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Season 2

Episode 2

(Temperature Of The Lips)

Xi Xiaye drank two bowls of soup and still did not find anything odd. Just as she was about to voice her doubts out, the man opposite her already started devouring his dinner

After dinner, Mu Yuchen did the dishes. Xi Xiaye was done bathing after he was finished and she went upstairs. She also appliedsome medicine on her wound.

“Did you hurt your wound?”

As Xi Xiaye was sitting on the soft sofa, watching TV in the living room, she turned around as she heard Mu Yuchen speaking to her. He wore a dark blue sleeping robe and was walking out of the bedroom as he was tying the sash.


Xi Xiaye did not react in time and stared at him in shock. He stopped behind her with a frown on his face as he studied her left shoulder with his sharp eyes.

“I saw the disposed bandage in the bathroom trash bin,” he explained.

“Oh, I accidentally hurt it a little, but the wound did not open up. It just stings a little.”

Xi Xiaye moved aside and opened up some space for him as she was going to pour him a cup of chrysanthemum tea.

As her fingers touched the pot, Mu Yuchen’s big hand swiftly went past her. She felt the spot beside her sink in while he sat down.

“Be careful. I’ll get Uncle Zhong to take a look at it.”

He sipped some tea and then picked up his phone on the table. Xi Xiaye quickly grabbed his arm and insisted, “It’s alright. I’m really fine. It’s late already anyway.”

Mu Yuchen stared at her for quite some time before putting his phone away.

She slowly let go of his arm and looked away from his intense gaze. She curled up on the sofa before grabbing the remote control and started switching the channels randomly


Suddenly, the remote control in her hand slipped from her grip and fell onto the carpet.

Frowning, she quickly bent over to pick it up, but just as her fingers were just about to reach the control, they reached a warm palm instead.

He gently grabbed her hand and sighed. Then, he put the teacup away with his other hand and started picking up the control. His voice sounded magnetic. “Do you think your Mr. Mu looks like a monster?”

Xi Xiaye was shocked and she looked at him seriously for some time before replying,“Not at all.”

Mu Yuchen smiled. “Then, why do I always feel that you’re afraid of me?”

“I’m not. I think you’re a pretty easygoing person.” As Xi Xiaye gave her earnest reply, her face started blushing as she threw him odd glances. She gave it some thought before replying, “I just… feel… a little not used to it.”


Mu Yuchen stared at her longer, then heasked, “Are you being shy now? How old are you already? Do you think you’re still a little girl?”

“Of course not! Do you think I’m still a school girl who’ll be shy? I’ve graduated from university many years ago!”

Xi Xiaye would never think of herself as an innocent little girl. She was a modern woman, so why would she be shy?


His dark eyes squinted as he looked at her with an odd smile.

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows and nodded. Her little face looked even more charming as they basked under the faint yellow light.

“Do you dare to try?” His deep and sexy voice brought forth an overwhelming charm. The deep vortex in his eyes was inescapable.

Xi Xiaye was a positive girl and her eyes brightened up as she looked at Mr. Mu with determination. “How would you like to try, Mr. Mu?”

She could feel the palm holding her hand start to tighten. While he advanced towards her, his pleasant fragrant was all over her. He lowered his body and their lips became closer to each other. Before she could even react, he left a cold kiss on her similarly chilly lips

She was shocked at that second.

The man patted her head, the gap between their lips starting to infiltrate her territory. A warm and fresh breath entered her nasal passages, his unique smell feeling very clear and real, unlike his usual behavior. Even though he was nearby, it felt like he was far beyond her reach.

Her eyes blurred and her brain went hazy. She could feel the warmth assaulting her cold hand as the kiss earlier chased the coldness away from her lips.

As she came back to her senses, she tried to struggle but his large hand stopped her.

They could hear each other’s heartbeats. When he felt her struggling, he stopped his movements and just looked at her quietly.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath, her eyes still seeming blurry as she looked into his eyes. She was going to say something, parting her lips a little, yet after a while, she just looked at the TV screen quietly instead.

Her beautiful face turned bright red while she clenched her fists.

Mu Yuchen suddenly laughed and patted her head with his big hand again. He could still taste her fresh scent. It was far better than he imagined

She shook his hand off her head and narrowed her eyes at him. Angrily, she accused, “You’re trying to trap me again!”

“Why don’t you just admit that you’re stupid?”

Mu Yuchen seemed indifferent now as he sat back normally and his eyes glimmered triumphantly.

This man was a big, mean wolf even though he looked so calm and polite on the outside!

Xi Xiaye frowned and stared at him coldly. Cracking her knuckles, her frown turned into a cold simper. “Mu Yuchen, what did you say just now? I didn’t hear it. Why don’t you say it again?”

Mu Yuchen seemed shocked. He moved away slightly and squinted at her. “What’s the matter,my dear? Are you sure you’re going to use violence against me now? You’re revealing your ferocious nature”

How terrifying!

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