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Season 2

Episode 36

( Inviting Shen Yue)

As they walked through the corridor and arrived at Shen Yues study room, they looked inside and saw Shen Yue writing freely away. There were already several completed calligraphy couplets on the floor.

Youre back! Shen Yue put his brush downand looked towards the door.

Xi Xiaye let go of Mu Yuchens hand and went over. She glanced at the couplets on the floor and smiled, Grandpa, your calligraphy is looking great. They look very energetic.

I practiced a little Just killing some time.

Shen Yues skinny figure walked past the table and went towards them.

Grandpa, Mu Yuchen greeted politely and Shen Yue nodded.

I thought the both of you were going to just let me and your mother pass New Years Eve alone. Im glad to know that you have some conscience in you! Shen Yue seemed glad when he saw the matching couple before him. He stared at Xi Xiaye.

Before Xi Xiaye could reply, Mu Yuchen replied, Grandpa, shes always missing you and Mother everywhere she goes. Shes your favorite granddaughter after all. Youre more important to her than anyone else, including me.

Xi Xiaye was stunned and she stared at him in shock. Not only were his words sweet, but he had also quickly conquered her grandpa, Shen Yue!

As expected, Shen Yue laughed happily when he heard Mu Yuchens words and he nodded. Thats right. Theres no way you could top me! Ive been taking care of her for almost the past twenty years. Its not something to be forgotten easily. Of course, Im more important! Lets go, Chen, well have a match of Go. I didnt play enough the last time!

Before the young couple could react, he walked outside the study room with his cane and continued, Xiaye, the Puer tea your mother brought back this time was pretty fragrant. Take some back and try it with Chen. Aunt Xu, Aunt Xu! Get me that jade Go set. Im playing a match with Chen. Aunt Xu, where are you? Uncle Wang! Uncle Wang!

Towards the end, he started yelling instead. Xi Xiaye just shrugged as she looked at Mu Yuchen beside her.

After a moment, Uncle Wang got the jade Go set out. Shen Yue sat down and started setting it up. Soon, he already started his first move using a white piece without asking Mu Yuchen. Its your turn. Let me test you out.

Mu Yuchen sat down casually opposite him and picked up a black piece to put on the Go board. Xi Xiaye was boiling some water to prepare tea for them as she observed the match.

Shen Yue was an expert in Go himself. Xi Xiaye hadlearned from him, and she soongot better and he was unable to defeat her anymore.

Shen Wenna used to think about raising Xi Xiaye into a little princess that was fluent at multiple musical and artistic talents, yet Shen Yue disagreed. Xi Xiaye was not really fond of those things as well. The only thing she was somewhat interested in was Go. As for musical instruments, she did not really know anything else aside from a little bit of violin. Literature-wise, she barely received a passing grade, but at least, she read comics

At one point, Shen Yue felt troubled. Back then, her mother Shen Wenna and Father Xi Mushan were the two top students of the school. They always held onto the first and second place in the whole school. Although both of them were at the pinnacle with both their grades and appearance, this girl did not seem to inherit anything from her parents except her mothers beauty.

Did things move back when they reached an extreme?

After some time, Xi Xiaye was done boiling the tea and the war started. The two generals were fighting ferociously.

Apparently, the man was pretty skilled at Go as well, so Shen Yue was unable to get an advantage playing against him. His expression looked calm as ever. On the other hand, Shen Yue face darkened slightly.

Grandpa, have some tea. Xi Xiaye handed a cup of tea to him.

I dont want it. Dont interrupt me. Im thinking what should I do. Hmm You, come here and take a look. What should I do? Shen Yue waved his hand as he said.

Xi Xiaye bent over slightly and glanced at the board before pointing at one of the boxes, Here!

Mmm, right! Here then! Shen Yue quickly placed one of his pieces there.

Xi Xiaye suddenly thought of something. She turned towards Shen Yue and said,Grandpa, I have something to talk to you about.

What is it?

She sat down beside Shen Yue and sipped some tea, then shecontinued, On the 7th day after the New Year, we are having an opening ceremony for Imperial Sky Entertainment City. Can you please come? Fuhua is still on holiday anyway.

Its been years since I last attended events like this one, Shen Yue gave a short reply to Xi Xiayes request, and Mu Yuchen looked at her in shock.

Grandpa, its a great opportunity. I think youll be interested in a project under Glory World, but itd be unfair if I tell you about it, so you should come and take a look for yourself. I think youd be satisfied. Xi Xiaye threw out a bait, causing Shen Yue to stop moving his hand that was holding a Go stone. He raised his gray eyebrows and glanced at Xi Xiaye. What project?

Xi Xiaye pursed her lips and glanced over at Mu Yuchen, smiling. I wont tell you for now. Youll find out on that day. Go and take a look. Im in charge of this project. I heard from Uncle Lan that youve been pretty interested in South River recently.

So, does Glory World have some ideas on the South River too?

Shen Yue seemed interested now. He glanced at Mu Yuchen, and then looked back at Xi Xiaye. Giving it some thought, he replied, You know, Han Corporation and Qikai contacted me recently. However, I am indeed interested in South River.


Xi Xiaye frowned when she heard the name. Of course, she did not forget what happened. Although she had never dealt with Qikai before, she heard from Vice President Liu during the anniversary celebration that Glory World had conflicts with Qikai before when collaborating with several other companies.

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