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Season 2

Episode 14

(Glory World Anniversary( 5)

She was smiling with a glass of wine in her hand, but her eyes froze when she saw Xi Xiaye. Then, smiled. “I see Sis. Director Xi is here as well.”

Xi Xiaye looked at her indifferently with the intent of mocking her. Those eyes made Xi Xinyi feel a little uncomfortable.

“Chairman Mu, I wasn’t able to give you a proper greeting the last time. I’m glad that we get to meet again. I’m also honored to be invited to attend your anniversary. Here’s a toast to you!”

Xi Xinyi quickly averted her gaze towards Mu Yuchen on the side.

Mu Yuchen frowned slightly and looked at her sharply. Apparently, he reacted peculiarly and did not have any impression of her until Li Si came over and introduced, “Master, she’s Ms. Xi Xinyi. Do you still remember? We met once on the ground floor. She’s one of our ambassadors for Imperial Sky Jewellery City, so the PR Department invited her as a guest.”

Suddenly, Liu Lingyu and the others came back. Manager Fang of the Public Relations Department piped up,“That’s right, Chairman Mu. Ms. Xi Xinyi is the newest star in the entertainment industry and she’s extremely popular, that’s why we decided to have her join us.”

“Vice President Liu, Manager Fang!” Xi Xinyi went up to them with a beautiful smile, charming the socks off everyone around her.

“I’m really thankful for Manager Fang. I’ve been looking forward to working with a large organization like Glory World. It’s a really great opportunity for me. I also want to thank Chairman Mu for giving me this chance, so here’s cheers to you, Chairman Mu!”

Xi Xinyi’s eyes looked genuine and thankful as she turned to the distant Mu Yuchen with a wide smile on her face. Her elegance shone and everyone around nodded along.

The quiet Mu Yuchen squinted his eyes and glanced at Xi Xinyi. He turned around and faced Xi Xiaye who had been looking at him before he asked quietly, “Director Xi, if I’m not mistaken, you’re the one in charge of the Imperial Sky Entertainment City project, aren’t you?”

Xi Xiaye was stunned by his question and she nodded. “Yes, Chairman Mu. I’ve been overseeing it from the point Director Chu passed it to me until the end of the project together with the recruitment of business partners.”

“So, Director Xi is the one who worked the hardest here. Ms. Xi, you should thank our Director Xi instead of me. What does everyone think?”

Mu Yuchen gave Xi Xiaye a meaningful glance, his voice calm, but there was an odd underlying tone in his words.

“That’s true, Ms. Xinyi. Director Xi did work her hardest.” Liu Peilian went along with Mu Yuchen’s words and glanced at Xi Xiaye before looking at Xi Xinyi. Her eyes brightened up as she pointed out, “Director Xi and Ms. Xinyi both have the surname Xi. You two”

Xi Xinyi seemed shocked when she heard Liu Peilian. Her eyes looked towards Xi Xiaye. The way she seemed to be suppressing her excitement was rather obvious.

Xi Xiaye just smiled. Without even looking at Xi Xinyi and Liu Peilian, she looked at Liu Lingyu instead and in a respectful tone, she asked, “Vice President Liu, you have the surname Liu too. So does our Director Liu. Are you guys related in any way?”

She then gave him a cheeky eye signal. Liu Lingyu smiled back and said, “My family only had a single child for the past five generations. I’ve never heard of any relatives”

Liu Peilian and Xi Xinyi were stunned and their expressions froze.

After a while, Xi Xinyi came back to her senses and looked at Mu Yuchen who was looking downward at his sleeves. He did not even look at her. However, Xi Xiaye was looking at her expressionlessly.

“D-Director Xi, thank you for your hard work. Cheers!”

Xi Xinyi bit her lip lightly and forced a smile on her face. Then, she returned to her elegant self and raised her glass to Xi Xiaye.

“You’re welcome.”

Xi Xiaye did not mind. She glanced at Mu Yuchen as she raised her wine glass before emptying it in the next moment.

Mu Yuchen glanced at Ah Mo who nodded as he walked forward. A rare smile appeared on his handsome face, “Master, since it’s the time for gratitude, why not get Ms. Xi to sing for Director Xi on stage? I heard that Ms. Xi’s voice is absolutely charming”

Ah Mo’s suggestion received nods of agreement from Liu Lingyu and his group. The people behind like Zhang Lan nodded as well.

Mu Yuchen looked over at Xi Xiaye and he spoke quietly, “What do you think, Missus? Remember you owe me one!”

His voice was so hushed that only the two of them could hear what he said.

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows as she stared at him. She did not reply.

The man’s eyes seemed as if they were smiling, but his face looked indifferent as usual. “I’d take your silence as a default yes then. Will you do it, Ms. Xi?”

His expression softened as a warm smile appeared on his face. Even Xi Xinyi lost focus for a moment.

“Since Chairman Mu said so, it’s my honor!” Xi Xinyi grinned. She handed the empty glass in her hand to the waiter beside her and lifted her skirts slightly before walking towards the stage.

With the emcee’s passionate introduction, the crowd gave a round of applause as Xi Xinyi went up on stage.

Xi Xinyi took the mic over from the emcee as a tiny smile appeared on her beautiful face. She told the emcee what song was she going to sing, and soon a beautiful melody started playing

When she noticed how odd things were, Xi Xiaye asked the man beside her quietly, “What are you trying to do?”

The man did not reply. Instead, he threw her an innocent and doubtful lookmysteriously.

Xi Xiaye frowned. She sat back down when he already took his seat calmly.

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