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Season 2

Episode 22

(Han Yifengs Engagement Party( 2)

With an outstanding appearance and exceptional net worth, Han Yifeng was one of perfect Prince Charmings most girls dreamt of. His presence simply took many peoples breath away. A lot of girls started getting envious of Xi Xinyi.

Being born in a prestigious family and now having become a popular superstar, she even got married to such a worthy man. Xi Xinyi had gotten hold of what a woman could dream of. How fortunate of her!

The shutter clicks went on frantically as Han Yifeng stepped in. He smiled as he nodded to the guests, befitting of the image for a young man from a prestigious family.

CEO Han, youre finally here! Everyones ready and its about time too. Assistant Xiao Zhao came up to him.

Han Yifeng looked ahead to see his parents Han Yu and Huang Ziyao as well as Yue Lingsi and Deng Wenwen. They were greeting the guests joyfully. Looking around, he could not find Xi Mushan anywhere, so he frowned slightly. Is Uncle Xi not back yet?

Mrs. Xi gave him a call just now. Hes on the way and should be here soon. CEO Han, Ms. Xi is just upstairs, lets go!

Xiao Zhao smiled. I heard Ms. Shanshan say that Ms. Xi is really stunning today. Coupled with you, CEO Han, you two are the perfect match! Im so excited for the both of you!

Han Yifengs expression softened. His eyes looked much gentler as well as he nodded and then looked towards the staircase area. As though he suddenly remembered something, he looked at Xiao Zhao and asked, Did you see Ms. Xiaye?

CEO Han, Ms. Xiaye

Before Xiao Zhao could finish his sentence, there was some commotion at the back. Han Yifeng turned around as he heard someone yelling, Its Mayor Xi!

Hmm? Whos the young lady beside Mayor Xi?

Why does she seem a little familiar?

Looking at the entrance, Xi Mushan was walking slowly into the house, and beside him was a slim lady with waist-length hair wearing a black windbreaker.

It was Xi Xiaye!

Han Yifengs focus instantly locked on Xi Xiayes unfriendly figure.

Congratulations, Mayor Xi! People started greeting Xi Mushan the moment he came in.

Xi Xiaye glanced at Xi Mushan coldly. As she ignored the odd gazes from everyone else, she paved a path for herself and walked straight ahead towards the staircase area with a dark aura around her.

Xiaye, you

Han Yifeng came up to her with a mixed expression, yet she totally ignored him and pushed him away coldly before proceeding upstairs.

Because Xi Xiaye had used quite some force, Han Yifeng crashed onto the staircase handle. Luckily, he reacted quickly and clutched onto the handle, avoiding an embarrassing fall.


Solid footsteps marched right upstairs. He was startled and had no idea what had happened. By the time he looked around for Xi Xiaye, she had already headed upstairs.

Yifeng! Are you alright? Yue Lingsi and the others came up to him quickly and looked at him worriedly. Han Yu and Huang Ziyao who were behind looked at each other with a complicated expression.

Im fine!

Han Yifeng pushed Xiao Zhao who was holding him away. He was starting to get impatient and then went upstairs as well. Yue Lingsi and the others seemed panicked.

What had happened?

Such a turn of events confused the crowd. They widened their eyes when they witnessed what just happened. So many questions needed to be answered.

Its Xiaye! Oh God, is something going to happen again?

Huang Ziyao looked troubled as Xi Xiayes figure disappeared by the staircase. She held onto Han Yus hand and said, Today is a big day for Yifeng and Xinyi. Please dont let anything happen!

Dont worry. Itll be fine. Lets go up and take a look!

Although Han Yu spoke those words, he was worried too. He felt a great sense of unease when he saw Xi Xiayes cold aura around her. Hopefully, nothing bad would happen!

Dont worry, it should be alright. Ill go up and take a look. Mother, please take care of things downstairs.

Yue Lingsi frowned with her heart worried sick. Then, she went upstairs as well.

As for Xi Xiaye, she headed straight for Xi Xinyis room as soon as she reached the second floor. After taking several steps, she saw the beautiful Xi Xinyi coming towards her with a joyful expression along with Huang Shanshan beside her.

Xi Xiaye!

Huang Shanshan raised her head when she heard the hasty sound of footsteps in front. The first thing she saw was Xi Xiayes cold expression and her eyes were darkas if a black typhoon was walking right towards them.

What are you trying to do?!

Huang Shanshan trembled slightly and looked at Xi Xiaye cautiously. She unconsciously shielded Xi Xinyi behind her. However, before she could grab Xi Xinyi, Xi Xiaye dragged on her dress and pulled her behind her. Huang Shanshan fell against the wall behind and fell onto the floor.

Sis, have you finally decided to come?

Xi Xinyi glanced at Huang Shanshan and freaked out a little, but a smile appeared on her face. As she was about to cling onto Xi Xiaye, Xi Xiaye closed in on her and looked at her with a pair of icy cold eyes. In a cold and calm voice, she said, Im going to ask you this.

She squinted her eyes as they got colder. Did you go and look for my mother yesterday at University A?

Xi Xinyi was shocked and her expression changed when those words came out from Xi Xiayes mouth. She stared blankly at her and mumbled, Sis, I just I just wanted to give her an invitation. I

Before she could finish, a wicked grin crossed Xi Xiayes face. Her tiny figure went up swiftly. She moved so fast that behind, Han Yifeng could only catch a glimpse of a dark figure

As quickly as she could, she grabbed onto Xi Xinyis hair and yanked her backwards. She raised her other hand and started slapping that lovely face.


Xi Xinyis heartbreaking scream came right after the resounding slap, breaking the silence in the corridor.

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