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Season 2

Episode 30

(Maple Residence Gathering 3)

When he said this, Su Chen was startled. Then, he remembered that Mu Yuchen seemed to be just like that. With a mild-tempered life coupled with his personality, whether or not he got married did not seem to make any difference.

Do you know all about Xi Xiayes past? I have never heard of you interacting with her. Its no wonder when I asked Ah Mo, he just mumbled and didnt explain properly. Its fine if you want to marry a woman, but you must know her background well. Do you want me to help you investigate? The elder of your family and the rest might not know about her past either. Otherwise

Thats enough Mu Yuchen suddenly interrupted him. He lifted his still eyes and looked at Su Chen and Zhou Zimo who stood side by side. His eyes were peaceful and distant. I have now set my heart on her and married her. Everything started anew from the moment we signed those marriage papers. I dont want to know about everything in the past anymore.

He then averted his gaze and silently turned around. Moments later, he added, She didnt ask about my past either, so whats so bad about it?

When Mu Yuchen said this, the two of them were stunned.

They saw that he had already continued attending to his cooking. Exchanging a look, Su Chen and Zhou Zimos eyes could not help but force a smile.

This was their first time seeing Mu Yuchen being so protective over a person. In fact, it was a woman, and one who did not look that outstanding.

However, they seemed to vaguely feel that Xi Xiaye carried an aura similar to that of Mu Yuchens. Her gaze was distant and she had a stubborn coldness. Could it be that they understood each others burdens?

What kind of girl was Xi Xiaye?

Seeing that he did not want to continue talking about it, Su Chen and Zhou Zimo did not ask further. Silently, they thought about it and then nodded before sighing, Okay, since thats the case, what else can we say? We trust your choices and we only have well wishes left for you. We hope that this will actually be a good thing for you.

When are you planning to have the wedding? Zhou Zimo finished cutting the shredded potatoes and handed them to Mu Yuchen as he asked.

Mu Yuchens quiet and handsome face eased a little now. Weve been busy, so it wont be too soon, but well inform you when the time comes.

When Xi Xiaye picked a few bottles of wine and returned to the living room, she realized that the few of them were still busy in the kitchen. She did not go over to join in the fun. Instead, she just looked at the bouquet of roses that Mu Yuchen had given her before picking up the scissors and vase

Her movements were swift. Soon, the blooming bouquet of red roses was trimmed and arranged in the vase. She was just about to clean up the fallen branches and leaves when suddenly the mans soft and gentle voice entered her ear.

Stop being busy now. Tidy up a little and help us prepare the bowls and chopsticks.

Turning to look, she noticed that he had already brought the dishes out of the kitchen while Ah Mo was also opening a bottle.


She stood up and very quickly swept the branches and leaves into the bin beside her. After she straightened the vase, she then walked over.

When she reached his side, she asked softly and subconsciously looked at the kitchen, Can we eat already? I saw that you guys were chatting pretty happily, so I didnt want to disturb you. However, Im quite surprised that the two of them also would know how to

When we were serving in the army, Su Chen made a mistake, so his old man sent him to the cooking shift for almost half a year. In that time, wed always run over to his place late at night to eat, Mu Yuchen explained and walked over.

A while after that, the dishes were done. The five of them sat around the table. Across the husband and wife were Su Chen and Zhou Zimo. Standing, Ah Mo poured the wine into their glasses.

Su Chen and Zhou Zimo exchanged glances simultaneously as they started to examine the couple, Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye. In just one glimpse, they actually felt that there wasunderlying chemistry and they looked very fitting. In fact, they acted like a couple that had been married for years such as right now.

Mu Yuchen took the bottle of wine that Ah Mo served and Xi Xiaye, who was looking down, had looked up in that instant. She exchanged a wet handkerchief with the wine in his hand.

Then, he said, Heres some whiskey. This one isnt suitable for you, so youre only allowed to taste a little of it, hmm?

She looked at the glass that contained a wee bit of whiskey. After some thought, she then lightly nodded.

Su Chen silently observed the married couple, Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye, across him for quite a while, before finally sighing to himself and announcing,Look at you two. Since the deed is done, Zimo and I dont know what else we can say. As your brothers, we can only sincerely wish you well. May you two live well and give birth to a chubby little one for us to play with next year!

As he said this, his eyes fell onto Xi Xiaye, his voice at ease. Sis-in-law Eh, I think its better if I call you Xiaye. Otherwise, calling you Sis-in-law feels a little too weird. Ah Chen is number two among the three of us, yet hes the one thats lacking love the most. Since youve married him, youd better guard him well. Hes a pretty steady fella. This one You wont lose out by sticking to him.

I agree with Su Chen too, Sis-in-law Xiaye. Well hand Ah Chen to you now. Youd better care for him well and give him warmth. We buddies wish you well. Come, lets drink to this!

Xi Xiaye listened and then quietly turned to gaze at him. She then smiled and nodded gently before cheerfully raising her glass and smiling. Thank you all.


The sound of the wine glasses gently tinkling was heard. The beautiful light glided in a curve in the glass as they downed the wine.

Right, is Lingshi coming back for the New Year this year? That girl called me last month, telling me to get her a driving license. Shes probably planning to return to the country. Su Chen poured himself a drink as he turned to Mu Yuchen to ask.

Shes only returning after the New Year. Grandfather and Grandmother are worried about letting her live abroad alone for a long period of time, Mu Yuchen answered. He fell silent for a moment, then continued, After Imperial Sky Entertainment City is up and running, well let her take over it.

That girls been growing these few years. Do you really dare to let her take over? Arent you worried shell be taken advantage of? Zhou Zimo lifted his glass of wine for a sip and smiled as he teased.

Does she look like someone whos willing to make a loss? Just with her personality, others will be taken advantage of, but not her!

Su Chen looked disapprovingly at Zhou Zimo. He laughed, swiveling to Mu Yuchen. When he saw that he remained calm and Xi Xiaye seemed puzzled, he thought about it, and then set the topic aisde. He did not continue pursuing it any further

Xi Xiaye also felt that the atmosphere was a little odd. When she turned to Mu Yuchen and wanted to ask him something, she saw him drinking with his head lowered.

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