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Season 2

Episode 12

( Glory World Anniversary (3)

Yet, such a moment of radiance was just for a split second. When all of the bright lights vanished, what remained would just be plain. After all, who could possess an eternal splendor?

Xi Xiaye breathed in slightly. Moments after, she returned to her usual indifference. Her calm eyes looked at Xi Xinyi and the other popular artistes quietly as they smiled and walked on the red carpet while waving.

The Public Relations Manager and Project Director, Liu Peilian, had also walked up to greet the several guests. The popular artistes had attended in their best clothes as they contended in beauty and fascination, adding magnificent colors to the banquet.


“Thank you. We’re very honored to have the chance to join Glory World’s anniversary celebration.”

“You’re welcome. This must be the famous Director Liu!”

“Hello, Manager Fang, Director Liu!”

“Vice President Liu, Vice President Zhang!”

A few of them walked up to Xi Xiaye’s table and very courteously greeted everyone with gentle smiles on their faces.

“Who is this?”

“This is Director Xi of Glory World. Director Xi, this is Miss Kate. I believe you should have some impression of her. Last year, at Young Master Wang’s wedding, the two of you had drinks together. Do you still remember?” Director Liu fervently introduced the sensuous woman who walked ahead in her long redgown.

“Hello, Director Xi. I’m very honored that we meet again!”

Miss Kate smiled and hurled out a hand to Xi Xiaye who also smiled and nodded. She very amiably shook her hand too. “The honor is mine. I hope that we’ll have a happy collaboration.”

“Happy collaborating!”

After Xi Xinyi greeted the several upper management of Glory World, she subconsciously looked over to Xi Xiaye, yet someone had already ushered her to her seat as the banquet was about to begin.

Xi Xinyi looked on with mixed emotions at Xi Xiaye’s table, yet the latter pretended notto see her. She was chatting away with a certain Vice President who had moved away.

She pursed her luscious lips and stared at Xi Xiaye for a long while. There was a faint smile that did not fade on her face. The table she sat at was for all of Glory World Corporation’s invited guests; there were super popular A-list singers or special guests such as partners with Glory World.

Apart from Mu Yuchen’s seat that was still vacant, the entire banquet venue was already filled up. Up front, the host had asked for instructions from the Vice Presidents. The few Vice Presidents exchanged a look and then nodded slightly before the host walked up the stage.

The upbeat and soothing piano music started to turn into a majestic opening symphony. The host held the microphone and begun his opening remarks that stirred everyone’s spirits. Soon, a wave of cheers was heard as he announced the official opening ceremony of Glory World’s anniversary celebration.

First up was a very upbeat violin solo as the opening. The entire banquet atmosphere instantly livened up while everyone’s ears were filled with the sound of a melodious violin piece that lifted one’s spirits. Even Xi Xiaye’s gloomy mood because of the incident earlier vanished.

She was about to have a drink when she suddenly felt the handphone in her pocket buzz. Quickly taking it out to look, she saw that it was a text message from Mu Yuchen. He was rushing over and would reach soon. Xi Xiaye replied with an “mmm” before keeping her phone away.

After the opening violin solo was the company’s Vice President Liu Lingyu’s speech. He roughly summarized Glory World Corporation’s main achievements of the year and expressed his hopes for the next year. In addition to that, he especially introduced Glory World Corporation’s main structure briefly.

“Director Xi’s performance for the year seems pretty outstanding. A few days ago, at the annual meeting, Chairman Mu even personally commended you. Director Xi, are you also looking forward to seeing what award Chairman Mu will hand you later?”

Xi Xiaye was drinking whenVice President Zhang Lan’s friendly and gentle voice suddenly came from the side. She looked up at her and saw her watching her with anticipation.

Had he personally commended her?

Did he seem like the type of person to praise her in front of everyone?

As she listened, Xi Xiaye could not help but raise her brows slightly. She looked a little shocked at Zhang Lang, yet Zhang Lan thought that even Xi Xiaye was very excited to know what award she would get. “The Public Relations Department hit it off pretty well. They wouldn’t let me know no matter how I asked, but you’ve been reaping quite a bit this year. Let’s leave it as a surprise and wait for it to be revealed.”

The name lists of the award winners were derived from the few Vice Presidents’ comprehensive assessments based on the actual situation. They naturally knew everything and were just teasing her right now.

Xi Xiaye looked at Zhang Lan’s friendly and gentle smile, then shenodded gently and smiled. “Thank you. It’s thanks to the company’s cultivation.”

Zhang Lan liked Xi Xiaye. She was low-profile and not brash. When some people looked to her for help, she would almost never reject, especially the Commerce Department. Earlier, because Commerce Director Chu Feng was temporarily relocated, she had practically runboth ends of the Planning and Commerce Department. She kept up with both sides of the work and did not let the company down. She persisted for more than a month until the successor was in place and she clearly looked frailer after that.

To say that she was a workaholic was absolutely suitable. It was no wonder that the people that came under Liu Lingyu were almost all workaholics. The phrase “heaven rewards the diligent” had always been one of the words of wisdom they motivated themselves with.

Superiors also liked hardworking and intelligent subordinates just as teachers liked obedient, bright, and diligent students!

A while after that, Liu Lingyu finally finished his speech and the sumptuous dishes of the banqyet began to be served. Several famous artistes that had come to support the event began to perform on stage.

The first person to go on stage and perform an emotional song was Miss Kate who had greeted Xi Xiaye earlier. When she sang, a certain department manager behind Xi Xiaye was also talking about her. Xi Xiaye then knew that these few A-list artistes were specially invited by the Public Relations Department as a warm-up for Imperial Sky Entertainment City’s launch that was happening after the New Year.

After a few performances, the atmosphere became even more exuberant. Xi Xiaye had been sitting in her own seat while all the other upper management kept finding opportunities to get closer to her and chat with her. She was easy-mannered and smiled in response, appearing elegant.

Xi Xiaye spoke very little instead as she sat and admired the performances while leisurely sipping on some red wine once in a while or listening to them chat.

Finally, after she finished another glass of wine, she suddenly heard a commotion from behind. What followed after was a sudden silence. The host up on stage also looked incredibly excited. Xi Xiaye seemed to have noticed something as she turned around and followed the crowd’s gaze towards the red carpet behind her.

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