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Season 2

Episode 19

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The next day was a Friday. Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye woke up early in the morning.

The whole company would go on holiday starting that afternoon. Just like most other companies, they would take a break until the eighth day of the New Year. Work would resume on the eighth day.

There were some things that needed to be packed in the office. After some consideration, Xi Xiaye decided to go back to the office.

Su Chen and Zhou Zimo were going over in the evening. Sis Wang and the others were on a break too, so they had to prepare dinner for themselves. These things were usually handled by Mu Yuchen who had a rather unusual way of living.

Usually, people like him would have a lot of servants at home as things were in the Mu Residence. There were about a dozen of them including the housekeeper and the maids.

Wang Hui suggested to shift several servants from Mu Residence over, but Mu Yuchen had rejected the notion. Xi Xiaye did not say anything since she was used to staying alone anyway.

The building was somewhat empty when she arrived at the office. Most of the employees had left after they were done packing up their stuff.

Inside the office, Xi Xiaye was reorganizing her documents on the table and putting them into her briefcase. Her assistant Xiao Mei knocked on the door and came in with a gift box.

Director Xi! Xiao Mei smiled at her.

Xi Xiaye raised her head and said in a calm tone, Havent you gone back home yet?

Xiao Mei laughed and then placed the item in her hands onto the table. Soon! Ive booked my ticket and will be leaving this afternoon. Director Xi, Manager Fangs assistant from the PR Department sent this over. Its a reward for you. Director, your reward has the top amount among all! When Vice President Liu announced your name, everyone was so excited. Director Liu was also stunned!


Xi Xiaye glanced at the gift box on the table. She remembered what Mu Yuchen had told her the day before, so she nodded. Mmm, I got it. Please thank Manager Fang for me.

Noted, Director! Xiao Mei replied with a smile. Suddenly, she glanced at Xi Xiaye and saw she looked just like her usual self, so she asked carefully, Director Xi, did you take a look at the finance and entertainment papers today?

What finance and entertainment papers? Xi Xiaye looked doubtful, but her hands did not stop working as she tidied all the books on the table into the bookshelf behind.

Well, its about what happened last night It seems to have caused a huge fuss. It took up a whole section and two popular weekly papers did several pages on it, Xiao Mei replied with a frown. She seemed curious and asked, Director Xi, I think Xi Xinyi was pretty cocky. Chairman Mu asked her to sing and she gave so many excuses. Who does she think she is? Not only did she make Chairman Mu unhappy, but people like her have no right to even talk to him. Everyone knows that he dislikes dealing with models and celebrities, yet she thought she was different!

Xi Xiaye frowned at Xiao Meis words. Weekly newspapers? She thought the man said he had chased them away.

What was happening?

After a brief moment of silence, she sort of caught the gist of it, so she looked at Xiao Mei and laughed. I didnt expect you guys to be so loyal towards Chairman Mu.

Of course, the one who pays is our boss. Not only is Chairman Mu the boss of Glory World, but hes our Prince Charming. Hes so elegant and charismatic. Theres a saying

Low-profile, luxurious, a true gentleman?

Xi Xiaye went along with her when she saw Xiao Meis besotted expression.

Xiao Mei quickly nodded her head. Thats right! Thats it! All the female employees are in love with him. Xi Xinyi was almost killed by the mere sight of everyone after Chairman Mu left! Hmm, Director Xi, are you related to Chairman Mu? Well, everyones been saying that he and you

As expected, the way people looked at her today was somewhat different.

She gave it some thought and simply said, Relatives.

Xi Xiaye then continued with what she was working on. Was that wrong? Being a married couple was a type of relative relationship, was it not?

Relatives? Xiao Mei looked at Xi Xiaye in shock, she then grinned. Director, is Chairman Mu your cousin?


Xi Xiaye was stunned. She stared at Xiao Mei but did not reply. Xiao Mei thought she defaulted her answer by not saying anything. However, when she was about to leave the room, Xi Xiayes voice reached her. Dont just guess randomly. Get me the magazines you mentioned just now.

Okay, Director! Xiao Mei stuck her tongue out cheekily. After a while, she came back with two newspapers.

Alright, you should go back now. Happy New Year to you. This is a gift for you. Weve worked pretty hard, so go and relax for now. Things will get tougher after the holidays.

Thank you, Director. You should go back home soon too. Happy New Year! Xiao Mei thanked her and left the room with a big smile.

Xi Xiaye sat down in her office chair and started reading the papers.

A whole section discussed what happened last night, but it was mostly about how Xi Xinyi put up such an atrocious attitude. There were also several comments from other celebrities revealing some gossip about Xi Xinyi.

At the end, the article also speculated that Glory World Corporation might decide to remove Xi Xinyi as the ambassador for Imperial Sky Jewellery City.

Xi Xiaye could already guess where these negative news about Xi Xinyi came from. If not, why would all of them be targeted towards Xi Xinyi?

There were also mentions of Xi Xinyi and Han Yifengs matter. Xi Xiaye then remembered that today was their engagement ceremony!

She went silent and threw the papers away into the dustbin. Just as she was about to leave with her briefcase, her office phone rang.

Hello? She picked it up swiftly.

It was a call from the receptionist on the first floor.

Hello? Is this Director Xi?

Im Xi Xiaye.

Hi, Director Xi. Theres a Mr. Xi here asking for you. Would you be able to meet him?


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