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Season 2

Episode 4

( Splashed All Over Her Face (2)

Xi Xinyi’s face went even paler and she almost chewed through her lip. Her tears were on the verge of falling. Comparing her innocent face with Xi Xiaye’s cold expression, it seemed as if an angel was facing a witch.

Xi Xiaye was used to this look of hers. She sat back down and looked at her indifferently, her shoulders shaking while she was trying hard to not let her tears fall. Even Xi Xiaye herself thought that she had transformed into an evil witch.

Xi Xinyi blinked her eyes and forced her tears back. Looking at Xi Xiaye, she spoke in her gentle voice, “I don’t care how you see me. It doesn’t matter what you’ve misunderstood about me… I just hope that we can go back to how things were before. Can we, please?”

Xi Xiaye was starting to lose interest. She turned away and looked outside the window, not even wanting to look at that woman anymore. “Impossible! Give me the stuff. I’m short on time.”

“Sis! I’m already begging you. You… Do you really want me to kneel down? Do you know about Grandfather’s condition now? He still forbids us to look for you. He loves you the most! Are you even ignoring Father’s words now?” Xi Xinyi clenched her fists tightly.

“You know Father looked for me?” Xi Xiaye stared at Xi Xinyi with her narrowed eyes.

Xi Xinyi bit her lip again and thought for a long time. She then replied, “That day I noticed that Father wasn’t in a good mood after he came back. I overheard his conversation with his secretary and I found out that he went to see you, so”

Xi Xinyi then grabbed her bag and took a folder out. She hesitated for a while and looked at Xi Xiaye, her eyes filled with a laughable guilt and unease.

“Grandmother asked me to give you this. She hopes you can understand what she tried to do. It’s not that she doesn’t love you, but you’re always like this”

Xi Xiaye stared at Xi Xinyi and did not take the folder immediately. Instead, she asked coldly, “Why isn’t she giving this to me herself?”

Xi Xinyi was stunned for a moment before she replied quietly, “Grandmother’s been busy lately, and I was the one who offered to send you this. I’ve been wanting to talk to you, but you never gave me a chance, so I”

“I don’t think I have anything else left to talk to you about. If it’s about Han Yifeng, I’m pretty sure I’ve told him clearly. I kept my promise and didn’t bother you both. On the other hand, you guys keep bothering me.”

Xi Xiaye took the folder and a chilling light lit up in the depths of her eyes. “Xi Xinyi, actually three years ago, I’ve already decided that I’ll never forgive the both of you the moment Han Yifeng betrayed me to be with you. Even if we aren’t enemies, we can only be strangers. I stepped away and fulfilled your wish, so I hope we’ll mind our own businesses. You’re the one who forced me to say this.”

“No, Sis! You’re Father’s daughter. You can never erase this relationship of yours. Who doesn’t want to have a happy family? Yueying’s problem isn’t solved yet. Father wanted you to come back and have a talk. Mother even went to University A yesterday to have a word with your mother” Xi Xinyi shook her head and explained.

Xi Xiaye’s body tensed up and her eyes seemed morose. “You guys went to University A to look for Mother? What for? What else do you guys want to take from her? She’s been silent for so many years all because she wants a peaceful quiet life, and you guys still won’t let go of her?”

Xi Xiaye’s hands clenched the folder tightly, her fingernails turning white from the pressure. She stared at Xi Xinyi as several flashbacks appeared in her mind. Her eyes darkened as she put on a bitter smile. “I understand now! It’s about the 20% shares my mother has in Yueying, isn’t it?”

Back then, when Shen Wenna had divorced Xi Mushan, he had transferred 20% of shares in Yueying over to her. Xi Mushan had signed his name on the document before she left, so the 20% of shares would belong to Shen Wenna the moment she signed the document.

However, Shen Wenna was a prideful woman. She took the document but did not sign it right away. Nevertheless, the document was still legally recognized and there were records at the administrative office. Shen Wennahad to let them go willingly, otherwise…

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath. She scoffed and then asked in a bitter tone, “Does Father know about this? Is it Father who wants the 20% shares back, or is it someone else’s idea?”

Xi Xinyi looked downwards uneasily under Xi Xiaye’s sharp glare.

“You can choose to not answer me. I’ll ask Father myself if it was his idea to do so!”

She then took out her phone and was about to call Xi Mushan. However, Xi Xinyi grabbed her shoulder and stopped her!

“Sis, it’s not Father’s idea, it’s Grandmother and” Xi Xinyi tried to explain.

“It’s her and your mother’s idea?” Xi Xiaye looked at Xi Xinyi threateningly, her voice sounding determined!

“No, it’s not my mother. It’s me. It’s my idea. Yueying’s shares are falling”

“Are you sure it’s your idea?” Before Xi Xinyi could finish her sentence, Xi Xiaye asked.

“Yes! It’s my idea, not my mother’s”



As Xi Xinyi was still talking, Xi Xiaye slammed the table and stood up. She grabbed the cup of coffee in front of Xi Xinyi and splashed it all over her face. Tossing the cup aside, she turned aroundand stormed off with the folder.

As if she did not hear Xi Xinyi’s shocked cry, her slender figure swiftly vanished outside.

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