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Season 2

Episode 18

(Going Along)

She remembered that Zhuang Shurong and Mu Tangchuan only had one son, and now

“Lingshi is my aunt’s daughter. She’s my cousin,” he replied quietly.


Xi Xiaye was shocked.

She had never heard about Mu Yinan having a daughter. Did they not just have one son, Mu Tangchuan? Did they have a daughter?

“She’s not with us anymore. Don’t mention it. My parents took Lingshi in like their real daughter, so Lingshi calls them Father and Mother too since they don’t want her to feel different from any other children.”

He did not seem very willing to explain any further and stopped talking. Xi Xiaye realized his expression was calm, yet the silence in his eyes was somewhat different than usual.

After giving it some thought, she did not ask anything else. She just pulled the corner of his shirt

He did not want to think about it, so she would not force it. After all, everyone needed their own space. Take her for example. He had never asked her about her past and she knew that the past did not matter to them. What mattered was the present and the future.

Would they just go through their life plainly?

It was not a bad idea. Was it not usual for all the tumultuous loves and desires return to their initial calmness? Maybe what could stand through the trial of time was not the excitement that once happened; it was the gentle and slow calm of a relationship.

She realized that it was not her appearance, but herinside that starting to get old.

The couple did not say a thing as they walked for a long distance. She could clearly feel the warmth from the man’s hand on her shoulder, their shadows on the ground getting longer. At that moment, she suddenly felt that everything was not really important anymore

When she was deep in thought, there were voices of people laughing in front, snapping her back to her senses. She noticed there was a young couple at the corner of the plaza, kissing each other passionately.

Xi Xiaye saw them, then she halted her steps and dragged Mu Yuchen beside her.

“What’s wrong?” Mu Yuchen looked around the plaza. He threw her a doubtful glance as she was dragging him around.


She used too much force and crashed into the streetlight on the roadside. Pain shot up her left shoulder as she let out a moan.

“What a klutz! How is it? Let me take a look!” Mu Yuchen scolded her. Before she could move, he grabbed her in his arms and lifted her coat slightly. He was relieved when he saw the wound had not opened up.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath as he rubbed the spot she bumped. She then glanced over at the young couple and they were still going at it. They were totally oblivious to what was happening around them.

“It’s alright. I’m fine. Let’s… Let’s go back.” Xi Xiaye dragged him away awkwardly, not wanting to interrupt them.

“If they dare to do it, why are you afraid to look? It’s not like you’ve never done it before”

Mu Yuchen stood right there without moving. His large hand grabbed onto her wrist as she tried to struggle out of his grip but failed.

“It’s immoral to disturb others at a time like this, Mu Yuchen!” She frowned at Mu Yuchen, her thin lips like rosebuds swaying in the wind. Mu Yuchen’s darkened eyes were suddenly filled with glittering light.

“If we do so, then we’re not disturbing and just going along with them, aren’t we?”

His deep voice sounded charming. Before Xi Xiaye could react, he dragged her nearer to him and a cold kiss fell onto her in a tyrannic and irresistible manner…

His scent flooded over her, his exploration bringing with it a faint temperature. After several attempts, he casually explored deeper into her mouth, taking her breath away.

He held her hands tightly and a slightly warm layer of sweat formed between their palms. She was stunned for a moment but did not reject it. She did not say anything and just allowed him to do his thing.

After some time, she could feel herself panting. She raised her other hand and waved it around behind him. In the end, she gently embraced his strong hips.

His hands on her waist tightened to the point that she almost merged into him. His large body covered her whole body and her figure was engulfed into his shadow under the streetlight.

Suddenly, his rationality dragged him back. He pulled himself away from her lips and held her tight as he was panting. “Missus, when will we be able to do what a married couple does? When’s your wound going to heal? My self-constraint might not be as good as I thought”

Xi Xiaye, who just came back to her senses, was gasping as well. She could feel her face getting hot when she heard his words. She guessed that her face was totally red right then. He threw her a glance that flickered with fireworks and she looked away in embarrassment.

“You… It’ll be soon. It’s been so many days already, hasn’t it? And aren’t you?” Xi Xiaye gave him an odd gaze.

They had been married for quite some time and they shared the same bed every night. He always seemed so indifferent, so she thought he was really suffering from frigidity

“Are you imagining me to be some abnormal man?” As if he could read her mind, Mu Yuchen looked back at her odd glance, a dangerous light kindling in his eyes.

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows and looked back at him with a chuckle.

Mu Yuchen’s expression darkened slightly. After a while, he laughed instead of getting angry. His voice was calm., “You’ll pay for thinking of me that way.”

“I’m so scared, Mr. Mu!” Xi Xiaye shrugged and threw him a stare before walking forward...

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