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Season 2

Episode 32

(Lady Xiaye Is Masculine (1)

After several rounds of cards, they gulped down a few more glasses. The guys were starting to get drunk.

“It’s pretty late now and I have to go back soon. The elders at home might think that I went somewhere to mess around again. They’ve been pretty strict lately.”

Su Chen put his wine glass down as he grabbed his car keys on the table, staggering to his feet.

Zhou Zimo nodded as well, looking slightly shaky when he stood up.

“Master, let me send Master Su and Master Zhou back!” Ah Mo quickly helped the unsteady Su Chen stand, but Su Chen declined, “It’s alright. I’m not drunk yet. Anyway, it’s just driving! Let’s go, Zimo!”

He clung onto Zhou Zimo’s shoulder and then walked outside.

Mu Yuchen pressed his hand to his forehead as he was experiencing some light headache. “Follow the rules. Don’t get your office into trouble during the New Year. Even if you don’t care about your own safety, be considerate to your subordinates.”

He turned to his wife, Xi Xiaye. “Missus, go and get the car in the garage. Please send them back. They’re all along the same way.”

He then passed his car keys to Xi Xiaye who grabbed the keys from him and went out swiftly.

“Let’s go!”

Mu Yuchen’s footsteps still seemed solid as he stood up. “I’ll send you guys back personally. Oh, I’ve prepared some gifts for your parents too.”

The few of them were waiting outside the entrance as Xi Xiaye drove the car over.

She rolled the windows downand looked at them.

Zhou Zimo and Ah Mo went in the car after they helped Su Chen to get inside. As Mu Yuchen sat in the front passenger seat, Xi Xiaye quickly started the car.

The car went through the streets swiftly under the night sky.

At the same time, in a high-class villaarea in the east of City Z.

Han Yifeng was wearing a sleeping robe as he watched the TV after he was done with showering. Suddenly, he heard some light footsteps behind him. Before he could turn around, a sweet fragrance bathed him, and a pair of gentle arms hugged his shoulders.

“Yifeng!” Xi Xinyi’s gentle voice reached him as if a warm wind had passed by his ears. “We’re finally engaged! Although there were some flaws at the engagement ceremony today, I don’t care about anything else as long as I get to be with you.”

Han Yifeng turned around to look at her. Her swollen face looked much better now despite her little face seeming frail and her eyes slightly red. It made Han Yifeng feel terrible. He patted her hands and consoled her, “Don’t think too much about what happened today. Xiaye is… I’ll give you a grand wedding in the future”

Xi Xinyi laughed. “I’m alright, Yifeng! I don’t mind going through these sufferings if Sister can feel better. Actually, I’m very pleased that she could come.”

There was some regret in her tone of voice besides her obvious kindness.

Xi Xiaye’s indifferent expression, as well as her stubborn look, flashed through his mind, so he asked Xi Xinyi,“By the way, what were the 20% shares Xiaye mentioned? What does that mean?”

Xi Xinyi was slightly stunned. She closed her eyelids to cover up her tears on the verge of falling After a while, she replied with a smile, “I’m not really sure about it too. It’s probably something between my parents. Yifeng, about what happened today… Sister was able to get Chairman Mu to come. Could it be?” Xi Xinyi asked Han Yifeng with a weird look.

Han Yifeng’s expression changed when Mu Yuchen was mentioned. He did not forget about what Mu Yuchen had told him and he went silent for a moment before asking Xi Xinyi abruptly, “Xinyi, have you been to nightclubs in New York before?”

“No! You have to believe me, Yifeng. Master Mu said that on purpose… It’s late, Yifeng. Let’s rest. I want to go out shopping together tomorrow. We need to pick out some clothes for you”

Xi Xinyi crawled into Han Yifeng’s embrace and wrapped her arms around his neck. Gazing at him lovingly, the next moment, her soft red lips met with Han Yifeng’s thin lips

Han Yifeng hesitated for a moment when the sweet fragrance came right towards him. Xi Xinyi was sitting on his lap, teasing his naughty little thing to get all riled up. He hugged her and gave her a deeper kiss.

“Yifeng, it’s been half a month… Half a month… Since you touched me… I want you” Xi Xinyi moaned uncontrollably as she whispered.

He felt empty inside, but he also felt a sense of being suffocated despite feeling empty. Even when he was enjoying acts of love with the woman he deeply loved, somehow it could not fill the void in his heart.

Suddenly, their outfits were messed up. Han Yifeng could not hold it in anymore, so he held Xi Xinyi up and walked into the bedroom

Compared to the fun on Han Yifeng’s side, Xi Xiaye was having a tough night.

Su Chen and Zhou Zimo stayed in large mansions on the outskirts like the Mu Residence and they were pretty far away from Maple Residence. In addition to the traffic jam during the New Year season, it took about two hours for just one way!

After sending them back, it was nearly 2 a.m. Xi Xiaye drove straight back to Maple Residence. However, the car suddenly stopped on its own just as she entered the city!

Xi Xiaye tried restarting the car several times, but it did not work. She frowned and glanced over at the front passenger seat. The man was already fast asleep.

She sighed helplessly, staring at the dim street lights and lost in her thoughts. In the end, she walked out of the car

She went in front of the car and popped up the bonnet. Then, she noticed there was some smoke coming out. Coughing profusely, she did a simple check-up. She then realized it was a problem with the engine.

She sighed again. Glancing around the quiet street, most of the cars that passed by sped right over. She thought of calling the car repair service, but it would take a long time for them to get there.

Under the starry night, as she looked at the smoky engine under the dim street lights, she tapped her forehead with her hand and went towards the trunk.

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