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Season 10

Episode 44

(The Mother-in-Law Rubbing in the Wound (6)

The post basically did an exposé of Huo Mian from her birth to after her marriage.

First, it summarized that the apple didn’t fall from the tree, and all the women in the Huo Family, Huo Yanyan and Huo Mian, were b*tches.

Then, it began casting malignant libel at Huo Mian so that people would point their blame at her.

Second, Huo Mian was the daughter of a mistress. Yang Meirong knew Huo Zhenghai was married but still interfered in his marriage, gave birth to Huo Mian, and disgusted everyone around them.

Third, even when she was at school, Huo Mian was an arrogant woman who barely had any friends. She also rarely attended class reunions.

Fourth, according to GK employees, she purposely used Qin Chu’s relationship with her to provoke her parents, causing the Qin Family to sink into chaos. During this time, Mrs. Qin was hospitalized, and not only did Huo Mian refuse to visit her, but she also didn’t even let Qin Chu visit his mother.

Fifth, she interfered with company matters and suppressed Annie Liang because she thought that the latter was seducing Qin Chu. She refused to give Annie Liang any work to do and even tried to bury her. She also transferred an executive to an out-of-town branch, just so she could seek revenge on a private grudge.

Sixth, she used her status to stir up trouble at South Side, and even Director Wu was scared of her. Most importantly, she suddenly went from nurse to doctor, leaving everyone in bewilderment.

Seventh, she cozied up to Ni Yang and tried to buy his heart. Right before he signed with Imperial Star, Ni Yang betrayed Su Yu for glory.

Eighth, she suppressed and sought revenge on her ex-boyfriend, Ning Zhiyuan, forcing her and Wu Xiaoxue to get divorced. Scared of the Qin Family, Wu Xiaoxue left the country.

Ninth, she repeatedly seduced Su Yu and played with these two unbelievably powerful men.

Tenth, she was an extremely ambitious woman who used everyone around her – she wanted to take over GK and even had her eyes on Imperial Star.

In summary, Huo Mian was a manipulative, calculating bitch with high IQ and EQ, who pretended to be all innocent.

It’s karma that she didn’t have children. God was punishing her.

Originally, she would’ve ignored a post like this. However, the last sentence of that post pierced through her heart…

‘It’s karma for a woman like her to not have children, it was God’s way of teaching her a lesson.’

She sat beside the fountain by the door of their South Hill Manor.

Tears began streaming down her face…

If God really had eyes, he should really give her a baby.

Huo Mian never did anything shameful nor evil onto others.

Why did she have to take responsibility for such accusations…?

She could endure them, but what about Qin Chu?

She really wanted to give Qin Chu a child; it didn’t matter if that child was a boy or a girl, but she wanted to stuff a sock in the mouths of those who slandered her.

Then, they would be able to know if Huo Mian’s evil actions were the reason as to why she didn’t have children.

“Young Madam… are you okay?” Uncle Li walked up to her.

“I’m fine… I’m just not feeling well.”

“Let me tell the chauffeur to take you to the hospital.”

“No, I’m fine, my eyes hurt, that’s all. I think it’s because of the all-nighters.” Huo Mian shook her hands.

Then, she took out a tissue and wiped off her tears…

“Please don’t tell my husband that I was crying, okay? He’ll be worried.”

“I won’t, Young Madam.” Uncle Li nodded.

After this defaming post was uploaded, it became very popular, and many people commented and shared it.

Most people said that Huo Mian was cheating on her husband and that she deserved all these unfortunate things that fell upon her because she was a slut.

Some who didn’t know the truth said that they were going to wait for the truth to be unveiled.

Things weren’t that bad. However, at noon, Mrs. Qin lashed out on her as well.

Someone uploaded a recording of Mrs. Qin being interviewed.

“Mrs. Qin, what do you think about the post of your daughter-in-law?”

“I don’t live with her, so I wouldn’t know.”

“What about when you were hospitalized? She didn’t go to visit you, not even once. Is that correct?”

“Yes, she didn’t want my son to visit me either. During that time, my son and I were very distant.”

“Did you and the chairman’s relationship with your son become awkward because your son married her?”

“That was indeed the case… we used to be very close to our son, but after she married into our family, everything changed…”

Mrs. Qin lashed out on her at a perfect moment. She viciously hit Huo Mian while she was down, making her the ultimate bad guy.

After the recording was uploaded, more people started believing in that post…

A bunch of fans ran to South Side, demanding an explanation from Huo Mian.

The good thing was, Huo Mian had the day off, so she was at South Hill Manor.

“Mian, have you been following the news? Your mother-in-law is at it again… How are you ever going to survive this?”

Huo Siqian sent her a WeChat message. Upon seeing what he sent, Huo Mian’s face fell.


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