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Season 2


( Man To The Rescue (3)

Han Yifeng softly consoledher, Its okay, Xinyi. You have good intentions but it didnt work out. Xiaye always hated others disturbing her mother. I remember that day I already reminded you, but you didnt listen to me. Dont think too much. Now, tidy up a little and put on some fresh makeup. The people have already waited for very long downstairs.

When he saw Huang Shanshan appear at the door, Han Yifeng pulled Xi Xinyi away from his embrace and handed the ice bag to Huang Shanshan. Help her get it together. The people downstairs should be impatient now. Ill go change.

He looked down at the shirt that had already been wrinkled from Xi Xinyi crying into it. Helpless, he could only sigh on the inside.

Okay, Cousin, you go first. Leave Cousin Sister-in-law to me.

Huang Shanshan quickly took the ice bag.

Xinyi, you said that the man earlier was Chairman Mu from Glory World? Is that the Master Mu who appears and disappears unpredictably? Huang Shanshan closed in and as she helped Xi Xinyi ice her face, she asked a little preoccupiedly, How did that slut Xi Xiaye get connected to Master Mu?

Hearing Huang Shanshan, Xi Xinyi was a little stumped for words. She subconsciously turned to look at the absent-minded Huang Shanshan as something flashed in her eyes. It was so quick that no one could catch it. She then nodded gently. He is Chairman Mu. At Glory Worlds anniversary last night, I even saw him myself. I cant be wrong. As for Sister, shes a director at Glory World It makes sense for Chairman Mu to defend her

Even though Xi Xinyi said this, she still found it a little odd.

Even if Xi Xiaye was a director at Glory World, the words that Chairman Mu said earlier was not courteous at all. That manner of his did not seem like it was purely a superior sticking out his neck for his subordinate!

Could it be that Glory Worlds Chairman Mu and Xi Xiaye were?

When she thought about this possibility, Xi Xinyis heart tightened. The pale hand that gripped onto her skirt subconsciously tensed up and her eyes shifted.

That slut really lucked out. I cant believe she could even but Master Mu was really

As Huang Shanshan spoke, she thought about Mu Yuchens handsome face again. He was really the highest of high-quality men!

Outside West Park, Mu Yuchen immediately carried Xi Xiaye to his car. Evidently, he was not in too pleasant of a mood either.

Mu Yuchen, let go! Xi Xiaye struggled hard. When they reached the car, Mu Yuchen let her go. His tall body turned, and in a flash, he pushed the top of the door open and circled her. His brooding gaze carried a constricting force as he towered over her.

Explain what happened today! I remember that you said you wouldnt come here again. Is it because you cant get over Han Yifeng? Explain to me, Missus!

His tone was very calm, yet Xi Xiaye could vaguely tell that there was an unusual air about it, especially when he emphasized the words Missus. It came with a hint of warning.

Its not what you think. She looked away, not wanting to continue looking into his threatening eyes.

Do you know what Im thinking? Look at me! Mu Yuchens tone was very dismal as he stared at her beautiful and apathetic little face, yet she ignored him. She just reached out to massage her wrist that hurt from his grasp.

Youve really become skilled! Cant I control you? Is it because you cant bear to see that Han Yifeng get engaged?

Mu Yuchen squinted as he watched her. He still used that calm tone, not showing his emotions.

I said its not because of him! Xi Xiaye stubbornly replied.

If thats not the case, why dont you dare to look at me? Feeling guilty?

Mu Yuchen knew how to provoke her. Once he said this calm sentence, he shot her a side look, causing her to raise her voice as she glared at him. Ill look at you! Do you think Im afraid of you?

Seeing her gaze containing hurt, Mu Yuchens eyes instantly darkened and he said softly, I rushed here to your rescue and youre going to act this way? Looking at me like that?

Xi Xiaye did not respond. She just looked down at her wrist that was about to break from his grasp. Mu Yuchen looked down and followed her gaze too. He then noticed that her wrist was bruised.

No wonder she had struggled so hard earlier. He thought she had wanted to sever all relations with him at such a moment!

Are you a melon? Dont you know how to shout? Mu Yuchens gaze then eased a little and he looked at her from the side. He was about to reach out when Xiaye shot him a look and said coldly, Did you give me a chance, Mr. Mu?

Then, she just ignored him and pulled the car door opento get in.

Did I cover your mouth? Mr. Mu coldly glared at her too. Then, he walked towards the drivers seat, pulled the car door open and got in. As he helped her put on the seat belt, he said softly, Youre quite bold, hitting that woman like that. However, I think for such a matter, that man should take on a few more slaps to the face.

Xi Xiaye was slowly calming her uneven breaths down. She shot him a look and said without courtesy, You make it sound like youre so enlightened! Xi Xinyi and Grandm- CEO Deng went to look for my mother at University A for Yueyings 20% shares. Back then, my father wanted to compensate Mother, so as for the things Xi Xinyi did, do you think a few slaps could compensate for it? If shes going to be this dumb again, I dare to splash acid on her!

As he listened, Mu Yuchen just calmly glanced at her. He softly commented, How wicked! Then, he stepped on the accelerator and the car very quickly drove away from West Park.

There are many who say Im wicked. Youre person number what? Xiaye shot him a glance with disdain, shamefully using his own words from earlier. As long as it can make me feel better, I can be even more wicked. Ive endured the hard times aplenty anyway.

Mu Yuchen smiled. Youve caught on pretty quickly! Fine, if you still dont feel better, then go look for them for revenge. You taking it out on me like this is harming the innocent.

Didnt you say that you dont mind me taking out my fury on you? Back then, you even made a solemn vow and made yourself sound like a saint. Now, youre saying youre innocent! She complained unhappily.

Mu Yuchen could not help but laugh aloud. He reached over and patted her hand on her lap. Okay, okay. Consider it a slip of the tongue. You can take it out on me as you wish. I didnt hear anything and I wont argue with you.

Seeing that she was fine, he was relieved. He would not care about the rest for now.

Now, Xiaye finally eased a little. She turned on her side to look at him, thinking about something. Then, she asked softly, Hey, Mr. Mu, earlier you said that you saw Xi Xinyi at some evening show in New York. Is that real or fake?

Why? What naughty things do you want to do now?

Mu Yuchens handsome brows raised as he shot her a curious glance.

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