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Season 10

Episode 34

(The Brilliance of Goddess Song (5)

“If that day really came, I would have to take it, even if I didn’t want to,” Huo Mian replied in all seriousness.

“No, I have to go look for Qin Chu and yell at him. What the hell! Is this all because of Su Yu? Why did he bring a woman with long hair home? I’m so pissed…” As Huo Mian’s best friend, Zhu Lingling wasn’t the smartest, but she had a good heart and was extremely loyal.

Upon seeing what happened to Huo Mian, she was so furious that she wanted to go to GK and demand an answer from Qin Chu.

However, Huo Mian grabbed her. “My lord, please don’t… Don’t cause trouble at GK… So many media outlets are looking at our every move. Going there will just make the situation worse.”

“But I’ll be angry at myself for not doing anything,” Zhu Lingling complained.

“Haha… you can b*tch about what happened to Gao Ran. Then… conquer him with your beauty and get me some useful information. After all, he’s Qin Chu’s buddy, he’ll probably have a lot of insider information.”

“Huh, you have a point… why didn’t I think of it? That man wants to treat me to Dummy’s Pork Feet. Okay, I’ll get on that now. I’ll see if I can get any information from him and then immediately get back to you.”

“Okay.” Huo Mian nodded.

“Stay strong, don’t listen to what the others say, okay?” Zhu Lingling patted Huo Mian’s shoulders and reminded her.

“I won’t, don’t worry about me.”

Then, Zhu Lingling left in a hurry…

After the negative news broke out, the outside word sank into chaos, but South Side was as peaceful as ever.

Everyone liked Huo Mian, and although they would gossip in private, no one mentioned it to her, so things weren’t as bad as she thought they would be.

“Dr. Huo, someone’s looking for you.”

“Okay.” After she organized her documents and left her office, Huo Mian saw Xie Juan.

The latter was still wearing her old and battered pink down jacket. It was a very old style, and its color was fading from being washed.

The cotton-padded shoes on her feet were handmade and not delicate at all.

However, Huo Mian liked how down-to-earth Xie Juan seemed.

“Ms. Xie, you’re here. The operation is tomorrow, did you get the dates wrong?” Huo Mian smiled.

“I know it’s tomorrow, I came… to see Ni Yang today.”

“You want to see him?” Huo Mian was surprised.

“Yeah, I won’t be able to take care of him afterward, right? I would have to recover for a while, so I wanted to take a look at him before the surgery.”

“That’s a good idea… but he might not want to see you right now.” Huo Mian knew how much Ni Yang hated his mother.

“I know, I’m prepared. I just want to see him.”

Xie Juan carried some apples and bananas in her hand, looking as shabby as ever.

“Okay then, I’ll take you to him.”

– In the VIP room on the top floor –

Ni Yang was watching TV calmly. Ever since Huo Mian told him what he had, he stopped thinking too much.

He ate and slept when he was supposed to. He lived a normal schedule and waited patiently for the transplant surgery.

His overall conditions had gotten much better, and he even gained weight.

Yingzi was busy with Ni Yang’s advertisement press conference, so she wasn’t at the hospital. A young assistant stood outside the door.

“Dr. Huo.”

“Is Ni Yang in there?”

“Yeah, he’s watching TV.”

“Great.” Huo Mian nodded as she walked in with Xie Juan.

“Huo Mian… you…” Ni Yang smiled as he was about to greet Huo Mian. However, his face fell immediately upon seeing Xie Juan, who was standing behind her.

“Why are you here?”

“I heard that you were sick, so I came to visit you.” Xie Juan walked over and carefully placed the fruit by his bedside table.

However, Ni Yang pushed the bag off the table, and the fruit spilled all over the floor.

“Get… out now, I don’t ever want to see you again!”

Ni Yang became agitated upon seeing Xie Juan… his expression was filled with hate.


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