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Season 10

Episode 89

(She Had Always Been So Strong (10)

“Um…” Doctor Xu was clearly in a difficult position; perhaps he just didn’t want to tell her the truth.

“You don’t have to worry about me, I’m a doctor too, you won’t be able to hide it from me anyways. I can see that Qin Chu’s being kept alive by blood transfusions, tubes, and an oxygen mask. The bullet is still lodged in his body, isn’t it?”

Chief Xu nodded. “Dr. Huo, I’m sorry, we tried our best yesterday. The good thing is, his knife wound isn’t too bad, or else he would’ve died on the table. The bullet is the tricky part since it’s lodged right next to his heart. It’s in such a sensitive spot, less than one centimeter away from his heart, so surgery will be difficult. You’re a doctor, so I don’t have to explain it to you… If we don’t take it out on time, it may become infected at any moment… therefore, he needs to undergo another surgery within 48 hours for us to extract that bullet.”

“What’s the success rate of the surgery?” Huo Mian asked calmly.

“Less than 20%.” Chief Xu glanced at Huo Mian and said quietly.

Huo Mian’s expression turned grim as she felt her heart sink…

“But let’s wait for the doctors from Jing City to come tonight, perhaps they have a way,” Doctor Xu added.

“Jing City?” Huo Mian frowned, not sure he was talking about.

“You don’t know this yet, but your friend, Su Yu, utilized his connections with the army and asked the lead surgeon of Jing City Military General Hospital to come. He’s arriving in C City with three assistants this afternoon. If things go as planned, your husband might be able to undergo surgery tonight.”

Huo Mian fell silent upon hearing this; she was shocked that Su Yu was willing to help her like this, since normal people would never be able to access military surgeons…

Maybe with the help of Su Yu, the success rate of the surgery may be higher…

However, as a medical practitioner, Huo Mian knew how dangerous the bullet’s location was…

“Okay, I got it.”

After Chief Xu left, Huo Mian sat quietly on her bed, as she looked at the snow falling outside her window…

Just a few days ago, he held her hand as they walked in the snow. He promised that they would spend the rest of their lives together…

However, now he was on a sickbed, and no one could predict his chances of life or death…

“Qin Chu… don’t you dare leave me behind, or else I will never forgive you, not even if I die,” Huo Mian felt lonely as she looked at the scenery outside and said in her scratchy voice.

Huo Siqian was the first to visit her that day, holding a bouquet of beautiful lilies in his hand.

“You seem to be doing much better today, Mian,” he chuckled.

Huo Mian glanced at him but didn’t say anything…

“The old man doesn’t know what happened, I didn’t tell him.”

“You don’t have to tell him anything, it has nothing to do with him,” Huo Mian said apathetically.

“I know, you didn’t even tell your mom that you’re hurt, so I assumed that you wouldn’t want him to know either.” Then, Huo Siqian asked, “Did you want anything to eat? I can go buy you some.”

“I ate already.”

“Good, you need to eat more. Take a look at your face, you’re as white as a ghost… Right now, you can appear in a horror film without makeup.” Huo Siqian tried to make her laugh by joking around.

However, she didn’t react at all…

“Those criminals will be sentenced to death. Don’t worry, you’ll be avenged,” Huo Siqian consoled her.

Huo Mian nodded but still didn’t say anything…

Right now, she didn’t care about vengeance; all she cared about was whether Qin Chu would be able to survive this.

Just then, Su Yu walked into her room… His hands were empty; he didn’t bring any flowers nor food.

“You’re up?” he asked.

Huo Mian tilted her head to look at Su Yu, who seemed to have dark circles under his eyes. Perhaps he didn’t sleep well last night.

“Don’t worry, your husband will be fine. My grandpa asked the best military surgeon to come, he’s on a private plane and will be here in 3 hours.”

“Thank you.” Huo Mian had never felt so grateful towards Su Yu.

Although the army surgeon couldn’t guarantee a completely successful surgery, at least success rates will be higher.

“Don’t be so cheesy… If you really want to thank me, tell that husband of yours to stop competing with me… Produce fewer movies and stop stealing my market, goddammit.” Su Yu forced a laugh.

Huo Mian bit down on her hips; she wanted to say something, but she didn’t.

Three hours later, the army surgeon and his assistants arrived at South Side.

Qin Chu’s lead surgeon, Dr. Xu, Huo Mian, Director Wu as well as Dr. Feng, the army surgeon, met in the conference room.

“Dr. Feng, this is his current situation. Take a look, what is the success rate of the surgery?” Director Wu looked at the 60-or-so elder in front of him.

Dr. Feng looked at Qin Chu’s charts as well as his CT; however, he didn’t say anything.

“Dr. Feng…” Huo Mian said as she looked at him nervously.


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