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Season 2

Episode 24

(Man To The Rescue( 1)

The commotion happening upstairs had already startled the crowd downstairs and all of them started to rush towards the staircase. Han Yu could only indicate for the bodyguard to block the staircase in order to stop them from rushing up.

The reporters had begun to crowd in and the entire banquet instantly became quite chaotic. The host held onto the mic and kept urging everyone to return to their seats, yet the crowd was still hesitating as they kept trying to look up the staircase!

They had all heard a womans shrieks and crying earlier, but they were not sure what had happened!

Who was the woman in black earlier?

She had walked in with Mayor Xi!

When they thought about this, the crowd could not help but turn to look at Xi Mushan who was still greeting some of the guests, seemingly unaware about what had happened upstairs.

However, right at this moment, there was a furor at the entrance that disrupted this odd atmosphere.


The door to the hall that had been closed earlier was suddenly pushed open from the outside. The crowd subconsciously looked towards the sound. They saw that leading in front was a dashing and tall man impeccably attired in a black tuxedo. He was followed by four well-built men dressed in black tuxedos and looked like bodyguards.

After the few of them pushed open the door, they made a path and then a tall and white figure greeted the crowds sight

The crowd instantly fell silent as they stared blankly at the man who had suddenly appeared. Their eyes were stunned and filled with admiration.

With his appearance, the entire banquets splendor had very quickly diminished.

He was extremely handsomeand was dressed in an all-white casual suit. His deep eyes seemed to be an ocean that was covered in a myriad of stars and endless profound wisdom. He had a tall nose bridge, thin and indifferent lips, and an honorable and extraordinary reservedness. His aura was low-profile and not brash with an indescribable imposing manner.

He did not care about everyones gazes as he indifferently walked through the pathway that his bodyguards had paved and went towards the stairs.

When he had passed Xi Mushan, he also swept him indifference without hesitating in his steps.

Enough, Xi Xiaye! Dont make things hard. Today is Xinyi and cousins big day. I think youve come with resentment just to disrupt things! Huang Shanshans furious voice was heard.

She and Han Yifeng exchanged a look before the two of them quickly walked up to Xi Xiaye. Huang Shanshan reached out to grab her by the shoulders while Han Yifengs target was her hand that was yanking onto Xi Xinyis har.

While she seemed to know they were going to do this, Xi Xiaye very quickly pushed Xi Xinyi towards them as they were about to rush up. Xi Xinyi screamed, then she crashed right into Han Yifeng. Because Huang Shanshan had held onto Xi Xiayes arm, she toppled over too.

Xinyi, are you alright?

Han Yifeng quickly pulled Xi Xinyi into his arms as he worriedly checked up on her. He saw that her beautiful little face was already swollen to the point that it was unbearable to look at. Her beautiful eyes were red and swelling from all the crying, yet she held back her tears and did not want to let them fall. Her vulnerable demeanor made ones heart ache for her.

Im fine Dont blame her I just acted on my own Im sorry It wasnt intentional. Please believe me! Xi Xinyi looked at Xi Xiaye with tear-stained eyes while Huang Shanshan currently pinned her down tightly by the arms.

Xiaye, youve crossed the line! Look at what day it is! If youre deliberately trying to ruin things, dont blame me for being rude! I havent questioned you about yesterdays incident, and today you want to do this! Slap her in front of me? Youre really disrespectful of your elders! You wanton piece of trash! Deng Wenwen walked over overbearingly at that moment with a threatening aura. Even Huang Shanshan could not help but tremble.

Xi Xiaye shot her a look before ignoring her. She turned to look at Xi Xinyis red and swollen face as she leaned into Han Yifengs embrace. The trace of her slap was particularly obvious on her tear-stained and extremely pitiful face.

Is that so? Im really sorry for hitting your face. When I saw your face, I really couldnt control my hand. Youll definitely understand where Im coming from, wont you? Xi Xiaye laughed calmly, the sneer in her eyes clear.

Xiaye, youre too much! You have to make me hate you, dont you? Havent I told you that if you have any anger, just come for me? Why wont you let go of Xinyi?

Xi Xinyi buried her face in Han Yifengs arms and cried silently, making him feel an abrupt fury, especially with Xi Xiayes mocking gaze.

Enough! You dont have to say more to people like her. Grandma Xi, get someone to drag her out right now to avoid ruining things! Look at the occassion today! She did this on purpose! Look at how she slapped Xinyi. I have to give her a few tight slaps! Huang Shanshan said sternly as she pulled Xi Xiaye hard. Because of the strong force, Xi Xiaye staggered a little too. Deng Wenwen also hinted at the two guards behind her and the two of them rushed up at the same time.

Is that so? Have you thought about how to give her a few slaps? A deep and apathetic voice suddenly came from behind.

Yue Lingsi and the rest felt that they were pushed to the wall by a pair of strong arms as several dark shadows flashed past them and the entire staircase corridor instantly became cramped.

When she heard the familiar voice, Xi Xinyi instantly lifted her swollen face and looked towards the white figure that appeared. After she had a good look at who it was, she forgot about crying and then cried in alarm, Chairman Mu!

The few of them were startled then and there. They looked on in shock at the dashing, honorable man that had suddenly appeared before them.

Huang Shanshan was also stunned in that instance. The hand that she had lifted in the air abruptly stopped as she quietly stared at Mu Yuchens handsome face. Her furious gaze became a little misty and she could not help but become absent-minded.

The corridor suddenly had a momentary silence.

Oh, its Chairman Mu We didnt think that youd Deng Wenwen was experienced after all, so she could immediately react and quickly went up to greet him.

While Mu Yuchen did not even look at her, his still and calm gaze swept Xi Xiaye, and then fell onto Huang Shanshans raised hand. If you slap her, it means youre slapping me. Are you sure you want to do that?

It It was her who hit Xinyi first She crossed the line This wicked woman! Look at how how she hit Xinyi!

Because of Mu Yuchens strong presence and his silent, apathetic gaze, Huang Shanshans voice started to tremble a little.

There are many who say shes wicked. Wait, youre person number what? Its her problem whoever she hits, but you cant hit her, Mu Yuchen calmly commanded, then he reached out to pull Xi Xiaye, who had kept quiet, away. He suddenly turned around.

Those who were familiar with Mu Yuchen would know that his temper was famous for justifying his shortcomings!

Huang Shanshans beautiful face had already turned extremely stiff! She never would have thought that Mu Yuchen would be so mean.

She pulled Xi Xiaye back and unsteadily staggered a few steps. She subconsciously wriggled out of his grip, yet a stern warning gaze made her stop what she was doing.

Her expression changed slightly as she looked towards Deng Wenwen and the rest. All of them were simply shocked.

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