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Season 10

Episode 21

(Proof of an Affair (2)

“Mom, I’m not in a hurry.”

“So what if you’re not in a hurry? You don’t get much choice over this. I think if you marry someone from a suitable family, things will be more advantageous for us.”

Huo Siqian licked his lips and smiled, but he didn’t say anything.

“You should break things off with that female celebrity. She’s just for fun, so don’t fall for her.”

“I know, Mom.” Huo Siqian was an obedient son; he nodded at everything Jiang Hong said.

“Since you were born into a family like ours, you shouldn’t fantasize about love, because it’s imaginary and unreliable… It doesn’t suit us. Plus, I think that people who get married on the basis of mutual benefits last longer. If you get married for love, your marriage will become weak; once love dies out, the marriage will end as well. Do you know what I mean?”

“I do.” Huo Siqian poured his mother another cup of tea and carefully handed it to her…

“What do you plan to do with Huo Mian?” Jiang Hong took the tea and asked quietly.

“Kick her out as planned.”

Jiang Hong’s furrowed eyebrows relaxed upon hearing this… She seemed to be satisfied with Huo Siqian’s answer.

“That kid is smart, and I like her, but she’s too arrogant and won’t be of use to us… we don’t need her. I can’t believe Huo Zhenghai is still dreaming about using her to lure Qin Chu, but Huo Mian’s too smart for that. You shouldn’t risk things, just kick her to the curb. Siqian, you have to remember that in the future, the Huo Family… is ours.”

“I know.” Huo Siqian nodded.

Jiang Hong was a calm and indifferent woman who didn’t believe in love.

She was born into the prestigious Jiang family and was forced to plot against her siblings at a young age. She didn’t know family, love, or friendship.

All her social connections were formed after careful calculations; in order to take Huo Siqian from her sister, Jiang Hong provided her with more than 30 million yuan in investments.

Then, she proceeded to raise a calculating and manipulative son; however, Huo Siqian was much scarier than she could ever imagine.

After Su Yu was proven innocent and released from the police office, he was very low-profile and rarely showed his face out in the public.

He would occasionally go to Imperial star for work but spent most of his time at the Su Mansion.

He sold his private mansion for a low price since someone died there and it would be unlucky to keep living there.

Everyone in the Su Family was elated that Su Yu was now living at home.

Su Yu’s father was always busy with work and rarely came home.

His grandfather would occasionally enjoy wine and play chess with his grandson when he was on vacation, living a life of leisure.

Today, his grandpa was in a good mood, and he wanted to play chess with Su Yu.

They sat on the tatami in the study while they enjoyed a game of Chinese chess.

Incense was lit beside them; it was as if they had traveled back in time…

“Yu… what did you think about Grandpa Xu’s granddaughter?”

It’s been almost two weeks since Grandpa Xu and his granddaughter left, but his grandfather was just bringing it up.

They didn’t stay for long; after all, Su Yu’s incident broke out, so it was inconvenient for them to say any longer.

“Grandpa, are you talking about Xu Jiamin?” Su Yu picked up a horse and moved it on the chess board.


“She’s not bad, very energetic… and innocent.”

Su Yu’s impression of her was surprisingly good…

“Do you think she’d make a good wife…?” Before Grandpa Su could finish his sentence, Su Yu interrupted him.

“No, thanks… that girl’s better fitted to be my little sister. I’d rather be single forever than marry her.”

“Ahem… why?” Grandpa Su stared at him blankly.

“I don’t like her…”

“What do you like then?”

“I really like pork with pickled cabbage…” Su Yu replied loquaciously.

“You little brat, can’t we enjoy a conversation?” Grandpa Su was speechless.

“Haha… checkmate, grandpa, you lose! Your pieces are unsalvageable, hahaha…”

Su Yu clapped and broke into laughter…

His grandfather was incredibly skilled in chess, and Su Yu rarely won. However, today the old man’s mind wasn’t on the chess game in front of them. Rather, he was trying to feel his grandson out.

“You little brat, stop beating around the bushes with me. Tell me, when will I be able to hold my great-granddaughter or great-grandson?”

The old man became agitated and flipped the chessboard in his fury…

“Hey yo, are you threatening your baby grandson now?”

“Stop with the nonsense, answer my question,” his grandpa wasn’t about to let Su Yu change the subject.


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