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Season 2

Episode 15

(Glory World Anniversary (6)

One must admit that Xi Xinyi’s voice was really amazing. The crowd responded to the love song from her very well. They cheered and screamed for her.

Even though she had seen Xi Xinyi appear on stage before, Xi Xiaye was still impressed by Xi Xinyi’s presence on stage. Even the Vice Presidents and Directors were nodding their heads in approval too.

Xi Xiaye’s eyes were as clear as the wind. She looked at the radiant Xi Xinyi on stage. After a while, she smiled as she chuckled to herself, then shesighed lightly and emptied her glass again.

Thunderous screams and claps went throughout the hall as Xi Xinyi finished with a song. At the moment she thanked = the crowd with a smile.

When the emcee was trying to say something, Ah Mo received the second eye signal from Mu Yuchen, so he swiftly went towards the stage.

Xi Xinyi was about to pass the mic back to the emcee when Ah Mo’s cheerful voice reached her. “Ms. Xi, that’s a great song, but it seems that our Director Xi prefers listening to French songs. Please sing a French song for us.”

Xi XInyi was stunned when she heard the request. She looked flusteredly at Ah Mo before she turned towards the direction of Mu Yuchen, but his back was facing her.

“Well” Xi Xinyi felt awkward and she seemed troubled by the request. A tiny blush appeared on her beautiful face as she bit her red lips and said, “I’m sorry… I… I don’t know how to sing French songs, so”

“I see, then maybe you can sing one that you’re familiar with then.”

The crowd cheered with Ah Mo’s words. Xi Xinyi nodded awkwardly and gave him a smile. “Alright then!”

Along with the gentle music playing, Xi Xinyi performed her second song on stage

At that second, Xi Xiaye started to feel odd. She looked at Xi Xinyi on stage, and then glanced at the man opposite her.

Who said that she listened to French songs?

There were no French music CDs at her home!

Xi Xinyi’s second song was soon finished, and the emcee swiftly shushed the crowd to quiet down. Soon, there was a short silence in the hall.

“Again.” A deep voice broke the silence. The cold tone had the aura of an undeniable force and the crowd looked towards the source of the voice. They noticed Chairman Mu looking at Director Xi with a mysterious gaze, his expression calm as usual.

Xi Xiaye noticed something happening when she was sipping her wine. Raising her head, she realized that the man was staring at her intently. The people around her were focused on her as well, and she could feel the atmosphere getting tense.

As she was about to ask Liu Lingyu what happened, Mu Yuchen’s deep voice continued, “Let’s do it this way, since you’re the ambassador of Imperial Sky Jewellery City, if you can keep singing and make Director Xi happy, I’ll reward you with $5 million.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard Mu Yuchen. They thought they were hallucinating as they looked back and forth between Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye in disbelief

$5 million just to make Director Xi happy? What did he mean?

That was a little too

Xi Xinyi never expected Mu Yuchen to saythat. Her whole body froze up instantly and she stared at Xi Xiaye.

She could sense it slightly

Mu Yuchen seemed notto like her. Just like when she met him at the entrance of Glory World the last time, he did not seem welcoming at all. She could not understand it. After all, she was pretty good at socializing, and she was never involved with Mu Yuchen before, so why would he?

Could it be just her imagination?

Xi Xinyi had mixed feelings and her mind was full of doubts.

Mu Yuchen pivoted his body slightly when Xi Xinyi did not give her reply from the stage. He saw a subtle unnatural expression on her face as her eyes darkened slightly while she looked at him and chewed on her lip.

The crowd was silent. Everyone could feel a heavy atmosphere strangling them.

His face was as calm as ever, but it was exactly at this moment that people felt an extreme iciness from him.

“Not happy with it? $10 million! As long as Director Xi is happy.”

A cold smile appeared on his face as he looked at Xi Xinyi cruelly.

Some people covered their mouths in surprise when his words reached their ears. They were utterly shocked.

Xi Xinyi started to fluster. Anyone could understand that Mu Yuchen was just regarding her as a trivial singer there to perform for him.

She was reminded of that time in the coffee shop.

Xi Xinyi’s grip on the mic stiffened and her face started to look pale. Her eyes were getting slightly watery as she looked at Mu Yuchen with a pitiful expression and muttered, “Chairman Mu, I… I’ve already sung two songs”

“$20 million?”

Mu Yuchen grinned. He increased the amount decisively, his tone still cold. “Ms. Xi, I’m very unhappy with your attitude right now. You’ve signed your contract with us, so you have to do your part.”

“Chairman Mu, I… I’m just… I”

“Glory World cares a lot about attitude and quality. From the perspective of an ambassador, how many points do you think you deserve today, Ms. Xi?” Mu Yuchen continued viciously.

“I’m sorry, Chairman Mu. I… I’ll sing, I’ll sing!”

Xi Xinyi took a deep breath. She looked at Xi Xiaye with a complicated gaze, but she was just looking downwards and sipping her wine as if what happened had nothing to do with her. Xi Xinyi’s face turned even paler than before.

Mu Yuchen’s phone on the table vibrated. He glanced at the screen for a moment, then stood up and walked towards the exit with his phone without even looking at Xi Xinyi. Ah Mo and the others followed him too.

He was always like this. He would never spend a minute extra with any woman even if it was a well-loved celebrity.

The sudden change of atmosphere caught people off-guard. Even the emcee had no idea what to do as the crowd watched Mu Yuchen disappear at the exit and they could not react.

After a while, Chairman Mu’s assistant, Li Si, came back quickly and took the mic from the emcee. He said in an apologetic tone, “Sorry, Chairman Mu has been busy for the whole day and he was feeling a little tired, so he’ll go back now first. Chairman Mu said that Vice President Liu will take over now. Everyone, please enjoy yourself, and as an apology, he has prepared a gift for everyone. Someone will hand it out at the end of the dinner.”

The crowd came back to their senses when they heard Li Si’s voice and they cheered loudly.

A materialistic apology was easier to accept. Some people started to feel upset when they saw the pale and awkward-looking Xi Xinyi on stage

How dare this woman?! Chairman Mu was generous enough to reward her, and Director Xi was her superior in a sense, yet she dared to put on an attitude when she was just asked to sing a few songs! Great, now Chairman Mu had become unhappy!


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