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Season 10

Episode 60

(Too Many People Want You Dead (1)

"I have to… go back to the Huo Corporation in the morning, because Huo Zhenghai is updating his will and redistributing his stock rights…"

"Does that mean you're going to come across a large amount of money?" Qin Chu smiled.

"Yup… so if you end up losing your job, I can be your sugar mommy… Ever since we got married, I've been saving up a lot of money on the side."

"Great, then I don't have to be worried about unemployment."

Ever since she married Qin Chu, not only did he transfer her hundreds of millions, GK's finance department also transferred Qin Chu's 1-million-yuan-a-month salary into Huo Mian's account, making her an extremely wealthy woman.

She had so much money that she didn't even know how to spend it all…

"Should we have lunch together? Come and find me, I'll be at the company."

"Yup." Huo Mian nodded.

"The young master and young madam look good in a couple's outfit," one of the maids said quietly.

Only then did Huo Mian look down and realize that she and Qin Chu both wore white today.

She was wearing a baggy, white sweater; her outfit wasn't sexy, but it made her look as youthful as a high school student, which was very fitting to Huo Mian's style.

She randomly picked this sweater out from the closet and paired it with dark-denim straight jeans and sheepskin heels.

Qin Chu rarely wore white, but today he did; it was a knitted shirt from some luxurious French brand.

He seldom wore bright colors but looked incredibly gorgeous when he did…

They looked like they had come out of a portrait, as the sun shone onto them through the French-style windows.

"I can't believe how much our clothes match." Huo Mian smiled.

"It shows how connected we are," Qin Chu looked at her, his expression as gentle as ever.

They each drove a car out of South Hill Manor and went their own ways at the intersection.

- Huo Corporation Headquarters -

Huo Mian arrived early; she was a punctual person who hated waiting for people, and vice versa.

She believed that respecting others' time was the basis of respecting others.

The shareholders walked in one by one, but Shen Jiani and Huo Siqian were nowhere to be seen.

Huo Yanyan came in after Huo Zhenghai; she looked pale and wasn't dressed as flashy as she used to.

She was wearing a black woolen dress, and her hair was up in a high ponytail.

Her expression was pale, and she had obvious dark circles under her eyes…

Huo Mian could imagine how bad Huo Yanyan's life must've become since her omnipotent mother had been put on house arrest.

Huo Yanyan was a brainless woman, so naturally, she didn't have what it took to stir up trouble.

After she came in, Huo Yanyan glanced at Huo Mian but didn't say anything…

Just then, Huo Siqian walked in…

"President Huo."

"President Huo."

The shareholders treated Huo Siqian with more respect than Huo Zhenghai, the corporation's chairman.

"Since we're all here, then… we might as well begin. Dad… why don't you start?" Huo Siqian smiled as he looked at Huo Zhenghai.

Huo Zhenghai appeared a lot older, and the white hair in his sideburns was more obvious than ever.

"Some things have happened at home recently, so I've decided to redistribute my stock rights and update my will. I asked you all to be here to bear witness."

Then, Huo Zhenghai's lawyer walked up to the crowd and read out Huo Zhenghai's new will and stock rights… while the others listened quietly.

The Huo Corporation was a family business, but the Huo Family didn't own all the stock rights since the shareholders had quite a bit in their hands as well.

After the redistribution, Huo Siqian's stock rights remained the same, while Jiang Hong's increased by 2%.

Huo Mian's stock rights, on the other hand, soared up to 10%, making her the second-biggest shareholder after Huo Zhenghai.

Huo Siyi and Shen Jiani's stock rights were completely revoked, and Huo Yanyan was only left was 2%.

It seemed like although she was his biological daughter, he still vented his anger out on her.

After his announcement, no one said anything because after all, this was the Huo Family's internal matters.

"Mian… don't disappoint me," Huo Zhenghai said to Huo Mian with much profoundness.

She wanted to say something, but remained silent…

The truth was, she struggled. If Huo Zhenghai found out that he didn't give birth to her, he would probably instantly fall to the floor and begin spitting out white foam.

"Dad… Mian is so smart, of course she won't let you down," Huo Siqian answered for her.

Huo Zhenghai nodded; exhausted, he left…

As Huo Mian walked out of the conference room, Huo Yanyan suddenly called her quietly, "Huo Mian, I need to talk to you."

Huo Mian turned around to look at her in surprise.

"Can we talk in private? I don't want to talk to you here." It was obvious that Huo Yanyan didn't want Huo Siqian to know.

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