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Season 2

Episode 25

(Man To The Rescue( 2)

He held Xi Xiaye firmly by the wrist as he walked calmly and pulled her away as if he did not see the conflict earlier at all.

Congratulations, CEO Han. Ive always thought that the woman in your arms was quite familiar. Now I remember, I seemed to have seen her at the evening show the last time in New York, but now that shes changed into such fashion, I didnt immediately recognize her. Your taste is quite unique.

When he passed Han Yifeng, the man suddenly stopped in his steps. His handsome face that was as calm as water curved into an elegant smile as he said with a deep and calm voice, Using force to bully others isnt something that only you people can do. Its also nothing out of the ordinary for me.

Could you be here to be disruptive too, Chairman Mu? Han Yifeng could already hear the hostility in Mu Yuchens tone.

Mu Yuchen smiled. How could I disrupt you matching pair? Someone who can denounce and criticize another woman on behalf a woman doesnt deserve to be called a man. CEO Han, do you think you deserve to be called a man?

Han Yifeng was startled, but before he could react, Mu Yuchens smile had already faded and he returned to his usually calm and indifferent expression as he continued to pull Xi Xiaye forward.

However, when I meet something like this, I usually make a move right away! As Mu Yuchen said this, a scream was immediately heard!

Reflexively, Ah Mo kicked Huang Shanshan who was trying to trip Xi Xiaye with her leg. She screamed miserably and fell to the ground embarrassingly before gripping her leg and crying out in pain!

Chairman Mu!



Yue Lingsi, Xi Xinyi, and the rest quickly chased after them, but they were stopped by Ah Mo and the rest. The two guards earlier were also blocked and the others could not get close at all.

Han Yifeng looked horrible. He obviously could tell that Mu Yuchen was mocking him, implying that he did not deserve to be called a man!

Mu Yuchen, let go

Xi Xiaye tried hard to struggle free of his large hand. She could feel that her wrist started to hurt from his grip and she frowned at him. Why did you come over?

What do you think? Mu Yuchen just took his hand back, his silent eyes locking onto her. She could easily tell that he was unhappy.

Xi Xiaye met with his deep eyes and her thin lips parted slightly. She wanted to say something, yet she did not know how to say it. In the end, she looked away and then picked up her pace to walk ahead.

Mu Yuchen looked at Xi Xiaye who had gone ahead and already reached the edge of the staircase. A gloom flashed in his eyes, then he took huge strides and caught up with her. He reached her with a few wide steps and held onto Xi Xiayes wrist again.

If you throw a fit again, you have to responsible for the consequences!

In that instant that Xi Xiaye struggled, he warned her softly. His tone had an imposing manner that could not be defied and it forcefully pushed Xi Xiayes temper down.

Ah Mo, I dont want to see any news that shouldnt be reported in tomorrows newspapers, he said. Then, he pulled Xi Xiaye to rush downstairs and immediately pass through the crowd. Before everyone could react, their figures had already vanished outside the door. Their movements were swiftas if they were dreaming. The interlude flashed past their minds and then vanished without a trace.

The crowd caused a commotion. They could not even react to what had just happened.

With such a sudden appearance and quickdeparture, he was calm and collected as if he had just entered his own home.

Even Xi Mushan looked a little puzzledly at the black and white figure that had disappeared at the door. He turned to look towards the stairs and saw Deng Wenwen, Yue Lingsi, and the rest who had run down.

What happened?

Such a weird and sudden change astonished Han Yu too. His mind flashed with Mu Yuchens figure and vaguely felt that it was a little familiar, but he could not remember where he had seen him before. He just knew that the person was definitely extraordinary!

Its Chairman Mu! Why are he and Xiaye?

The person who spoke was Huang Ziyao. At the moment, she looked shocked as well. She looked lost at Han Yu. When she thought about the scene that had just happened, it was easy to tell that he had come to get Xi Xiaye out of her predicament!

Xi Mushan looked thoughtfully at the door again, then said, Enough. Well discuss later. Now, the banquet should continue! However, he hinted something to his secretary, Ah Hui, who nodded knowingly and then retreated.

On the second floor, in Xi Xinyis room.

Xi Xinyi was sitting before the mirror as she tearfully looked at her swollen face. It was so bad that she could not even see its original outline. Her hands that hit under her skirt had already become tight fists. The fiery pain almost made it unbearable. Until now, she could still feel the buzzing in her ears. Xi Xiaye had been vicious.

When she heard the sound of footsteps behind her, she lowered her gaze and hid the dim light that flashed in her eyes as her tight fists slowly relaxed.

She looked up into the mirror. Apart from her unbearably swollen face, there was also Han Yifengs handsome and dashing figure.

Xinyi, how are you?

Han Yifeng held an ice bag in his hand. He bent down to her side, his eyes filled with concern as he doted on her.

Xi Xinyi weakly sniffed as she stubbornly held back the tears that welled up in her eyes, not letting them fall. Han Yifengs hands had just closed in on her swollen face when tears the size of beads started to patter and fall onto the back of his hand.

Han Yifeng felt his heart wrench, but he could only pull her into his embrace. She could not suppress her emotions anymore as she wept.

Yifeng, Im really heartbroken. How could she do this to me? Does she hate me that much? Could it be that right from the start we were wrong? If thats the case, Id rather not have known you right from the start

She choked on her sobs as she said. A while after that, she just cried and her tears dampened Han Yifengs shirt.

Xinyi, from now on, its best if you disturb her less just as she wishes

Han Yifengs eyes were mixed with emotions, he looked down at Xi Xinyi who was crying in his arms. He did not forget the words that Xi Xiaye had said earlier.

Xi Xinyi had gone to University A to look for Xiayes mother and had even mentioned something about a 20% of shares. Even though he did not know what it meant for sure, he could tell that something was off.

I just wanted to make everyone do better. I didnt think that Sister would be so determined. I didnt expect that shed really come and make us look so so embarrassed. Im sorry, Yifeng. I didnt know that shed call Chairman Mu over too. Why would she?

Xi Xinyi wiped her tears awaywith the back of her hand. She sniffed and looked at Han Yifeng through tear-blurred eyes. Her voice was weak and raspy. Yifeng, tell me, at this point, what else can I do?


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