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Season 2

Episode 6

(Shen Residence In The North)

The car went through the broad highways. After passing several busy junctions, it headed towards the north of the city.

She suddenly felt like going back to the Shen Residence. Coincidentally, the gifts for Shen Yue and Shen Wenna that she had taken from the Mu Residence were in her trunk. She gave the Shen Residence a call before heading over.

The Shen Residence was located in the north and taking the train or bus was convenient. Furthermore, there was no need to worry about traffic jams. Based on the estimation that the distance between it and both the Mu Residence and Maple Residence was not really that far away, if one drove quickly, it would only take about 40 minutes to reach the Shen Residence from Maple Residence.

The Shen Residence was hidden inside in a high-class villa neighborhood in the outskirts of City Z. It was a big house, but not many people lived there. Aside from Shen Yue and Shen Wenna, there were the housekeeper Uncle Wang and the cook Aunt Xu, and not many other people. Xi Xiaye would only go back every once in a while.

“Ms. Xi is back!”

Xi XIaye parked her car in front of the entrance. The first person she saw was the housekeeper,Uncle Wang.

Xi Xiaye nodded with a smile, then shehanded the items over to Uncle Wang.

“You’re finally back. Your grandpa and mother really miss you! He even asked me to give you a call just now to see where you are! Hmm? Your husband isn’t with you?” Uncle Wang smiled kindly as he took the things from her and asked in a gentle tone.

The people in the Shen Residence knew she had been married to Mu Yuchen already. Xi Xiaye’s call made everyone think that she was going to bring Mu Yuchen over, so they had gone the extra mile to prepare themselves. Even Shen Yue had left work earlier to return home.

Xi Xiaye laughed. “Mmm, there’s some delay on the road. He’s working today. Where’s Grandpa and Mother?”

“The old CEO just came back and is now drinking tea in the living room. Your mother is cooking in the kitchen. She wanted to make some dishes for you and your husband. She also said that it’s been some time since you last tasted her cooking”

Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment when she heard his words. Her eyes softened and she went silent before she nodded. “I got it. You can get the things inside first.”

She stopped walking and looked at the crimson red sunset. After moments of hesitation, she took her phone out and quickly found Mr. Mu’s number to give him a call.

Mu Yuchen was listening to the PR Department Manager reporting about the progress on the opening ceremony of Imperial Sky Jewellery City when his phone started ringing.

Mu Yuchen frowned as he took a glance at his vibrating phone. His face softened slightly when he saw the word “Missus” on the screen. He signaled to the PR Department Manager for her to pause.

Xi Xiaye was almost going to hang up on the call because she did not expect it would connect. Suddenly, a certain person’s deep voice came through the phone.


Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment, but she came back to her senses swiftly. “Mmm, it’s me. I’m at the Shen Residence now. I was just thinking that it’s about time you got off work. Do you want to go back home to cook or come over to the Shen Residence for a meal? Uncle Wang said Mother is cooking today. By the way, her cooking is really delicious”

She slowly walked towards the villa.

Mu Yuchen went silent for a moment, then hesaid, “Send me the address. Please get Mother to prepare an extra pair of chopsticks for me”

Xi Xiaye laughed. “Mmm, come over here after work then. I’ll text you the address in a bit.”

She then hung up and swiftly texted him the address. He replied with an ‘okay’ in just a few seconds. Then, she went into the house.

She glanced over at the sofa when she went into the luxurious living room and saw Shen Yue’s figure sitting right beside the coffee table.


Aunt Xu was holding a teapot when she saw Xi Xiaye. She beamed happily, but just when she was about to call out to her, Xi Xiaye stopped her.

She kept her phone back into her pocket and nodded to Aunt Xu who smiled back at her before taking the tea from her. Then, she walked towards Shen Yue.

Shen Yue was carefully studying a jade Chinese chess set beside the coffee table. He was admiring it as he nodded from time to time, seeming very satisfied.

From the back, Xi Xiaye could recognize that the Chinese chess set was the one Mu Yuchen had gotten Ah Mo to send over and Shen Yue seemed to be very happy with it.

Xi Xiaye’s heart warmed up when she saw the smile on Shen Yue’s face. She went over and handed him the cup of tea as she smiled. “Grandpa, you seem to be very interested in this Chinese chess set.”

Her voice broke Shen Yue’s train of thought. His eyes looked lovingly at her when he turned around and saw Xi Xiaye. “You’re back!”

He glanced behind Xi Xiaye and did not see Mu Yuchen’s figure. “Are you alone?”

Xi Xiaye sat down on the sofa. “I just came here on a whim. He’s still in the office and will only come over later.”

After replying him, she gently picked a chess piece on the board up. Aslight warmth came into contact through her fingertips and her eyes brightened as she looked at Shen Yue in surprise. “Is that warm jade?”

Shen Yue glanced at her and quickly took the chess piece back. “Of course, this set was auctioned in France and I was already interested in it back then. Who knew that that brat from the Mu family would have issued a higher bid? Anyway, it’s mine now!”

Xi Xiaye then remembered the man had told her before he was previously somewhat affiliated with Shen Yue. Was this one of their episodes?

Xi Xiaye laughed when she saw Shen Yue’s scowl. “Grandpa, you should’ve given him more of a hard time back then. He might’ve taken out even more treasures to please you.”

Shen Yue stared at her coldly after he heard her words. He said grumpily, “I wonder who’s nervous about me giving him a hard time back then. Moreover, what treasure can be more precious than my granddaughter? The Mu family obviously got the better deal here, especially that brat!”

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