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Season 2

Episode 23

(Han Yifengs Engagement Party (3)

Xi Xinyis fair little face swelled up with the palm mark clearly visible. The fiery hot sensation of pain caused tears to fall from Xi Xinyis eyes, and her hair that Xi Xiaye had dragged was now in a huge mess.

Xiaye! Stop!

Han Yifeng was shocked to see what unfolded before him. He almost could not react at all and he could not believe that this wicked woman before him was the Xi Xiaye he once knew.

He went forward and wanted to separate them away, but Xi Xiaye threw him a cold, hard glance and forced him to stop.

Shut up! This is a Xi family matter. We dont need an outsider to intervene!

Her harsh tone stabbed Han Yifengs ears like ice needles and he could feel his ears in pain.

Xi Xinyi!

Xi Xiaye completely ignored Han Yifeng and the sluggish Huang Shanshan. The hand that grabbed Xi Xinyis hair tightened as she moaned in pain. Her head was now held against the wall.

I gave you a chance and asked all of you to not bother my mother. We couldve minded our own business and live peacefully, but you forced me to do this! Ive endured all of you for the past decade. If youre not going to give me peace, Im going to give you hell. From now on, Ill take back every single thing you guys owe me and my mother! First off, these two slaps are for me getting punished by you burning your own wardrobe!

The second slap landed as soon as she finished her sentence!

It much clearly much louder than the one before and Xi Xinyis scream went several decibels higher!

Thats enough, Xiaye! Stop! If youre harboring so much hatred, let it out on me!

Han Yifeng rushed forward and grabbed Xi Xiayes shoulder. She dodged him and pushed Han Yifeng away.

Ah! Yifeng, save me! Xi Xinyi shrieked in pain as her hair was dragged ruthlessly.

I told you to get lost! This matter doesnt concern you!

Xi Xiaye! Thats enough! Let go of Xi Xinyi. I knew there was nothing good about you coming here today. Youre just trying to ruin this,arent you? No matter what you do, you cant stop my cousins decision from marrying Xinyi. She has always spoken up for you even though youre such a wicked woman! My cousin will never marry you! Give up!Huang Shanshan yelled at her as she rushed forward.

Xi Xiaye put on a beautiful smile as she listened amusedly. Really?

She turned around and looked at Han Yifeng with a cold laugh. Han Yifeng, do you think youre still worthy of marrying me?

Han Yifengs expression changed when he heard those words!

Xi Xiaye, let go of Xinyi! Yue Lingsis voice reached them. Xi Xiaye still grabbed Xinyis hair as she moaned and cried in pain.

Stop it, Xiaye! How dare you?!

It was Deng Wenwens voice!

Youre such a wicked person, Xiaye. Xinyi is your sister. How could you do that? Even if Yifeng Beside Deng Wenwen, Huang Ziyao looked at Xi Xiaye with disappointment.

In just a brief moment, the corridor was filled with people.

Judgmental voices reached her ears, but Xi Xiayes face seemed as calm as ever. She raised her head and looked at the crowd before her with her cold eyes. Then, she tightened her grip on the fistful of hair in her hand and Xi Xinyi let out a painful wail again, making the crowd feel sick.

So, youre all here already? Xi Xiaye asked quietly and calmly. Thats great. Im going to say this here today. Dont you guys even think about getting the 20% shares from my mother. Give up! Mother has already signed the document and its with me now. If you guys want it, then come for me! Why do you guys have to make her life so difficult?

Deng Wenwen and Yue Lingsis expressions changed and they exchanged looks when they heard Xi Xiaye. They looked terrible!

That witch Shen Wenna had actually signed the document and given it to Xi Xiaye!

The tearful Xi Xinyi was stunned as well!

Smug to see Deng Wenwen and Yue Lingsis horrified expressions, Xi Xiaye tightened her grip once again and Xi Xinyi let out a few cries. Her face which was pristine and beautiful just moments ago was now swollen. The sharp pain made her lose control of her tears and her makeup was ruined.

Xiaye, please let go of Xinyi first. We can talk this out. Shes in so much pain now! Yue Lingsi could feel her heart wrenching as she looked at Xi Xinyi. Whenever she took a step forward, Xi Xiaye pulled Xi Xinyis hair harder and the screaming continued.

If you have something to say, youd better say it now. Do you think thered be a better chance to talk to you guys? What did you guys tell my mother? What did you guys talk about!? She glared at Xi Xinyi with her stormy eyes as she questioned her. Xi Xinyi was in so much pain that she would rather be dead.

Han Yifeng rushed over worriedly. Xiaye, let go of Xinyi. Cant we talk about this peacefully? Why do you need to do this?

Xi Xiaye glanced at Han Yifeng coldly. Her pair of cold, and distant eyes seemed so strange to Han Yifeng. She averted her gaze back to Xi Xinyi. I dont care how you played the victim and framed me, but if you guys are going to disturb my mother, well see who meets the maker first. Neither am I afraid of getting my name sullied nor am I afraid of death. Are you not afraid as well?

Xi Xiaye understood Shen Wenna the most. If these two women did not overstep their boundaries, with her indifferent personality, she would never have called Xi Xiaye!

She tightened her grip again, so the screaming went on. The tears streamed down as Xi Xinyi sobbed, Sis, I really just went to give her an invitation card. I didnt mean anything else

Didnt mean anything else? If thats the case, why would you mention the 20% share to my mother? Xi Xinyi, arent you tired of putting up a mask and playing out this act for the past decade? Do you really want me to gather up evidence to reveal your true self?

Xi Xiaye put up a mocking smile and stared at Xi Xinyi. Didnt you guys get me to sign the document? I wanted to leave you all alone, but the way things are now, I dont mind fighting until the very end!

Xi Xinyis body trembled and she cried as she looked at Xi Xiaye without saying a thing.


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