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Season 2

Episode 33

( Lady Xiaye Is Masculine (2)

In just the blink of an eye, Xi Xiaye returned to the front of the car with a toolbox. She took her windbreaker off and was just wearing a light-colored woolen sweater. Leaving her windbreaker on the driver’s seat, she rolled her sleeves upand took out some tools before she started working on the engine.

It was not a big issue and she was able to handle it. She had gotten these tips and tricks about cars from her experience of being an amateur racer. She could solve small issues like these easily. There were several times when Shen Wenna called for Xi Xiaye when her car broke down.

She bent over slightly and her long hair hung over her shoulders as she worked on the car unnoticed

After a while, with the tinkering and clanging of the metal from time to time, tiny parts started piling up on a towel on the ground. She whipped a scissorsout and cut away a burnt wire, then…

The streets in the wee hours were quiet. From time to time, one or two cars sped past and the cold wind blew. The shadows of the trees were trembling slightly whilst the dim, yellow streetlights gave the little girl a long shadow.

After realizing that the car had been stationary for some time, Mu Yuchen finally opened his sleepy eyes. Following a brief moment of blurry vision before him, he looked beside at the driver’s seat and frowned when he did not see the woman. Only her windbreaker was left there. His mind instantly sobered up. Just as he was about to look around, he heard the clanking of metal, so he raised his head.

He saw that the bonnet was popped up, and beside it was a slender figure busy working on the ground

He quickly opened the door and went out.



He had to admit that even he felt his heart ache a little when this skinny woman was so focused on her work in the cold wind.

She should not have needed to know these things, yet

As he thought about it, she was always someone like this. Although she was strong and stubborn, she was weak in relationships. She had a pretty high IQ, but her EQ was speechlessly low. She could mess up the simplest of things.

When he watched her, he saw something that made him feel warm. He did not know what that was called. Positivity, power, or just a light?

He then felt that maybe this woman his heart ached for had something he had been looking for

Perhaps because the man’s quiet eyes were staring at her for too long, her focus was broken and she could feel someone looking at her. She stared back at him as she brushed away the hair in front of her face.

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows when she saw the man just standing on the side studying her. She then complained, “It’s been a long time since you left this car in the garage and didn’t drive it. Get it checked soon.”

She then looked down again and continued with her work. After some time, she was done. She slowly closed the bonnet and took the gloves offas she let out a sigh of relief. Sweat started shining on her forehead.

As she was about to wipe it off with her forearm, the man went to her and handed her a piece of tissue paper. Her beautiful face had now turned into dirty. He laughed at her and spoke in a warm voice, “It’s a blessing for a man like me to have married you.”

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows as she took the tissue from him with the elegance of a queen. She wiped the sweat offand her lips formed into a smile before she chuckled. “You’re right! You can’t even get someone like me even if you prayed for your whole life across several generations. I’m a strong woman of the new era with wonderful virtues!”

“Did you reallythink I was praising you? Are you sure you’re not a man disguised as a woman?” Mu Yuchen laughed at her cheeky behavior. He took the tissue from her and wiped some of the oil stains from her face.

“Masculine women are true to themselves. All the girls who are called masculine actually wish to have someone to depend on. Most of them are forced to be independent because of life. I think they should earn men’s respect more. I can’t have you looking down on masculine women here.” Xi Xiaye just let him help her with the cleaning, her eyes brightening slightly as she came up with the odd reply that answered his unasked question.

Mu Yuchen was stunned for a moment. His eyes told her that he was surprised. His gaze turned gentle as he looked at her and he sighed lightly as he embraced her into his arms. “I’m not looking down on masculine women. Do you think I’m disrespecting you? I’m always respectful towards each and every woman who is independent and takes life seriously, for instance, someone like you.”

Xi Xiaye laughed. She popped her head out from his embrace and looked at him with her glittering eyes. “Was that a real compliment just now?”

Mu Yuchen nodded, looking at her in the eyes.

“Then, I have a question for you,” Xi Xiaye blurted out after giving it some thought.

“Please go ahead,” he said generously.


She was in deep thought for a while before she asked quietly as her eyes met his, “I want to know why don’tmen like women who come off headstrong or masculine, and they prefer those frail-looking women? For example”

“For example a woman like Xi Xinyi?” Mu Yuchen interrupted her before she could finish.

Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment and went silent. Then, she nodded.

Mu Yuchen grasped the essence of what she wanted to say. He told her quietly, “You want to know why you lost to Xi Xinyi, don’t you?”

Xi Xiaye was once again astonished.

“Frail women can call up the desire to protect them within men, letting them enjoy the pleasure of conquering. That’d be the common explanation. The main reason is that the person doesn’tactuallycare about you or love you. No matter whether you’re headstrong or frail, it doesn’t matter to him. Everyone has a partner suitable for him or her, so your question is invalid, Mrs. Mu.”

The man’s words reached her before she could react. She could feel his hug tighten as he finished his sentence.

After giving it some thought, she somewhat understood what he was saying, so she nodded and hugged him back too.


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