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Season 2

Episode 13

(Glory World Anniversary (4)

Mu Yuchen appeared in the hall without anyone noticing. He walked over casually as he was talking on the phone. Behind him were Li Si and Ah Mo as well as several handsome guys with blonde hair and blue eyes. They were the elites that had come back with him from abroad.

He looked no different than usual today in his casual whitesuit. His elegant face emitted a subtle cold aura as usual and he looked humble withindescribable tranquility around him.

He was too complicated to see through.

No one noticed when he came in. It was only when Mu Yuchen’s troupe reached the forefront seats when people started to notice them.

Many people did not get the chance to take a glimpse at Chairman Mu’s quiet and calm face as he passed by. Everyone felt a slight pang of regret. They hoped to see his face if he were to give a speech on stage later on.

Mu Yuchen ended the call when he arrived at his table.

“Chairman Mu!”


The top brass of the company quickly stood up, unable to hide their excitement and feelings of admiration in their eyes as they looked at Mu Yuchen.

Xi Xiaye actually did not feel like standing up, but she succumbed to peer pressure when everyone else stood up. She glanced at him and noticed that he looked over at her with his mysterious eyes as well.

She was stunned for a moment and averted her gaze away.

“Sit down.”

Mu Yuchen’s deep and calm voice echoed. Everyone sat down. He took a wet towel from the waiter nearby and wiped his hands. Then, heraised a wine glass, his elegant face softening as he said, “I’ve made everyone wait for me. This is for everyone!”

“Thank you for your hard work, Chairman Mu!”

Liu Lingyu and the others raised their glasses as well.


The wine glasses created a pleasant sound, and in just a moment, everyone emptied their glasses.

The emcee saw what happened and then quickly announced Chairman Mu’s arrivalon the mic.

The crowd gave a loud cheer. Someone handed Mu Yuchen a mic with a genuine and respectful gesture. “Chairman Mu, please say a few words to the crowd. They’ve been looking forward to it.”

This man was regarded like the existence of God in the eyes of many, especially to the people working in Glory World Corporation. If it were not for his low-profile attitude, he would not be any less popular than the current top male celebrities. In fact, he had always been influential; it was just that he hid well.

Mu Yuchen looked at the podium in the center of the stage quietly. He took the mic from the emcee’s hand, but instead of going onto the stage, he just stood up from his seat.

The whole hall was dead silent. Only his viola-like deep voice echoed throughout the venue, calm and solid.

“The Glory World anniversary is organized every year, so I won’t talk much. Glory World prioritizes capability and will provide you the stage you deserve. We’re able to grow to this scale today all thanks to the results of everyone’s hard work. Whether you’re satisfied with whatever you’ve achieved up until now or not, you have to thank yourself for the persistence and hard work you put in.”

Mu Yuchen took a pause as he took another glass of wine from a waiter passing by. He raised the glass and then continued, “I hope everyone can keep it going and fight for a chance of a double win. I’ve taken out a percentage of company’s profit as a reward. How much you reap will depend on the work you sow. I look forward to the day everyone is able to make me regret my decision to reward a portion of the company’s profit. This one is to thank you and ask you to have high expectations of yourself. Also, an early Happy New Year to everyone!”

Mu Yuchen then raised his glass while the crowd gave him a round of applause along with some roaring cheers.

This man was skilled at reading people’s hearts. He knew what they were thinking. Just a simple few words were able to bring the dinner to another level. Everyone felt hot-blooded and believed that they could achieve their dreams by just following him, even to a height that scared them.

The atmosphere heated up, and everyone could feel their fighting spirits emerging. The whole hall was cheering and screaming, mixing together with the noise of wine glasses clinking each other.

“Thank yourselves! Anticipate yourselves! Happy New Year!”

Such an elegant and aloof male figure had made many other men at the scene feel discouraged, yet his existence made most of the females blush for him. Even the female celebrities could not wait to have a toast with Mr. Mu.

Liu Lingyu, Zhang Lan, and the others swiftly went around to have a toast with the employees from different departments. Only Mu Yuchen, Xi Xiaye, and a few other external managers were left at the table.

Xi Xiaye sat right opposite of Mu Yuchen, so she could see him by just raising her head. She saw Ah Mo and two men in black suits block the women trying to get near him. Glancing at him, she murmured, “Social butterfly”

She then stood up with her wine glass and was about to join Vice President Liu with his rounds of toasts when unexpectedly, the man opposite her smiled and went up to her.

“What bad things were you making up about me just now?” He whispered to her in a calm tone.

Xi Xiaye glanced at his eyes. She did not expect him to find out. “How would I dare say bad things about you? I’m complimenting you for being such a lovable social butterfly”

Mu Yuchen was stunned when he heard Xi Xiaye’s words. He squinted his eyes as they emitted a dangerous glance. However, as if to correspond with Xi Xiaye, a charming voice reached their ears

“Chairman Mu”

It was a familiar, gentle voice.

Xi Xiaye’s lips formed a shallow smile as she glanced at the man meaningfully. Then, she turned around and saw Xi Xinyi in her snow-white dress, looking just like an elegant angel as she stood before them.


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