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Season 2

Episode 16

(Actually You Can Be A Bit More Mean (1)

The sudden change of events caught Liu Lingyu and the other top brass off-guard. Of course, they did not forget that the reason Chairman Mu caused a fuss was because of their Planning Director, Xi Xiaye.

They all looked at Xi Xiaye when they came back to their senses. Xi Xiaye was sipping her wine and enjoying her food calmly as if she was not involved in the matter.

“Director Xi, Chairman Mu”

As Liu Lingyu was about to ask her something, Li Si went towards her and stood beside her. He told her quietly, “Director Xi, Master is waiting for you outside.”

Xi Xiaye froze and thought about what the message, then she frowned. She replied, “But the dinner isn’t over yet. What about the awards ceremony?”

Did he not mention she was going to receive a big prize?

“Master said the PR Department will keep it for you,” Li Si whispered.

Xi Xiaye hesitated and glanced at Xi Xinyi who was walking down from the stage with a ghastly face. Along with the odd gaze from everyone, she pressed a finger on her forehead in her thoughts

After a while, she took a deep breath before standing up. She grabbed her windbreaker from the back of her chair and went outside the hall.

The crowd was shocked as Xi Xiaye left the venue.

Director Xi had left right after Chairman Mu. Something was definitely going on!

However, it was understandable. With someone of Chairman Mu’s caliber, it was not unusual for a beautiful woman like Director Xi to be beside him.

Moreover, they look really matching together just now!

People started discussing it. Somehow, gossiping about their superiors peculiarly made them happy.

Soon, all of them forgot about the singing incident that happened just moments ago. To them, it was more fun to gossip about people in their company.

As for Xi Xiaye, the moment she walked out the entrance of Imperial Sky Hotel, she saw Mu Yuchen leaning against the Cayenne she had driven over as he was making a phone call.

Mu Yuchen hung up on the call when he heard the terse sound of her high heels clicking on the floor. She walked past the dim streetlights and arrived behind him.

“Why are you so impatient to leave? I haven’t eaten much yet. I’ve been busy for the whole day and I didn’t even get to receive my award. You left the whole company behind. You don’t really seem to be a proper chairman!” Xi Xiaye stopped before him and looked at him with her eyebrows raised.

Mu Yuchen stared at her. He could not help but ask when he saw her indifferent expression, “What a heartless woman! Who do you think I did it for and who told you to allow the media partners to join in?”

“I just think Manager Fang’s proposal made sense, so” Xi Xiaye stared at him cautiously as she spoke in a quiet tone.

“Don’t be involved with people of the mass media industry anymore. I’ve gotten Ah Mo to remove them already.”

“Why?” Xi Xiaye looked at him in doubt.

“There’s no why.” Mu Yuchen did not give an explanation. He took her car keys and unlocked the car, then heopened the door. “It’s cold outside. We’ll talk in the car.”

He sat in the front passenger seat. She went quiet for a while before going in the car as well.

“You did it on purpose just now, didn’t you?” Xi Xiaye took the keys back from him as she asked him. He was casually resting with his eyes closed.

“On purpose? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he replied without opening his eyes.

Xi Xiaye glanced at him, thenshe moved over and strapped the safety seatbelt on for him. “Stop pretending. Your move dragged me down as well. I bet the whole company will think that there’s something between us after what happened tonight.”

“What kind of something?” Mu Yuchen opened his eyes and he looked at Xi Xiaye calmly. “We’re a legally married couple now. What’s wrong with that? Do you still want to ignore our relationship and continue pretending to be an ordinary office lady?”

“I don’t want people to misunderstand that I might be in my current position because of you,” Xi Xiaye gave it some thought before admitting to him in a genuine tone.

Mu Yuchen laughed, his large hand patting her head. “So what if people misunderstand? You have to understand you’d need a great deal of charm to do that. It’s not a bad thing. You have no idea that you’ve achieved something so many women would be jealous of, Missus. Why would you think of it the other way round?”

“I can’t win this argument. Anyway, I’m not close to you in the company.” Xi Xiaye glared at him as she slapped his hand on her head. She explained, “You’ve never seen how the employees act when they see you”

“You’re not very close to me at home too. This request is not approved. Rejected,” he replied before she could finish her sentence.

“Mu Yuchen!” She put on a stern face as she glared at him, but he just raised his eyebrows calmly. He then closed his eyes and continued to rest.

“I really want to hit you!” She mumbled angrily. Taking a deep breath, she then put on her own safety belt.

Even though she was angry, she knew that he did what he had tonight for her. It would be a lie if she said she did not feel any sense of gratitude. Softening, she glanced beside her. “Mu Yuchen?”

“Mmm?” He replied in a neutral tone.

“To be able to see Xi Xinyi have a hard time tonight… I actually felt pretty good about it. Thanks” Her voice reached him while genuine emotions of gratitude welled up in her eyes.

“Then, have you thought about how to thank me?” The man opened his eyes again and looked at her cheekily, his deep-sounding voice as charming as ever.

Xi Xiaye buried her forehead in her hands when she saw his smile. “What do you want me to do?”

Mu Yuchen laughed. “Buy me a meal then, Missus.”

“Can I settle it with just a meal?”

“I don’t mind if you want to do something special, but are you willing to?”

“That’s smart of you. If it weren’t for you I’d still be enjoying my meal inside!”

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