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Season 2

Episode 5


Xi Xinyi freaked out and grabbed some tissue papers on the table to wipe the coffee off her face. The brown liquid had dripped down through her blonde hair. Her makeup was smeared and her white outfit was stained with coffee everywhere. She looked absolutely miserable.

Fortunately, the coffee was not too hot. If not

She sobbed as she was cleaning herself up. Putting an arm on the table to support herself with the other covering her nose and mouth, her hand on the table clenched into a fist. She stared at the cup that was tossed aside and tears filled her eyes.

After calming herself down, she looked outside the window and saw Xi Xiaye’s back.

Xi Xiaye walked past the street and went towards the parking lot but just as she reached her car, a luxurious Rolls Royce was parked in front of it.

What surprised her was not the luxury car, but the man leaning on the car it was Han Yifeng!

Han Yifeng’s expression seemed frigid as he looked at Xi Xiaye with his quiet eyes. There were too many complications between them. As he was focused on her, she still had her usual cold look on her face.

Xi Xiaye halted in her steps and looked at Han Yifeng before turning her head towards Xi Xinyi who was still inside the caf crying. She grinned coldly as she continued walking with the folder in her hand.

Xi Xiaye walked past Han Yifeng without slowing down at all. She looked straight ahead at her black Cayenne as she took out the car keys from the pocket of her windbreaker.

“Xiaye, let’s talk!”

A cold wind blew as he grabbed Xi Xiaye’s arm and dragged her backward. Xi Xiaye did not expect him to seize both her arms and force her to turn around and face him.

“What about? Do you think we still have anything to talk about between us?”

Xi Xiaye did not struggle. She just raised her head and stared defiantly at Han Yifeng with her sheer cold eyes.

“Xiaye, things shouldn’t be like this between us. Do you understand? I hope that we can go back to how it was before. I can be the brother who always protected you, and you can be the old Xiaye who’d stay behind my back. Nothing needs to change. Wouldn’t that be great?”

Han Yifeng seemed disappointed and oddly frustrated while he looked straightat Xi Xiaye and his grip on her arms started to tighten until she felt a slight pain.

Xi Xiaye’s smile grew wider on her beautiful face. Her eyes looked at Han Yifeng sharply and she said between gritted teeth, “Han Yifeng, I gave you a chance three years ago to explain yourself. I’ve also begged you to not leave me. You’re the one who broke all our promises. You betrayed our engagement.”

Xi Xiaye suddenly gave a cold laugh and her eyes turned even scarier. “I admit that I did like you back then and hoped to marry you, but I only have that much feelings for you. They finished once they ran out. I earnestly gave them all to you, but not only did you not want it, you even stepped on them while telling me that you loved someone else. So, why would you think that I can still give you two my blessings with a huge smile? I genuinely wish that I could destroy the both of you!”

She slapped Han Yifeng’s hand off her left shoulder.

She could feel the pain on her wound electrify her when he applied pressure on it. If his vice grip had continued any further, the wound might have opened up.

She took a step back after breaking free of his grip and looked at him calmly with a strong aura of determination around her.

Ignoring Han Yifeng’s silence, Xi Xiaye turned around. She did not want to waste time with him anymore. Her slender figure passed him under the warm sun. “I’ll get away from you guys and let everyone be at peace. If you guys still bother me and my mother, don’t blame me for being vicious. You’ve overestimated yourself. You already meant nothing to me since three years ago”

She left those words along with the wind, her clear voice echoing in his ear. He was stunned as he watched her walk swiftly went towards the Cayenne and got in.

Before he could react, the black Cayenne tore through the streets like a dark tornado.

Han Yifeng frowned, standing where the Cayenne was just now. His mind went blank until Xi Xinyi approaching him from behind and called his name sadly,“Yifeng”

Han Yifeng came back to his senses when he heard Xi Xinyi’s cry behind him. He looked at her and saw her terrible state.

He witnessed the scene where Xi Xiaye slammed the table and poured the coffee all over Xi Xinyi’s face

To be more exact, he had been observing them silently in his car the moment Xi Xiaye stepped into the caf. He never expected that Xi Xiaye would

He wanted to talk to her and hoped that she would not vent out her frustrations on Xi Xinyi while he was the one at fault. Moreover, he felt strange after hearing her words. His chest felt tight and uncomfortable!

“Yifeng!” Xi Xinyi called out to him again when he did not reply. Her usually beautiful and charming face was now left with a frail and sad expression. She seemed extremely pale and her figure seemed like a mimosa as if she would just shut herself out if a wind blew her.

“Are you alright?” Han Yifeng pulled her into his arms and asked.

Xi Xinyi shook her head as she hugged him tightly. She said in a sad tone, “We probably can’t go back to how we were before. She said she’ll never forgive us… Am I not doing enough? But I feel really exhausted, Yifeng… I don’t know what to do anymore”

Han Yifeng took a deep breath. His cold face softened while he comforted her, “That’s enough. Stop overthinking. We’ve done whatever we need to do. We can only let her be if she insists.”

“I’m worried that she won’t come to our engagement ceremony”

“I hope she’ll come too, Xinyi. She’d have probably come if it was back then, but now”


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