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Season 10

Episode 33

(The Brilliance of Goddess Song (4)

“Hahaha… run away? With who?” Huo Mian burst out in laughter.

“Stop laughing and grow a heart, will you?” Then, Zhu Lingling took out a newspaper from her bag and threw it onto Huo Mian’s desk.

“Take a look at the date and time this photo. It was taken at 11:40 PM last night. I can’t believe… that Qin Chu would take a woman who wasn’t you home at that hour. Do you know what’s worse?”

“Nope.” Huo Mian shook her head adorably and played along with Zhu Lingling.

“Look at what the newspaper said, this photo was taken outside Imperial Park… The car entered the neighborhood, which means that your husband brought a woman home last night, did you know?”

“Nope.” Huo Mian shook her head again.

“He brought a woman home last night, where were you? Where the hell were you last night?” Zhu Lingling interrogated her anxiously.

“I was… on-call at the hospital.”

“Sh*t… what were you thinking? How can you have the heart to be on-call when something this big happened? I thought you were staying at South Hill Manor since you guys were fighting, I can’t believe you were at the hospital.”

Huo Mian smiled upon seeing the time printed on the newspaper…

At around midnight, Qin Chu came to South Side, and the drive from Imperial Park was at least 20 minutes without traffic.

That meant after Qin Chu drove Song Yishi back, he immediately came to South Side. When would he have had the time to cheat?

Plus, if something was really going on, Qin Chu would never openly take her to Imperial Park. Was he crazy?

Which man on this earth would bring the mistress home when his wife was still alive?

“Lingling, calm down, haha, things aren’t as serious as you think they are.”

“Not serious? Don’t kid me… Gao Ran told me that you and Qin Chu were icing each other… Qin Chu hasn’t been in a good mood and sounded weird when he was talking to Gao Ran. Ever since you stood up for Su Yu, he changed completely… What’s wrong with you, why would you testify for Su Yu? He was born with a golden spoon in his mouth; nothing would happen to him, even if you didn’t help. Why would you wade in his muddy water? Damn it… what are you going to do now?”

Zhu Lingling was extremely worried for Huo Mian; she had watched over her ever since high school.

Huo Mian was finally happy, but it was such short-lived happiness, as people kept messing with them.

Zhu Lingling was basically forced to worry with her…

Huo Mian was touched by Zhu Lingling’s anxiety.

“Lingling, I trust Qin Chu, he would never betray me. I refuse to listen to news outlets; local newspapers enjoy stirring up trouble. First, they accused me of having an affair with Su Yu. However, nothing’s really going on with the two of us,”

Huo Mian explained…

“But rumors are flying around like crazy… Everyone’s talking about you guys. People are saying that you’re each having your fun, and your marriage is over… Word has it that you guys already signed divorce papers and are just looking for the right time to announce it. Go look at your Weibo, a lot of verified paparazzi are trying to expose you guys.”

“Then let them, time will prove everything.” Huo Mian was still as calm as ever.

However, she couldn’t tell Lingling about her and Qin Chu’s plan, not because she didn’t trust her; rather, the fewer people that knew, the better. After all, playing chess wasn’t easy.

The pressure of rumors was just a process… and how things progress would still depend on the parties involved.

If Qin Chu hadn’t come last night, she might have gone crazy…

Above all, Song Yishi had been pissing Huo Mian off ever since she came back to China.

“Are you an idiot? What if… I’m saying ‘what if’ here… this becomes real in the future? What if Qin Chu is really cheating on you? What would you do?” Zhu Lingling had been flying all over the country, so she didn’t know much about Song Yishi. However, Gao Ran told her that the latter was Mayor Song’s daughter. With such a prestigious family, Zhu Lingling was truly worried that Huo Mian may one day lose to her.

“If he really wanted to cheat, then I won’t be able to do anything about it… If a man doesn’t love you, he’ll find fault in everything you do. He won’t forgive you, even if you kneel down and beg him to… If a man loves you, then… no matter how much others defame you or how many opponents he encounters, he will still come to you as if nothing happened.”

Huo Mian was now completely lucid and believed in the man Qin Chu was. The man she loved was not a shallow scumbag, nor was he a man who couldn’t resist temptation.

“If one day you were forced to divorce him, would you be able to take it?” Zhu Lingling’s heart ached for Huo Mian as she looked at her.


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