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Season 10

Episode 59

(I Will Take the Heat for You (10)

“AHH… what are you doing? I haven’t showered yet.”

“First sex, then shower.”

Then, Qin Chu’s endless gentleness completely flooded over Huo Mian…

It had been a while since they last made love, so they were both more passionate than usual.

Huo Mian was even a little nervous and excited…

She choppily cooperated with Mr. Qin’s movements… and even teased him here and there.

Their light moans filled the air around them…

A night like this one became especially mesmerizing…

– An hour later –

Exhausted, Huo Mian took a shower and then came out of the bathroom…

Qin Chu seemed to be tired too; he leaned against the headboard and lit up a cigarette.

He reached his hand out to her upon seeing her walk out…

Huo Mian obediently walked over and sat down by the edge of the bed.

He put an arm around her slim waist. “Honey… I feel like we’ve been fighting more ever since Song Yishi came back to the country. I thought about it, and I think it’s because I haven’t been ignoring her enough, causing misunderstandings between us.”

Huo Mian rested her head on his sturdy chest and replied gently, “The truth is, I know that nothing’s going on between the two of you, and you would never fall for her. I know that you know what’s going on in that head of hers, and I also know that Song Yishi isn’t the root of our arguments… neither is Su Yu. Too many things have piled atop each other, making us both a bit exhausted. After all, we’re humans, not machines.”

“Yes, you’re right.” Qin Chu nodded, showing his agreement with Huo Mian’s analysis.

“But Honey… we can’t ignore the crisis behind these incidents. We still don’t know if Huo Siqian is behind all of this, but if he isn’t… it means that we have other enemies, so we have to be even more careful in the future.”

“I’ll be fine. I’m more worried about you, you need to protect yourself better.”

“I will.” Huo Mian nodded.

They hadn’t been together in a while, and they truly missed each other.

Huo Mian quickly slid under the covers and curled up in Qin Chu’s arms like a kitten.

She felt a long-lost sense of security blossoming from the bottom of her heart…

Qin Chu hadn’t been sleeping well for the past few days; now that he was once again bathed in Huo Mian’s unique scent, he quickly fell asleep.

A while later, Huo Mian opened her eyes.

She noticed that Qin Chu was in deep sleep; his breathing was even, and the beautiful moonlight outside the windows enabled her to take a closer look at his young and gorgeous face.

Huo Mian still felt like everything was just a dream…

The young man she loved as a young girl was now her husband.

How lucky was she…?

She sneaked a gentle peck on the corner of his mouth…

“Thank you for never giving up… Thank you for betting your entire life on me, I will never let you lose out… Good night, and I love you, Mr. Qin.”

Huo Mian’s voice was barely audible as she muttered to herself. Then, she put her arms around his neck and fell asleep happily.

– The next morning –

Huo Mian woke up early and was in a great mood. She put on some casual wear and went downstairs to make breakfast with the maids.

Breakfast was ready by the time Qin Chu came downstairs.

“Honey… what did you make me?” Qin Chu woke up 30 minutes after her.

He looked much better after a good night’s sleep…

The smog that had been hanging over his head for the past few days had all dissipated…

“I made some egg pancakes but didn’t succeed. Some of them are burnt…” Huo Mian stuck out her tongue at him.

She held in her hand a plate of slightly-blackened egg pancakes.

“So, we’re having dark cuisine for breakfast.” Qin Chu couldn’t help but laugh.

Huo Mian was at a loss for words…

“You can eat what the maids made. They made a lot, and there’s more than just egg pancakes.” Huo Mian felt bad for herself.

Qin Chu smiled as he snatched the plate from Huo Mian’s hand and placed it onto the table.

“This is my favorite.”

Then, he began eating…

They didn’t taste that good, but since Huo Mian made them, Qin Chu felt happier than ever.

Huo Mian sat across from him, slowly sipping on warm milk…

“What do you have for planned today, Honey?” Qin Chu knew that Huo Mian had the day off, so he asked her as he ate.


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