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Season 2

Episode 21

(Han Yifengs Engagement Party (1)

Xi Mushans car soon left Glory World Corporation and headed straight for West Park.

At nearly the same time, inside the Chairmans office atGlory World.

Mu Yuchen stood beside the large window, looking outside at the sky peacefully.

Ah Mo actually did not want to disturb the peaceful vibes, but he just had to after knowing what happened below. Master, I saw Missus get into Mayor Xis car. They probably went to West Park. Out of consideration for Elder Xi, Han Yifengs engagement party was set to be held at West Park.

After Ah Mo told Mu Yuchen, he did not seem to react.

Master?Ah Mo called out to him cautiously.

Mu Yuchen then turned away from the scenery outside as he straightened his slightly creased sleeve with a frown. He sighed internally.

Prepare the car.

He then walked towards his table, picked up his phone and then swiftly left his office.

Yes, Master!Ah Mo replied quickly as he took out his phone and grabbed the windbreaker on the clothes hanger. Then, heran outside to catch up with his boss.

West Park was very lively that day. A red carpet was placed from the entrance right up to the large hall inside the residence. On either side were all sorts of beautiful flowers. There were guests and sounds of greetings everywhere.

At the second floor of the residence, in Xi Xinyis room.

Xinyi, oh my gosh! Youre wearing this dress! Its so beautiful! My cousin will surely fall for you again!

Huang Shanshan was impressed when she saw Xi Xinyi in her pink wedding dress. Her eyes were filledwith admiration as she was stunned to see the beauty.

Xi Xinyi looked at herself in the mirror as an embarrassed smile appeared on her beautiful face. She stood up.

She donned a pastel pink wedding dress that had a generous cutting which left her shoulders exposed, perfectly presenting Xi Xinyis exquisite figure. There were even many shining pearls on the dress like stars in the sky.

Her blonde hair was tied up and clipped with a diamond hair clip. She only put on light makeup but her appearance was that of a fairy. She seemed frail yet charming and very lovely.

Even as a woman, Huang Shanshan was totally charmed.

Xinyi, youre the goddess of the whole humankind. Youre drop-dead gorgeous! She was impressed.

Xi Xinyi put on a lovely smile as she turned around and looked at Huang Shanshan. Her tone of voice was filled with gratitude. She dragged Huang Shanshans hands and told her with tears in her eyes, Thank you, Shanshan! Without your support, Yifeng and I wouldnt be where we are today. I Im really grateful for you. Youve always protected me just like my sister Shanshan, you must soon find your own happiness too!

Xinyi! What are you talking about? Were best friends! Moreover, youre my cousin-in-law now. What do you mean by that?

Huang Shanshan held onto Xi Xinyis hands tightly.

Xi Xinyi took a deep breath and blinked her eyes. She nodded. I just want to thank you. I hope that Sister could come too. You know, Yifeng and I were hoping to get her blessings

Xi Xinyis voice became quieter towards the end. Huang Shanshan was unhappy when she heard her suffering tone. Xinyi, why are you still thinking about that witch? If it wasnt for her, the weekly papers wouldnt have published news like that! People like her are the worst. Even if she doesnt care, out of consideration for the Xi family, she should have prevented news like that from spreading out. Isnt she a Director in Glory World? If she had intervened, things wouldnt have ended up that way!

Shanshan, dont talk about her like this. Its not because of her anyway. I probably made mistakes somewhere. Anyway, arent things all dandy now? Xi Xinyi stared at Huang Shanshan unhappily.

Xinyi, youre too soft. If its about what happened in the past, youve compensated for all of it. Youve endured for so many years and I think thats enough. Today is your engagement with my cousin. Theres a huge group of reporters outside. Some of them probably came for what happened last night. Dont you know its quite a negative impact on you?

Huang Shanshan frowned and looked at her with a stubborn expression.

Xi Xinyi closed her eyes and shook her head. I dont mind. I hope you wont be biased about Sister. She took care of me a lot when we were little. First and foremost, I owe her too much

Thats enough, Xinyi. Today is your big day. Dont think about these afflicted matters. Everyone knows that you mean well and its her fault for not accepting it. Lets wrap it up here. I think Yifeng is going to be here soon!

Before Xi Xinyi could reply, Yue Lingsis voice came from outside the door. Xi Xinyi looked over and realized that Yue Lingsi was already there.

Aunt Yue! Huang Shanshan greeted her.

Mmm, Shanshan, help her out a little. The banquet is starting soon. Dont think about it too much. Yue Lingsi felt her heart ache when she saw Xi Xinyis troubled expression.

Okay, Aunt Yue! Huang Shanshan replied before clinging onto Xi Xinyis arm.

Yue Lingsi nodded and left the room.

The large hall below was decorated extravagantly. It seemed very lively all around the place while the host in front completed the mic check and started giving an opening speech. After a big round of applause and cheering, everyone quieted down.

Now, lets invite one of our main characters for the day, CEO Han! Mr. Han Yifeng, come up here and join us!

Along with the hosts voice, the guests looked towards the entrance and saw several figures coming in.

Leading the group was Han Yifeng.

He wore a dark silver suit and had a rare smile on his handsome face today. His movements and behavior were elegant and charismatic. There was an indescribable aura around him.

The crowd could not move their eyes away from the eminent Han Yifeng. Most of them already knew that Han Yifeng had both looks and talent, but studying him that day surely impressed them even more.


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