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Season 2

Episode 35

(Back To Shen Residence)

Mu Yuchen nodded. Agreed, but youre kind of busy after the New Year. Vice President Zhang mentioned that he wants you to monitor the event on that day. Can you handle it?

Does this count as overtime? Xi Xiaye pinched between her eyebrows with her long fingers as she stared at him.

Mu Yuchen smiled and slung his arm over her shoulder as they walked outside. They are worried you might be dissatisfiedsince youll be the one doing the ribbon-cutting ceremony together with Vice President Zhang and several other guests.

If were going to do it, we should have a reciprocal banquet together. We can promote the South River project. Since attracting more investors is beneficial to Glory World, I think its better if you attend it personally. The opening ceremony this time is different from the anniversary celebration. You should realize its importance.

So? Mu Yuchen looked at her pointedly.

I can become the main person-in-charge for the opening ceremony if youre worried, that is. But you have to help me to complete the data analysis for the South River project, and you alsohave to show me the several designs you showed me back then, Xi Xiaye requested.

Fine, then. The stuff you need is on my work computer. You can take this laptop over. Ive been using your laptop, but because the data is too complicated, Ill give it to you in two days.

Thats more like it Hey, Mr. Mu, did you wake up early to help me with the data analysis?

As she suddenly thought of something, Xi Xiaye halted her steps. She turned around and looked at him in surprise with glitter in her eyes.

Did you think I was really a dictator that would only take from you?

Of course not, Chairman Mu, youre a very kind superior whos considerate of his subordinates.

Thats enough. Get something to eat. Ah Mo came over to prepare the stuff. After lunch, well go back to the Shen Residence after a short rest. Ive told Grandpa about it. Mother is probably preparing dinner now.

When they left for the Shen Residence after lunch, it was nearly 2 p.m. in the afternoon.

The couple used a quiet shortcut. Evidently, the highway would experience severe traffic jam now, so while taking the shortcut was not the best route, they got to save a little bit of time.

It was almost an hour later when the car entered the Shen Residence.

The housekeeper, Uncle Wang, came up to them with a warm smile as they parked the car. Miss, Mr. Mu, you guys are back!

Xi Xiaye got down from the car and unloaded a lot of gifts from the passenger seat at the back as she asked, Uncle Wang, didnt you return to your hometown?

Im not going back this year. Neither did Aunt Xu. We went back not too long ago, so its fine, Uncle Wang replied with a smile.

Xi Xiaye was surprised. She soon understood what he meant and nodded gratefully. Thank you,Uncle Wang! This is for you and Aunt Xu. She then handed him two gift boxes.

Miss, Mr. Mu

Youre welcome. Just call him by his name and Id like you guys to call me Xiaye as well.

Xi Xiaye passed them to Uncle Wang, then shecontinued to unload stuff from the car. Mu Yuchen went over and helped as well.

Uncle Wang smiled, shaking his head helplessly. He looked at the married couple with gratitude. All these years, Xi Xiaye had never forgotten to get him and Aunt Xu gifts every holiday season. They were

After some time, he came back to his senses and helped to transfer the things inside.

Xi Xiaye poured two glasses of water and handed one to Mu Yuchen. She took a few sips as she asked,Uncle Wang, wheres Grandpa and Mother?

Madam went out with Aunt Xu to buy ingredients. Elder Master is writing some calligraphy couplets in the study room!

Calligraphy couplets? Xi Xiayes eyes flashed as she grabbed Mu Yuchens hand. Lets go and take a look! My grandpas calligraphy is pretty amazing!

They could hear familiar classical music playing from far away as they walked towards Shen Yues study room. Mu Yuchen could not help but smile.

As the flowers bloom all over the world, silk is flowing through the water streams. Katyusha is standing on the steep ground

What are you laughing about? This is my grandmas favorite song. It was extremely trendy during their time.

Xi Xiaye caught the mans grin.

Mu Yuchen put his arm over her shoulder and laughed lightly. Im not laughing about that. I was just thinking that Grandpa and Grandma might have an unforgettable past as well, so they feel nostalgic about this song and play it on repeat

Xi Xiaye nodded. Mmm, Grandpa and Grandma were very much in love. I learned what interdependence and mutual understanding are from them. Mother told me that Grandma married Grandpa when he still had nothing. He started struggling in the business world after retiring from the army and finally created Fuhua Corporation. Although he was on the verge of giving up halfway, she always supported him

Sometimes, we have no choice but to admit the greatness of love. Under grandmas unwavering and determined support, Fuhua slowly became better and better. It wasnt called Fuhua in the past. Grandpa was so in love with Grandma that he changed the companys name to hers

Xi Xiaye suddenly halted her steps and sighed lightly, You know, sometimes Im really envious of love like theirs. There arent a lot of materialistic desires. Once they became a married couple, they gave each other their whole lives. Grandpas personal net worth became higher as the days went by. Although Grandma was getting older and older, he still loved her like he always did. Hed never do anything to betray her. He told me that Grandma was always a young18-year-old girl in his eyes.

Love back then was really simple and pure. Once you set eyes on someone, theyd follow each other forever, and now the high rates of divorce were shocking. Maybe it was because they were bonded by moral principles, but perhaps, it was more about how they promised to give their partner their whole life when they decided to be together.

Mu Yuchen listened to her quietly. He tightened his grip on her shoulder slightly after she finished her sharing. Then, he said in a low voice, Well become like them too.

Will we? Xi Xiaye mumbled, her eyes seeming a little out of focus as she looked into his eyes.

He nodded and gave a simple yet confident reply, Mmm!


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