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Season 2

Episode 28

(Maple Residence Gathering (1)

“These flowers look pretty. Do all you women like these sort of things?” As he said this, he passed the bouquet to Xiaye.

Xi Xiaye’s brows raised. She took one look at the bouquet in full bloom, then her eyes fell onto his handsome face. “I don’t know about other people, but the more I look at it, I find that I do quite like it!”

She accepted the flowers and lowered her head to smell them. “Coincidentally, the blue rose in the vase at home has withered. I’ll put these in the vase when we get back. I keep feeling like the house feels livelier when we decorate it with little things like this. What do you think, Mr. Mu?”

“The Missus is right. Let’s go home. The two of them are probably rushing over soon.” Then, he started the car.

Soon, the car that was draped with a gentle golden radiance of the setting sun sped towards the Grand Waves Villa area, bringing with it the delight of returning late.

Some things quietly changed just like that with the wash of time. Just as the sunset thatgradually changed with the horizon, after the sunset, what came after would be the magnificent sky of stars…

After they returned to Maple Residence, the husband and wife did not rest. Drinking a glass of water, Xi Xiaye followed Mu Yuchen into the kitchen and helped him out.

“Mr. Mu, is this little water enough for the rice?” She brought the pot over and asked Mu Yuchen who was busy cutting the vegetables.

Mu Yuchen looked from the side and took over the pot to pour away some of the water. “There’s too much. Mmm, it’s fine now. Go play some music.”

Then, he plugged the pot in to cook.

When the man cooked, he liked listening to relaxing music. She had asked him about it before and he said that cooking was a relaxing pleasure. Of course, he wanted to increase the quality of his pleasure.

He had a bunch of nonsensical logic. Sometimes she felt like he was just used to living like an old man. He was also so unhurried. Cooking just one meal would always take him more than an hour such as that soup he had stewed a few days ago. Being in the mood and having the time, he stewed it for quite a few hours…

“Which CD to play?” She gave him a look and took the towel he handed to wipe her wet hands as she asked.

“You decide. They’re all the same genre,” he just said and continued cutting his potato slices.

She put the towel aside and walked out. A while after that, a piece of relaxing and alluring music started floating throughout the villa.

It was a very, very old Oscar hit which sounded pretty mellow and quite encouraging.

Say you, say me…

When she returned to the kitchen and saw his busy figure, she suddenly could not help request,“Mr. Mu, can you make that steak with honey sauce? That one’s quite nice.”

“Mmm, I’ll make it for you later,” he answered calmly, his soft and gentle tone like a father coaxing a gluttonous little girl. “You’ve been eating this dish for the past few days. Haven’t you gotten tired of it?”

She smiled cheerfully and walked over to say softly, “This is my most honest approval of your culinary skills. Shouldn’t you be happy?”

“Missus, your approval is too cheap.” He chuckled before putting the shredded potato on the plate. At that moment, the doorbell outside buzzed.

Xi Xiaye subconsciously raised her brows and looked at him, thinking that it must be those two buddies he mentioned who had arrived. She could not help but be a little nervous. In the meanwhile, he just took the towel to wipe his hands, looking calm as usual.

“They’re probably here. Let’s go out to take a look.”

Then, he walked towards the door as she quietly watched his back. A while after that, she followed him.

The sky had already darkened outside at this point and the streetlights outside the villa had already automatically lit up. The dim yellow light warmly blanketed the floor.

Mu Yuchen switched the living room light on and the bright and warm lights instantly filled the whole house. He subconsciously slowed down to wait until Xi Xiaye had caught up, then hecontinued picking up his pace to walk ahead.

“The two of them are pretty easy to talk to. Since you’re a woman, they can only let you be. If they ask you anything and you find them going overboard, just nod or shake your head. It’s fine. Don’t be so dumb,” Mu Yuchen reminded his lady Xiaye as he strolled slowly.

“Mr. Mu, are you worried that I’m going to be taken advantage of?” Xi Xiaye who walked beside him suddenly turned to look at him and smiled calmly.

“I was just worried that not only will you be embarrassing, but that you’ll embarrass me too.” Mu Yuchen shot her a look. “Missus, your husband’s image will rely on you to hold up today. I don’t hope that you will be in high spirits or be a killer. Just be normal. What are you nervous for?”

Just as Xiaye wanted to ask something, the man had already walked over with huge strides and pressed the switch at the door. With a click, the tightly closed door ahead finally opened slowly.

What entered her sight was a domineering and flashy Range Rover. With one look, she knew it was Su Chen’s signature car. This fellow had been advised many times by the old revolutionaries at home about this car. They had even organized many sessions for criticizing him. Lastly, unable to handle being a traitor, he confessed that he had gotten it from Mu Yuchen and had even signed a letter of indebtedness with Mu Yuchen, causing the latter to be criticized by the Su family elders on an international call!

Among the three buddies, Master Zhou Zimo and Mu Yuchen were both in the gentle and calm party. Their manners were graceful, and they preferred to be reserved and low-profile while Su Chen was the steadfast, domineering type. He looked a little imposing, but it could also be because of his profession.

However, Mu Yuchen and Zhou Zimo knew Su Chen’s personality. Among the buddies, the one who fooled around the most was him and Zhou Zimo second. If he wanted to go wild, he was not bad at all, but Mu Yuchen was quieter instead. He was mild-tempered, but he definitely would not make things awkward because his dry humor could quickly liven up the atmosphere.

The three buddies had been playmates since they were young, so naturally, their relationship was extraordinary.

“Master! Missus!” Ah Mo’s voice greeted. Xi Xiaye looked up and saw Ah Mo walking over wearing a black tuxedo.

Usually, the buddies’ dinners did not leave Ah Mo out. To them, he was one of their good friends as well, so Mu Yuchen had let him attend.

Xi Xiaye nodded. At that moment, Ah Mo handed a folder and a very nicely packaged gift box to Xi Xiaye. “Missus, Mayor Xi made Li Si take this for you. Since I was coming over, I thought I’d bring it along.”

When she heard him, Xi Xiaye was startled and she looked down at the items before her. Then, she remembered Xi Mushan’s words. He did say that he had some things for her to take for her mother, Shen Wenna.

That afternoon, after she left with Mu Yuchen, she did not think about it anymore. Now, she wondered what became of Han Yifeng and Xi Xinyi’s engagement banquet in the end.

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