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Season 2

Episode 9

(Good Person And Profiteer)


Feeling her heart weighed down, she drove the car to the side and stepped on the brake. She looked indignantly at the man beside her, the emotions that she had repressed for a long time finally urging to be vented.

She raised her voice that was clearly filled with an endurance of pain and anger as it entered his ears. In that instance, he frowned slightly as well. He put the document asideand then looked at her calmly. To her surprise, he was not unhappy about her fury that burst out without a warning at all.

Seeing her chest heaving and that tensed little face of hers, without saying anything, he just watched her like that. Her expression was very calm as he just let her afflicted, starry eyes glare at him.

The two pairs of eyes looked at each other. Xi Xiaye’s eyes were filled with an irritation and heaviness from enduring her pain that could not be concealed while his eyes remained unaffected, calm and distant. His gaze seemed to be admiring her anger, making it hard for her to vent the feelings she had repressed in her chest.

She glared at him for a very long time, then finally furiously turned her head away and did not look at him.

When he saw this, the frown on Mu Yuchen deepened. Indeed, as the legend went, women were always such unfathomable mysteries when they got angry…

A while after that, he helplessly held his forehead and said softly, “Okay, didn’t I not say anything about you? I was just worried that getting in touch with them would make them take advantage of you. Look at how every time you encounter them, the one who loses out is you.”

“This time I didn’t lose out. I was just a little mad that they’re always racking their brains to plot to take Mother’s 20% of shares. Initially, everyone should be taking a step back. Then, we can live a peaceful life. What’s so bad about that?”

“So?” Mu Yuche raised his handsome brows and looked at her.

“So, I splashed her face with coffee. It felt awesome! I even said some mean things.” Xi Xiaye inhaled, then she turned her line of sight to the file on the side. She reached out to pick up the document that Shen Wenna had signed and handed to her. “The company wants to take over Yueying, doesn’t it? With this, wouldn’t it be much simpler? I’ve already thought of the reason. It’s I who sold all of these shares to Glory World. Then, Glory World can enter Yueying with the identity of a shareholder. With your capabilities, once you’ve gotin, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to purchase the other scattered shares in the dark.”

Her gaze was as clear as autumn waters as she fixed her gaze on him.

Mu Yuchen’s gaze instantly became incredibly distant as he silently studied the document she handed him, yet he did not immediately take it. He looked up and locked his sights onto that fair, delicate face and did not say anything for a long time.

When she saw him not making a move, Xi Xiaye sighed softly and explained calmly, “I just don’t want to cower. Blindly backing down doesn’t seem to get me what I want. Maybe changing my methods and controlling some things that they care for could hold them back instead.”

She did not want to explain too much either. These past few days, she had been reflecting on herself. Perhaps, right from the start, the method she had chosen was wrong. People always said that compromise would make a conflict much easier to resolve, but when these words were applied to her, it might not be applicable.

“Do you want Yueying?” He looked into her beautiful eyes and asked stoically.

When he saw that his deep eyes were gathered with a dark whirlpool, she instantly became dazed. She lowered her eyes and muttered to herself momentarily, then met with his unwavering gaze. With a determined look, she shook her head. “I don’t want it, but maybe having it would make me live a little better.”

Hearing this, Mu Yuchen nodded knowingly and smiled. “It looks like your IQ isn’t so low that it’s embarrassingafter all. Since that is so, let’s consider it a newlywed gift. What do you think?”

As she listened, Xiaye raised her brows a little suspiciously as she looked at him.

Mu Yuchen’s honorable and handsome face had already been covered with a dark cloud. He squinted his dark eyes dangerously and said coldly between gritted teeth, “Wanting to threaten Mu Yuchen’s Missus with just $5 million? They really looked down on you! As your husband, I’ll have to swing my fists in their face and fight them!”

Xiaye was amused by his demeanor and could not help but purse her lips and laugh. She shot him an amused look. “Mr. Mu, your thoughts are very dangerous.”

Mu Yuchen smiled, then heleaned over and took the document in her hand. His hand lightly held her by the shoulders and gently pulled her into his embrace. “What nonsense are you thinking about? I’m a good person thatrobs the rich and gives to the poor…”

“Does your face say that you’re a good person?You’rea good person? I take one look at you and just think that you’re a huge profiteer through and through. With one ancient jade chess set and those awful chess skills, you could alreadyamuse Grandpa.” She glared at him unhappily, then started the car.

Mr. Mu objected, his handsome brows raised as he said softly, “I don’t see the words ‘profiteer’ written on my face either. How did your discerning eyes just declare that I am one?”

“You look like a profiteer because I say so. You even want to fight with me over these words. You’re nogentleman at all.”

“Are you saying that I should yield to you and silently accept it?”

“Profiteer is a word of positive connotations, Mr. Mu!”

“Even if it comes with positive connations, what does this have to do with being a gentleman?”

Mr. Mu was suddenly a little shocked by Xiaye’s leaping thought process. Were all women like this?

It was already late at night when they returned to Maple Residence. Mu Yuchen had just walked out from the bathroom when he saw Xi Xiaye arranging the clothes in the wardrobe. She had just brought some of her clothing over from the Shen residence.

Mu Yuchen suddenly thought of something, so he reminded her, “Tomorrow, I’ll tell Sis Wang to accompany you to Imperial Sky to choose some clothes that you like. The day after tomorrow is the company anniversary celebration.”

Xi Xiaye stopped what she was doing and shot him a look. She subconsciously looked over at the wardrobe that was filled with rows of clothes and finally, her gaze fell onto the black professional suit that she always wore. “It’s not some grand event. Can’t I just dress as usual?”

The meetings that the company had organized in the past were all coordinated by the Public Relations department. Because she usually did not appear before the public, naturally she would not care about these things.

“In fact, I’m not quite suited to wear any gown right now…”

When she thought about how her shoulder had not yet recovered completely, Xi Xiaye could only laugh bitterly.

Mu Yuchen’s eyes sank for a moment. He stared at her for quite a while, then walked over. “When it’s better, we’ll go to the hospital and see if the scars can fade.”

“It’s fine. The wound isn’t considered too huge, so it’ll be fine after some time,” Xi Xiaye answered calmly, then she continued to tidy her things, yet Mu Yuchen’s initially still expression had become stormy. He watched her lower her head and continue to be busy. Internally, his heart could not hold back the faint feelings of pity for her.


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