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Season 2

Episode 34

(Get Near Get Warm)

At that moment, she did not want to think about anything else. Every time she got close to him, every time they hugged, she could feel a warmth seeping into her.

Such feelings

She had never experienced them from Han Yifeng before whether it was long before Xi Xinyi came between them or after she was severely hurt.

Everyone had a dark side to them, but Xi Xiaye suddenly felt a faint light shining into that dark corner in her heart. A weak flow of warmth traveled throughout her body and she was slowly recovering

She wanted to savor this feeling. She wanted to get ahold of it.

She wondered if he felt the same way as well.

After what felt like forever, Mu Yuchen got her back into the car. He took the car keys from her before putting a windbreaker over her, then hestarted the car.

It was 4 a.m. when they arrived home. They showered one after another and went to sleep near dawn, completely exhausted. When Mu Yuchen kissed her on the forehead, she was already asleep.

The next day was a sunny day and the weather was great.

When Han Yifeng woke up, Xi Xinyi was still sleeping beside him with half her breast tantalizingly exposed. There were some marks on her chest from what happened yesterday. The scratches on Han Yifengs arm was obvious as well. They definitely had one wild night.

After watching Xi Xinyi sleep for a while, Han Yifeng moved slightly and wanted to get up from the bed.

Yifeng, youre awake!

Han Yifengs movements seemed to have woken Xi Xinyi up. She rolled her body under the sheets and her soft arms onto Han Yifengs sturdy body as she stuffed her face into his chest.

Mmm, morning! Han Yifeng replied.

Its still pretty early. Lets sleep in for a little more. Its been a long time since Ive felt this relaxed. Lets go out shopping later in the afternoon! Xi Xinyi spoke as she drew circles on Han Yifengs chest. She then kissed Han Yifengs handsome face.

You can continue sleeping. Last night was pretty tiring. Ill get them tosend breakfast over! Im famished!

Han Yifeng held Xi Xinyis tiny little hands and gently patted her head, then he got out of bed.

Xi Xinyi laid back down and smiled lazily. Okay, I do feel hungry now after you mention it. I feel like eating a lovely Western breakfast. Please get me some!

Mmm, get a little bit more sleep. Ill call them to send it over. Han Yifeng took his phone and dialed a number before entering the bathroom.

After around an hour, Han Yifeng came out of the bathroom. He had changed into a silver tailor-made suit. Xi Xinyi climbed out of bed and noticed that the once-messy room had already been cleaned up by the servants.

He suddenly felt a little tired as he opened the middle drawer of his wardrobe. A variety of ties were arranged inside, but they were a little messy. He went silent for some time before tying one around his neck. As he looked at himself in the mirror, he started daydreaming.

Someone told him a long long time ago, Yifeng, Ive arranged all your ties in the middle drawer of your wardrobe, so its easier for you to look through them.

You should have a mirror in front of your wardrobe. Ill have someone to install it for you tomorrow.

He went silent and only came back to his senses after a while After tidying the drawer of ties, he exited the room.

Downstairs, Xi Xinyi had already changed into a warm-colored spring outfit. She let her light blonde hair down and looked beautiful. A scarf covered the marks on her neck as she sat by the table having breakfast.


She turned around and smiled at Han Yifeng when she heard the sounds of footsteps. Suddenly, there was the sound of glass breaking


A beautiful glass had met its end!


Xi Xinyi was shocked and quickly stood up while Han Yifeng quickly rushed over. He looked down at the glass shards

There was some coldness in the air as Xi Xinyis face turned pale. She looked at the glass shards on the floor, and then looked at Han Yifeng. Then, she bent over and started picking the pieces up as she said anxiously, Im sorry, Yifeng I didnt do it on purpose. It looks nice, so Ill get someone to make another one for you!

Han Yifeng could feel something leaving him when he looked at the pieces. He wanted to get ahold of his feelings, but he had no idea what it was that bothered him.

He took a deep breath before he walked over and sat down in his seat. Its okay. Lets have breakfast.

It was not the same one anymore if another one was made. Out of the blue, he suddenly remembered that the glass belonged to a pair. Xi Xiaye must have had it custom made as his birthday present.

Xi Xiaye had a dreamless sleep and it was way past noon when she woke up. The space beside her was already empty. Just as she was about to go and look for something to eat downstairs after freshening up, she heard some noises coming from the study room.

She glanced over and noticed that the door to the study room was open, so she walked over. She saw the man was on a call as he sat in the chair before the table. It seemed to be something related to Imperial Sky Entertainment City.

When he noticed Xi Xiaye was at the door, he turned the laptop offbefore standing up and walking towards her.

Mmm, Ill leave it to you. He hung up on the call, then he looked at Xi Xiaye. Go down and eat something.

Hmm, is it about the opening ceremony of Imperial Sky Entertainment City? What did Vice President Zhang say?

She found out a little about the conversation after listening to him speak on the phone.

The PR Department has delayed the opening ceremony to the 7th day after the New Year. Coincidentally, its Valentines Day, which is a pretty excellent marketing opportunity. What do you think?

Mu Yuchen handed his phone to her before he shifted the potted plant by the door a little.

Xi Xiaye gave it some thought before nodding. Its pretty good. We can have a Valentines Day event. Most people would have gotten back from their hometowns by then. Plus, its not a work day, so it should do well. Lets just set it on that day. We have to send out the invitations today since its the New Year Eve tomorrow. We cant wait until after the New Year.

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