn’t know what was happening swore at Jiang Xiaowei, “You have such a venomous tongue, that’s her business, what’s it to you? I hate your Weibo name. Stop defaming my goddess and go away.”

“Goddess? Yeah right, that word is worth nothing these days, are you sure it’s a compliment?” Jiang Xiaowei shot back.

“Honey, what are you doing?” Wei Liao was strolling around with Jiang Xiaowei, but she suddenly sat down in a pavilion and began playing with her phone.

“Oh, nothing, I was just playing with some puppies.” Jiang Xiaowei smiled and put away her phone.

“Hey, I suddenly thought of a name for our child.” Jiang Xiaowei quickly changed the subject…

“Um… what name?” Wei Liao’s instincts told him that Jiang Xiaowei’s name would shock him.

As expected…

She laughed as she said, “If it’s a boy, we should call him Wei Shenme (TL: means ‘why’ in Chinese).”

Wei Liao: “…”

“If it’s a girl, Wei Leshui (TL: means ‘for who’ in Chinese). So, when we call her in for dinner, it’ll totally mess with peoples’ heads.”

Wei Liao: “…”

“It’s so confusing…” She completely confused Wei Liao.

Were those actual names? They sounded weird…

“What? Don’t you like them?” Jiang Xiaowei tilted her head and looked at Wei Liao.

“I do, but these names are really weird, haha… If it’s a boy, we should call him Wei Jiang, a combination of our last names. If it’s a girl, we should call him Wei Wei, a combination of my last name with your first name. That way, we’ll have an additional ‘Wei’ in our family. How cute is that?”

To his surprise, Jiang Xiaowei glared at him.

“Your ideas are so lame, I don’t want to give my child such an ordinary name. It was to be one of a kind.”

Then, Jiang Xiaowei walked away, leaving Wei Liao all dumbfounded in the pavilion…

With one photo, Song Yishi successfully proved that nothing was going on with her and Qin Chu.

Most people believed that she and Huo Mian were really good friends.

That night, another post was uploaded onto a forum, ‘A Flirty Bitch, the Women of the Huo Family are all the Same’.

This post again caused an uproar… It was the most harmful, Huo Mian-slandering post ever, so naturally, it gained a very high click-rate.

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