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Season 2

Episode 11

(Glory World Anniversary (2)

Once Manager Fang said this, Xi Xiaye frowned. “Previously, when we were planning things, wasn’t it already agreed that media and reporters would be rejected? What’s the problem?”

Xi Xiaye understood Liu Peilian’s concern. The reason they rejected these people from entering was that they were worried the media would be reckless and simply write their stories. Previously, after organizing the anniversary celebrations for several years, the media had exaggerated about Glory World and that made the old Chairman Mu Yinan very unhappy. After that, the Public Relations Department hadcanceled all invitations to the media.

“This time it’s different. The company has invited several A-list celebrities to support the event. I think that with such an opportunity, we should use it properly,” explained Manager Fang.

“Even if we want to use it, we can’t do it at this anniversary. You know that Chairman Mu doesn’t like media and reporters. If we infuriate him, what’s the point of organizing this anniversary?” Manager Fang had just finished when Liu Peilian could not help but speak up to refute.

Xi Xiaye frowned slightly. She thought about it for a moment, then said, “Why don’t you choose one or two bigger media houses and let them do an exclusive report? When they’re done drafting, let Chairman Mu personally review. If Chairman Mu approves, then they can publish it.”

Manager Fang’s eyes instantly lit up. “But we have to guarantee that on Chairman Mu’s end…”

Before Manager Fang could finish, Xi Xiaye had already interrupted her and turned a blind eye to Liu Peilian’s darkened gaze, “Don’t worry. You guys just focus on contacting two trustworthy media houses, leave the rest to me.” She suddenly turned to leave, making Liu Peilian watch all this with gritted teeth.

She walked around and simply checked the situation at the venue. When she returned to the hall, the seats were already almost filled. Apart from the few tables up front in the middle for the important guests, almost everyone else had arrived.

The Vice Presidents and Directors under Glory World Corporation, and some of the company’s backbones including those who had been moved abroad had all rushed back. Some dashing blonde-haired, blue-eyed, handsome guys were sitting at the few tables in the middle. They were Glory World Corporation’s elite think tank.

“Eh, Director Xi, why are you still here? Vice President Liu and Vice President Zhang have been looking all over for you! The guests have mostly arrived! The event is about to begin!”

Xi Xiaye had just returned to the hall when her assistant, Xiao Mei, panted as she rushed over.

“Let’s go.”

Xi Xiaye already saw Liu Lingyu, Zhang Lan, and the rest chatting away with the upper management of Glory World, so she picked up her pace and walked over.

“Vice President Liu, Vice President Zhang!”

“Director Xi, you’re here! We were just waiting for you. Let’s take a seat.”

Liu Lingyu saw that Xi Xiaye had come over and he immediately smiled kindly with an aura of friendliness. “You’ve been on leave for quite a few days. How’s your health?”

“Thank you for your concern. I’m all good.”

Xi Xiaye sat down. Her seat was nearLiu Lingyu.

“That’s great. You looked quite pale too. I thought it was because you were too busy with work and had fallen ill. That would be bad. Right, the matter about the company entering the showbiz industry…”

Liu Lingyu was someone very passionate about work. At that moment, he did not forget about work.

Xi Xiaye nodded slightly at the waiter who had gone over to serve her water. Then, she turned to Liu Lingyu and smiled. “Don’t worry, Vice President Liu. Chairman Mu has informed me about this. Feel free to let me know whenever you need help. I’ll definitely do my best.”

“Haha, I was frankly waiting to hear this! I was really worried that Chairman Mu wouldn’t agree to this. After all, the South River project you’re taking on isn’t light.”

“Didn’t you say that we young people should be even more enthusiastic?” Xi Xiaye smiled.

On the side, Vice President Zhang Lan smiled and echoed, “Hearing your words, it really makes me feel like I’m suddenly much younger. Your enthusiasm is infectious, Director Xi.”

“VP Zhang, we can’t deny that we’re old now and we can’t compare with these brilliant youngsters. Haha…” Once Liu Lingyu said this, the table full of people instantly laughed along.

“Right, what time is Chairman Mu arriving?” Someone noticed that the main seat up front was still empty, so he could not help but ask.

Glory World’s number one person was considered the main highlight of the night, so naturally he attracted attention.

“I’ve already called Assistant Li Si, but the phone’s still switched off. I’m afraid they’re still on the flight, but Chairman Mu called earlier to say that once it’s time, we should start first. He’ll rush over as soon as he can. He wouldn’t miss the finale.”

Once Zhang Lan said this, there were suddenly sounds of people crying out in surprise at the entrance behind them and some joyful cheering. Xi Xiaye and the rest subconsciously turned to look at the entrance of the grand hall.

They saw that walking up front was an amorous woman dressed in a red bareback gown. Xi Xiaye did remember her a little. She was an A-list celebrity who was currently quite popular. Behind her, she was followed by several other A-list celebrities. When she saw that figure that was as fair as snow coming in last, Xi Xiaye’s entire figure was slightly startled at that second!

It was Xi Xinyi!

She saw that she was wearing a fresh, white, long dress with a beautiful, glittering shawl of the same shade. Her light golden, long hair fell down her shoulders and there were even some pink pearls or light-colored little flowers adorning her hair. Her skin was as white as jade and her gorgeous face only had light make up on with a sweet-tempered and generous smile. She wore a chunky pearl necklace around her neck. With her graceful figure wrapped in that simple and elegant white dress, she looked like a gentle angel.

If it were not for the fact that she had experienced all that she had, Xi Xiaye thought that she would probably be moved to see her enter in such a breathtaking way.

When she saw her smile and gently wave to the crowd on both sides, it seemed like the people were like watching a concert as they shrieked delightedly.

At that moment, Xi Xinyi had everyone’s attention. Her every gaze and smile made everyone fall for her. This charm was something that she, Xi Xiaye, could not possess.

She suddenly seemed to understand why Han Yifeng would abandon her and fall for Xi Xinyi.

Xi Xinyi was currently the sun that shone ten thousand rays of light. She existed as the most beautiful goddess in everyone’s hearts, while she, Xi Xiaye, seemed to be the furthest star in the lonely night sky. She could only watch this planet from afar, flickering with a dim light…

However, it seemed that she and everyone else had already forgotten that the twinkling star in the night sky might actually be even more dazzling than the sun. It was just because it was too far away and hidden too deep, so others always neglected that glimmer that had to travel through many years before it could shine on Earth…

She had not understood this reasoning until much later when a certain someone had whispered into her ear, “Missus, while there are many stars that are more dazzling than the sun in this vast universe, I discovered a star like you.

As she recalled and thought about it, she could not help but realize that tears had welled up in her eyes…



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