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Season 10

Episode 76

(Scared of Losing You (7)

“I just wanted to make sure everything is accounted for, just in case…”

Rick interrupted Qin Chu before he could finish his sentence.

“I don’t believe in that, I know you’ll come back.”

“I’ll try my best. Anyways… I will make sure she comes back.”

After he left Seductive Fox, no one knew where he went…

Rick was in a nasty mood; he got up, opened his window, and let the cold air blow into his office.

He had known Qin Chu for a very long time, and he knew how much Qin Chu loved his wife.

He had loved her since he was a young boy.

A man like Rick who lived on the edge of the cliff would probably never get to feel what Qin Chu felt.

At least that was what he thought… but fate began making arrangements for him at that very second.

“Sir, I found the girl you asked me to. Her name is Nie Lingxi, and others call her Xixi. She’s a student at an art college, majoring in photography.”

“Xixi…” Rick’s fingers reached out and gently scraped his frost-covered window.

The corners of his lips curled up into a barely-visible smile…

In one day, Huo Siqian utilized all of his connections.

However, he couldn’t find anything; he had to admit that Huo Mian’s kidnappers were not regular people.

Instead, they were a bunch of extremely experienced criminals.

They could walk into the hospital in broad daylight and leave without a trace. They sure were skilled.

Huo Siqian felt extremely testy…

After leaving the City Bureau, he got into his white Maserati.

After three minutes of silence, he suddenly slapped down on his steering wheel in an attempt to vent the anger in his chest…

“How can a person disappear all of a sudden? What the hell!” Huo Siqian cursed violently.

Just then, he thought of someone…

He quickly picked up his phone and dialed a number…

Su Yu was in a meeting at the Imperial Star Headquarters; the departmental executives were reporting their achievements over the last 6 months.

Su Yu was in a light blue suit, looking fashionable and handsome.

He was wearing a Patek Philippe & Co. watch on his wrist, and a sapphire earring on his left ear; he looked like a king.

He didn’t pick up upon seeing that Huo Siqian called…

He continued with the meeting and placed his phone in silent mode.

“President Su… before the new year, we have another movie release. It’s a drama to celebrate the coming of the new year, and the main female lead is Miss Jian Tong. I believe the box office will surpass 100 million yuan.”

Su Yu listened quietly…

Just then, Huo Siqian sent him a WeChat message.

“Huo Mian was kidnapped.”

This short message blew up in Su Yu’s head like a stick of dynamite.

He immediately picked up his phone and got up…

“President Su…?” The executives were all dumbfounded.

“Meeting’s over.”

Before anyone else had the chance to talk, Su Yu turned around and left…

An, his assistant, followed after him quietly.

The first thing he did after leaving the conference room was to call Huo Siqian.

“What happened to Huo Mian?” he asked anxiously.

“She was kidnapped.”


“At around 10 AM this morning.”


“South Side.”

“Who’s her kidnapper?”

“I don’t know, and I can’t find any clues. They tampered with hospital surveillance, it’s a planned kidnapping,” Huo Siqian explained.

“Does Qin Chu know?” Su Yu asked again.

“He does, and he’s trying to save Huo Mian as well, but the problem is… no one knows where she is, so how are we all supposed to save her?”

“I got it.”

After hanging up the phone, Su Yu drove straight to South Side and listened to what happened in detail.

Like Huo Siqian, he refused to let any valuable information slide through his fingers.

After listening to her assistant’s deductions, Su Yu was also sure that Huo Mian was taken by the last patient she saw.

He then began pulling up the surveillance video of all the streets outside the hospital.

However, hundreds of cars were parked outside South Side, and it was really hard to determine which one the kidnappers used.

After looking at the tape time and again, he finally saw a black Honda CRV.

“Find out who the car owner is, and where it went,” Su Yu immediately told the traffic police officer beside him.

“Young Master Su… there’s nothing special about this Honda, are you sure?” confused, the cop asked.

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