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Season 2

Episode 10

(Glory World Anniversary (1)

From Wednesday onwards, Glory World Corporation’s break had almost come to an end and the whole company was anticipating the anniversary celebration on Thursday. The Public Relations Department was busy running around coordinating the event.

Glory World’s anniversary banquet was located at Imperial Sky Hall on the seventh floor of Imperial Sky Hotel.

This grand hall in Imperial Sky Hotel was especially used to organize grand banquets.

On Thursday morning, after Mu Yuchen left the house, she drove to the company as well.

The anniversary even would only begin at 7 in the evening. Mu Yuchen had rushed to City B early in the morning. She heard that it was to discuss negotiating the development of a new movie citywith the partner company. It was probably the same as the other day and he would only be able to rush back in the afternoon.

It was a splendid afternoon. The warm sun scattered its dazzling golden rays throughout the blue sky. Bathing in the soft light, Glory World Corporation appeared even more extraordinary in grandeur.

Inside the simple and elegant office, the Planning Director, Xi Xiaye, was sitting before her desk and reading the documents that the Commerce Department had sent over. At that moment, there was suddenly a light knocking on the door.

She frowned slightly, yet she did not look up and just answered, “Come in!”

Her assistant, Xiao Mei, then walked lightly over and bowed to say, “Director Xi, Manager Fang from the Public Relations Department just called to say that the Imperial Sky Hotel preparations are almost done. They asked if you’d like to go over and take a look.”

“Mmm, tell them that I’ll be there right away.”

Xi Xiaye closed the document in her hand and got up to put the things on her desk into the folder. Then, she turned around to put on the windbreaker on the clothes rack. On the side, Xiao Mei had quickly walked up to take her briefcase too. The two of them then took huge strides out of the door.

When walking through the company’s long corridor and waiting for the elevator, Xiao Mei suddenly carefully said to Xi Xiaye,“Director Xi, I heard that Director Liu has gone over too. Her performance this year seemed pretty outstanding. I wonder if she’d be as lucky as last year and get the race car again.”

The Director Liu she was talking about was Liu Peilian, Xi Xiaye’s rival. The fact that someone of Xi Xiaye’s age could climb up to this position caused many people to be unconvinced and Liu Peilian was one of the skeptics. The previous Chairman had even taken some of her previous projects to appoint Xi Xiaye in-charge. Naturally, having her projects snatched away by Xi Xiaye, she disliked her.

“Didn’t the company get her to make arrangements for the anniversary with the Public Relations Department?” Xi Xiaye indifferently looked at the moving numbers displayed at the elevator while she put one of her hands in her windbreaker pocket as she asked casually.

Xiao Mei nodded and carefully looked at Xi Xiaye who did not show any emotions on her face. Softly, she informed her, “Director, earlier, Manager Fang called to ask you to go over. It seemed like because they are in disagreement with Director Liu, they probably want you to go over earlier and get your opinion. In the past, Public Relations has been going along with your insights. This year, if it were not for the new Chairman Mu taking office, Director Zhang wouldn’t have let Director Liu help out.”

“Does that mean that Public Relations is planning to do a welcoming party for Chairman Mu at the same time?” Xi Xiaye was a little surprised as she raised her brows.

“Yes, Director. In fact, I heard that Public Relations has invited quite a few celebrities to join the banquet. They’re all artistes signed on with Glory World such as that very popular new perfect female idol, the ambassador of public goodwill, Xi Xinyi. She even has the same surname as you, Director! It seems like Public Relations has invited her!”

Once Xiao Mei said this, Xi Xiaye instantly frowned. In shock, she turned to Xiao Mei. “What did you say? Xi Xinyi? Does she have any collaboration with Glory World?”

Xiao Mei smiled and nodded, her eyes filled with anticipation. “Yes! She and Glory World have agreed for her to be Imperial Sky Jewellery City’s spokesperson. She looks great and we’re all very excited about it. When the Public Relations Department went looking for her, we knew that she would definitely agree. Based on Glory World’s capabilities, so many artistes want to collaborate with us. Right, Director, I heard that Xi Xinyi will be expanding in the country…”

While her ears kept hearing Xiao Mei ramble on about matters related to Xi Xinyi, just like when she heard about her and Han Yifeng’s engagement, Xi Xiaye’s twinkling eyes flashed with a coldness.

When she saw the elevator door open, her apathetic figure walked in.

Xiao Mei, who had always been an expert at reading body language, could vaguely feel that Xi Xiaye did not seem pleased, so she did not continue.

When the Cayenne drove into the Imperial Sky Hotel, it was already past 6 p.m. in the evening. She had just walked to the hotel entrance when she saw the festively decorated flower arch. The entire hotel had also closed for business temporarily because that night would justbe to serve Glory World.

Many guards and bodyguards were arranged in front of the entrance. Everyone needed to have the company identity card or a guest invitation to enter. All reporters had been rejected at the door and security was very tight.

The Imperial Sky Hall on the seventh floor of Imperial Sky Hotel was currently decorated impressively and lavishly. Inside the hall that could fit up to thousands of people, hundreds of tables had been neatly arranged with fruits and exquisite desserts. There were even all sorts of drinks, and up front, right in the middle was a huge stage. Clearly, it was set up for performances.

All around the hall one could see the busy figures of the waiters and Glory World staff. The lively and relaxing banquet music filled the entire space. Listening to it made one feel an inevitable sense of anticipation.

“Director Xi, you’re finally here! Manager Fang’s waiting for you backstage. He’s been anxious!”

Xi Xiaye had just stepped into the hall when the assistant to Manager Fang of the Public Relations Department went to her, seeming quite worried.

“What’s wrong?” Xi Xiaye frowned at her. She took a cup of water that the waiter had brought and handed it to her, indicating for her to calm down.

“Thank you, Director Xi! Director Xi, it’s best if you go over and take a look.”

She had just walked to the lounge backstage when she immediately heard a commotion. As she approached, she noticed that Manager Fang seemed to be arguing about something with the Project Director, Liu Peilian. The two of them looked extremely agitated.

“What’s happening?” Xi Xiaye’s calm voice was heard, interrupting their argument. Both of them stopped at the same time and looked towards the door.

“Director Xi, it’s great that you’re here. There’s something that I’d like your opinion on.” Manager Fang took a look at Liu Peilian, then walked over to Xi Xiaye.

“What is it?” Xi Xiaye looked puzzledly at the two of them. When Liu Peilian saw Xi Xiaye, her face sank.

“There’s a group of reporters surrounding the place outside. I’m thinking to let the media in to achieve some publicity. Imperial Sky Entertainment City is going to launch right after the New Year, so seizing the enthusiasm this time, maybe we could even add on to some of its popularity, but Director Liu thinks it’s not too appropriate…”

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