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Season 1

Episode 99

(Han Yifengs Invitation)

“Thank you for placing your trust in me. I’ll do my best!”

Liu Lingyu accepted the job respectfully, staying true to Glory World’s key values: confidence and sincerity. If one could take on the workload, then they would put in their best efforts instead of trying to slack off.

Under Liu Lingyu’s influence, people under him like Xi Xiaye shared similar values as well.

Mu Yuchen nodded. “Vice President Liu, please stay back. Everyone else can leave for now.”

“Yes, Chairman Mu!”

The other Vice Presidents swiftly left the room.

Mu Yuchen slowly raised his head when he heard the sound of the door closing. “Director Xi mentioned to me that you’re interested in the showbiz industry. I believe you’ve done your research well, so I’m confident leaving this in your hands.”

“Thank you for trusting me,Chairman Mu!” Liu Lingyu bowed humbly.

Mu Yuchen gently lifted the black folder before him and handed it to Liu Lingyu. “These are some documents regarding Qi Kai and Yueying. Director Xi spent quite some effort arranging these and I made some simple edits on them. Take a look at it and I’m sure it’ll help you out a lot.”

Liu Lingyu accepted the folder, feeling a little odd. Did Chairman Mu skip the chain of command? Usually, he was the one issuing orders to Director Xi.

Liu Lingyu paid it no mind and started flipping through the document. There were two different handwritings on it. The clean-looking script should be Xi Xiaye’s, while the one with powerful strokes should be Chairman Mu’s.

“Let me know if you need anything. You’re one of the most senior ones around here. I believe in your capabilities and Grandfather often praises you too.”

It was a rare compliment from Mu Yuchen.

Liu Lingyu nodded out of gratitude as he closed the folder. “Yes, I’ll do my best. Chairman Mu, I hope that Director Xi can help out a little since she has experience dealing with Qi Kai before. Things will probably be easier with her around.”

Xi Xiaye was his outstanding subordinate and they were always on good terms. He was sure that they would make a formidable pair.

Liu Lingyu’s words drew a frown on Mu Yuchen’s face. He thought about it and said, “Isn’t she working on the South River project now?”

“Don’t worry, Chairman Mu. I mean that I just need Director Xi to help out just a little and I promise it won’t take up too much of her time. I’ll make sure it won’t affect the progress of the South River project too. I know Director Xi’s capability well. She’s a very dedicated person with high efficacy, so it would be great if she could help me out a little!” Liu Lingyu praised Xi Xiaye as he carefully observed the calm and stoic Mu Yuchen.

Liu Lingyu was shocked to see an odd smile appearing on Mu Yuchen’s poker face. His voice sounded at peace too. “I can see that you have high hopes for Director Xi.”

Liu Lingyu was stunned for a moment. He then replied with an awkward laugh, “Well, Director Xi is a pleasant person, so”

Mu Yuchen sipped some tea before nodding. “I’ll consider your request. You can go back to work now and I’ll call you again when I need you.”

“Noted, Chairman Mu!” Liu Lingyu bowed at him and then left quietly.

As Liu Lingyu just left, Li Si knocked and entered right before the door closed.

“Master!” Li Si carefully went before Mu Yuchen and quietly called out to him.

Mu Yuchen continued looking at the documents in his hand. He replied without raising his head, “What’s the matter?”

“The newly appointed CEO Han of Han Corporation got his assistant to send you an invitation card!” Li Si informed quietly, seemingly worried that he might be disturbing Mu Yuchen’s focus. He then presented a red invitation card.

Mu Yuchen took a pause and raised his head. The fiery-red card with words imprinted in gold on it came into his view. The bold and loud red made him uncomfortable.

He had seen a similar invitation card on his bedside drawer!

He inspected the invitation card, then helooked at Li Si. For a moment, his eyes turned icy.

Li Si quickly explained, “Master, this is the invitation to the engagement to CEO Han of Han Corporation and the daughter of Mayor Xi, Xi Xinyi. It’s this Friday. Back then, Han Yu and Huang Ziyao were partners with us on several projects”

Mu Yuchen went silent. His aura seemed to flicker several times around him. After some time, he said, “Leave it there.”

A dark storm was brewing in his ocean-deep eyes. Li Si felt oddly uncomfortable, but he did not say anything. He quickly left the invitation there and got out of the room.


Before Li Si completely exited the room, Mu Yuchen’s voice reached his ears. Li Si halted his steps and then quickly turned around.

“Anything else, Master?” Li Si asked politely whilst feeling anxious.

Mu Yuchen kept quiet for a brief moment. Then, he looked up at Li Si and said, “Did the PR Department arrange some guests to come over during our company anniversary celebrations?”

“Huh? Ye-yes! They are mainly the ambassadors of Imperial Sky Jewellery City, and also several popular celebrities. Hopefully, it can help to create a more relaxed environment and help smoothen the promotional work in the future,” Li Si quickly replied.

Mu Yuchen pondered his words and then said, “Help me get the PR manager to come up here.”

PR manager?

Was he worried about the anniversary?

Master usually

However, he did not dare to question his Master’s intentions, so he nodded and then went out of the room.


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