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Season 10

Episode 71

(Scared of Losing You (2)

“Dr. Huo, another patient just booked an appointment with you, but lunch is in ten minutes. Do you want to see him right now or after lunch?” The assistant asked as she stood outside Huo Mian’s office door.

“Dr. Huo?” The nurse asked louder, but still, no one replied.

Curious, she pushed open the door and walked in, but there was no one in the office.

“Huh, that’s weird… Dr. Huo never left her office.”

The nurse was confused; she had been greeting patients outside by the reception area this whole time, so wherever Huo Mian went, she should’ve seen her.

However, she didn’t see Dr. Huo go up or downstairs. Plus, when the last patient went in to see Dr. Huo, she was still in her office.

It had only been less than 10 minutes, where did she disappear off to?

Weirded out, the nurse picked up her phone and called Huo Mian.

“I’m sorry, the phone of the subscriber you dialed is powered off. Please call again later.” Huo Mian’s phone was turned off.

“Huh, it’s off? Did her phone… run out of battery?”

Puzzled, the nurse walked up to reception and asked the others, “Have any of you seen Dr. Huo?”


“Nope, why?”

“She’s missing.”

“Missing? Are you sure? Did she go down to lunch at the cafeteria?”

“No, if she did, I would’ve seen her.” The assistant nurse shook her head.

“Did she go out to have lunch with friends, and you didn’t recognize her because she was wearing her own clothes?”

“I don’t think so, if Dr. Huo left, she would’ve told me. She didn’t even finish seeing patients yet, and Dr. Huo is a responsible person. She would never leave the patient waiting for her and head out to lunch.” She had been working under Huo Mian for over a month, so she was familiar with her work ethics.

“She was alive and right there, I don’t think she would’ve disappeared… Haha, don’t worry, make an announcement on the intercom, if Dr. Huo hears you she’ll come back immediately.”


Then, the assistant nurse ran up to the hospital’s broadcasting room and made three consecutive announcements.

“Dr. Huo of the Neurology Department, please head to your office now.”

“Dr. Huo of the Neurology Department, please head to your office now, your assistant is looking for you.”

“Colleagues, please tell Dr. Huo to go to her office if you see her.”

After calling out for her three times, Huo Mian was still nowhere to be found.

After an hour, the afternoon began, and people began lining up for appointments.

However, the nurse still couldn’t find Huo Mian and was anxious as ever.

“Director Li… you’re finally here.” Upon seeing the chief of the neurology department, the assistant nurse immediately ran up to her.

“What’s wrong?” Chief Li frowned slightly.

“Dr. Huo’s gone,” the nurse said as she ran around in circles.

“Gone? How? Tell me.” Chief Li knew that Huo Mian was a responsible doctor and would definitely notify her before leaving.

Then, the nurse told Chief Li what happened…

The latter was well-informed and immediately felt like something was wrong. Therefore, she turned around to say to her own assistant, “Yi, pull up the surveillance for the hallway outside Dr. Huo’s office, and find out if she ever left her office. People don’t disappear into thin air, I have a bad feeling about this.”

“Will do, Director Li.”

20 minutes later, Director Li’s assistant ran back.

“So?” Director Li asked.

“Director… Something’s wrong, I couldn’t find the surveillance you were looking for.”

“You couldn’t? Why not?” Chief Li froze for a second.


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