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Season 2

Episode 29

(Maple Residence Gathering 2)

Ah Mo seemed to know what Xi Xiaye was thinking, so he continued, “Missus, the engagement ceremony ended earlier with the reason that Xi Xinyi was unwell at last. Mayor Xi had already left City Z with a plan tonight, so these…”

Xi Xiaye looked on with mixed emotions in her eyes at the items. Just as she was hesitating about whether or not to take them, the man beside her suddenly said softly, “Bring it to the study room.”

“Yes, Master!”

The instant Mu Yuchen said that, Ah Mo brought the items into the villa. Behind them came the sound of a car door closing.

Xi Xiaye very quickly snapped out of it. She thought about how she was going to call the Shen residence after dinner later, but now she had to receive her guests first.

As she thought about this, she breathed in slightly, and then looked up at the sound. Two tall and lofty figures instantly entered their sight.

One wore a tailoredmetallic grey tuxedo, while the other wore a silver-gray mid-length windbreaker. The two of them were elusive,handsome guys.

The one in the metallic grey suit was elegant in aurabesides being handsome and refined. He was Zhou Zimo and was no stranger to Xi Xiaye. Previously, at a certain banquet, she had seen him before.

The other was steadfast and attractive. He looked quite easy-going as he carried an indescribable imposing manner. He should be the important and highly-positioned Master Su!

The two of them walked in through the door one after another. When they saw Xi Xiaye before Mu Yuchen, the two of them stopped in their steps.

“It’s quite hard to even see you. How many times have the both of us called you only to be told off by you? You even told Ah Mo to tell us to prepare generous gifts. What are you going on about?” Su Chen stood firm when he immediately frowned and asked.

“I’m very curious about what you mean by having us prepare generous gifts too. I asked Ah Mo, and even he was mysterious about it!” The instant Su Chen finished, Zhou Zimo’s voice echoed.

Mu Yuchen looked indifferent. Some light shifted in his eyes as he asked, “Does that mean that you’ve prepared your generous gifts?”

“That will depend on what you’re up to… Whether it’s befitting of the generous gifts that we’ve put together with great care.” Su Chen and Zhou Zimo exchanged a look before they silently nodded and looked together at Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen smiled. Suddenly turning to his side, he pulled Xiaye who stood behind him out. His long arms gently circled her shoulders and his deep and sensitive voice was heard. “This is Su Chen. You should know him. This is Zhou Zimo, the Master Zhou that you guys always discuss.”

Mu Yuchen pointed at the two of them and introduced them to Xi Xiaye.

Then, he looked at Su Chen and Zhou Zimo to say, “This is Xi Xiaye, my wife, your younger brother’s wife or your sister-in-law.”

When he said this, Su Chen and Zhou Zimo were stumped for words. The two instantly looked like they had been struck by lightning. Their eyes flew wide and they suddenly unknowingly looked around. A while after that, their eyes stopped on Xi Xiaye before them.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Xi Xiaye,” Xi Xiaye very amiably and appropriately greeted them as she spoke lightly.

When they heard her voice, Su Chen and Zhou Zimo snapped back to reality as they stared at Xi Xiaye. Then, their eyes fell onto Mu Yuchen who remained calm.

“Aren’t you planning to explain anything?” Su Chen frowned and asked.

“What’s there to explain? We’re married,” Mu Yuchen plainly said and then turned to indicate for them to go in.

“Xi Xiaye? Director Xi? Glory World’s Director Xi?”

At this moment, Zhou Zimo vaguely recalled Xi Xiaye. He did remember her and seemed to have heard that she was a director at Glory World who Elder Mu recognized.

“Wow, Ah Chen! You’ve become the hare that eats grass by its burrow [1]!”

The buddies had been playing together since they were young. Just one look at each other and they easily knew what each other meant, so when Zhou Zimo said this, Su Chen immediately responded, “Let’s go in first. It’s quite cold outside.”

Mu Yuchen was unperturbedas he looked at the two of them. Then, he pulled Xi Xiaye along and turned to walk into the villa, quickly closing the door behind them.

He had just walked into the villa when he let go of Xi Xiaye and said, “Go to the store and choose a few bottles of wine.”

Xi Xiaye looked up at him, then at Su Chen and Zhou Zimo who were still in shock. She thought about it, then nodded and quietly walked towards the storeroom.

Mu Yuchen watched her figure vanish past the door. He turned to the duo who had already taken off their coats and changed their shoes. Without saying anything, he just returned to the kitchen.

Su Chen and Zhou Zimo exchanged a look, then they followed after him.

In the spacious kitchen, Mu Yuchen was working on the steak with honey sauce that Xi Xiaye had requested. Su Chen and Zhou Zimo were also helping out with the other dishes. Even though their culinary skills were not on par with Mu Yuchen’s, they were usually used to being well-fed and clothed by themselves. Contrary to popular belief, they did not have any harmful habits of rich sons of capitalists or government officials.

As Zhou Zimo washed the ingredients, he looked at Mu Yuchen from the side and could not help but comment,“Why did you get married so suddenly? Even if your family pressured you, you don’t seem to be the kind that would simply compromise. It’s been so many years. I haven’t seen them really be able to control you.”

“He is definitely crazy, Zimo. I’m telling you, I’ve always thought that even when our two children can goof off together, he might not even be married. I mean, has he been interested in any women all these years? The bros don’t even know how he got through all those years,” Su Chen voiced out.

“His brain was always filled with different things compared to everyone else. Who knows what he’s thinking about again?”

Zhou Zimo shook his head as he looked at Mu Yuchen and laughed. “But this Xi Xiaye seems pretty impressive. She fits your taste in women. Even if you don’t want to explain, we buddies are too lazy to ask. As long as you’re satisfied, you’re the one who has to bear all of this anyway.”

“No wonder you keep saying you’re busy. It turns out that you’re busy with your wife at home! But what are you actually thinking? Why did you get married without saying a word? You’re only 30, man. 30! We haven’t even messed around enough and you’re married. You’ve really gone mad!”

Su Chen handed the plate to Mu Yuchen in a manner that seemed like he really wanted to advise him earnestly.

The two of them kept bantering until finally, Mu Yuchen said casually, “I wanted to change a different kind of lifestyle. What’s so bad about that? Who told you that life after marriage would be duller than before?”


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