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Season 10

Episode 73

(Scared of Losing You (4)

“Um… I can’t remember. All I remember is that it was a man, and because he had his head down when he walked, I couldn’t see his face.” The assistant thought back long and hard but really couldn’t provide him with more information. There were a lot of patients in the morning, so she had been busy that entire time.

“Okay, I got it, you should go back to the hospital.”

“President Qin… do you think something will happen to Dr. Huo?” The assistant asked, incredibly worried.

“I won’t let anything happen to her,” Qin Chu said, word for word.

After Huo Mian’s assistant left, Qin Chu’s heart sank into the abyss…

He was sure that Huo Mian had been kidnapped, and the kidnapper was the male patient she saw before she disappeared.

However, what sucked was that someone tampered with hospital surveillance, and no one paid attention to what the suspect looked like.

He was certain that those people came prepared; they were there to kidnap, and she was their target.


“Sir, what can I do for you?”

“Clear my afternoon schedule, I’m heading out.”

“Will do.”

As soon as he left GK, Qin Chu called Gao Ran.

“Locate Huo Mian’s phone, as fast as you can.”

“Ha, what’s wrong? Are you trying to catch her in the act…?” Gao Ran jokingly retorted.

“Huo Mian was kidnapped.” Qin Chu was in an incredibly foul mood, and even his voice sounded deeper than usual.

“What? Kidnapped?” Gao Ran was flabbergasted by what he just heard.

Qin Chu didn’t respond…

“Chu, you’re not joking, are you?” Gao Ran was in disbelief; why on earth would Huo Mian be kidnapped?

“I would never joke about something like this,” Qin Chu replied sternly.

True, Qin Chu may joke inappropriately at times, but he never joked about Huo Mian’s safety.

Her safety was his bottom line…

“Don’t panic, I’ll locate her for you right now.” Then, Gao Ran immediately hung up.

For the first time in his life, Qin Chu felt anxious and unsettled… he didn’t know who kidnapped Huo Mian, nor where her kidnappers were holding her.

Would they hurt her? Would they beat her up? Ever since he found out that Huo Mian was missing… He felt like his heart was being torn apart, piece by piece…

Qin Chu sat in his Maybach, smoking one cigarette after another.

He never believed in God and only believed in himself. However, this time he was scared; he was completely terrified.

He was already thinking about the worst-case scenario and he didn’t want to even think about what his life would be like if he lost Huo Mian.

He ruthlessly smeared the cigarette butt in his hand and looked out his car window in despair…

“God, if you really do exist in this world… then I hope you can hear me. Please don’t let anything happen to Mian, or else I will go look for her, even if I end up in hell.”

All of Qin Chu’s calmness, wisdom, and arrogance collapsed at that very moment…

All that was left of him was a husband who lost his loving wife; he felt helpless and hopeless.

When Huo Mian woke up, she realized that someone had put a blindfold over her eyes.

Her hands and feet were tied by ropes.

“Where am I, is anyone there?” she asked.

“You’re awake…” A man’s voice sounded.

She immediately recognized that voice; it was the man who she was seeing right before she passed out. He had a weird voice, so it was highly recognizable.

“It’s you…? Weren’t you a patient?”

“Dr. Huo sure has a good memory.” The man chuckled.

“Who are you, and why did you kidnap me? Do you want a ransom? How much do you want?” After realizing that she had been kidnapped, she stopped panicking. If this person wanted money, she was willing to strike a deal.

“Ransom? Haha… no, thanks, we already accepted someone else’s money. The mission today is… to kill you.”

Huo Mian’s heart sank upon hearing this…

The scariest kind of kidnappers were ones who weren’t interested in money.

“However, I’m not going to kill you just yet. Our mission isn’t finished.”

Then, the kidnapper took out his phone, punched in a number, and placed it by Huo Mian’s ear.

“Tell your husband not to call the cops. If he wants you to live, he’ll have to come alone,” the scar-faced man said viciously.


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