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Season 1

Episode 96

(Speed And Passion (2)

When they left the salon, it was close to evening. The setting sun blanketed the ground with a golden radiance, engulfing the entire City Z in an intoxicating softness.

Xi Xiaye had relaxed much more by then and the repressed corner in her heart had faded away quite a bit. When she walked to the car, she insisted on driving, so Mu Yuchen let her and he quietly moved to get into the front passenger seat.

The husband and wife duo had gone to the restaurant that Xi Xiaye brought Mu Yuchen to before for dinner. After that, she drove unhurriedly back to the Grand Waves Villa area, going for a spin for some fresh air along the way.

Xi Xiaye still chose to take the Ninth Crooked Bend because that route was closer to the Grand Waves Villa.

The car sped all the way, passing through the hazy twilight and chasing the dusky light ahead. At night, the Ninth Crooked Bend was very quiet. Only one or two cars would occassionally drive past their car. There was not a single person in sight along the way.

Xi Xiaye rested her chin on one hand and leisurely steered the wheel, driving ahead steadily. However, just as they were nearing the Ninth Crooked Bend and were about to enter the tunnel ahead, there was suddenly a wave of hooting ahead. Before she could react, an intense light had immediately shone on her. It was harsh, so she subconsciously lifted a hand to block the light that was blinding her from the front.



Almost in the blink of an eye, more than ten cars zoomed by her at lightning speed. Xi Xiaye vaguely glanced to unexpectedlysee that they were all luxury cars. The loud and clear whistling sounds rang out through the air just like the other night!

As she watched the race cars speed past like hurricanes, Xi Xiaye immediately could not help but feel a fiery passion in her heart. Her calm twinkling eyes suddenly flashed with sparks and almost in an instant, she had also slowed down before quickly turning the car. Then, she chased the cars ahead that whistled past.


A light flashed in her calm, clear eyes as she suddenly floored the accelerator. The force of the entire car instantly increased sharply. She rushed forward like a rainstorm and with a whoosh, she sped ahead.

The strong winds poured in through the car windows. The temperature in the car instantly dropped by a few degrees. The strong winds ran through her beautiful, long hair which had just been combed neatly, instantly turning it extremely messy.

Xi Xiaye’s starry eyes were calm and sharp while her two hands on the steering wheel were maneuvering the vehicle with agility. The car instantly soared madly and in a heartbeat, they had already caught up with the cars ahead.

“F*ck! Racing with me? I’ll kill you!”

When the Cayenne overtook a Land Rover, a bald guy looked out from the car and cursed loudly at Xi Xiaye, then he picked up his speed too. The Cayenne had already joined the wave of racing cars.

They could see that Xi Xiaye’s Cayenne was not one of them. Nevertheless, because of the newcomer, the group of people seemed to suddenly go crazy. As they watched the black Cayenne drive through them like a soaring dragon, the crowd’s initially relaxed mood immediately tensed up. They all subconsciously treated Xi Xiaye’s Cayenne as a target to catch up with.


The roar of the cars picking up speed whirled and hooted, breaking the silence of the night. With her quick wits, she executed a beautiful drift and evaded a Hummer that came bumping from the side. Xi Xiaye’s twinkling eyes revealed a rare glow as her gaze became increasingly sharp.

The chilly winds continue to scrape at her face like arrows of ice, yet it could not cool the hearts of the group of people that chased the need for speed. The silent night had become unusually lively because of this frenzied racing.

The Cayenne practically stuck to a fence as it sped past by a close shave. At the 90-degree turn ahead, the cars that dashed ahead all subconsciously slowed down while Xi Xiaye suddenly remembered her man’s move that one time. Without wondering further, she stepped hard on the accelerator and the Cayenne flew out like a hurricane, sprinting forward like an arrow.

“Bloody hell! It’s a bend ahead and still, they increased their speed. Are they rushing to die?!”

“Driving when they don’t how to drive!”

“Bloody hell!”

The sound of intense, foul-mouthed hollering was heard. In the meantime, up ahead, Xi Xiaye did an emergency brake and did half-turn on the steering wheel as she was about to hit the fence. Then, there was a piercing racket of the car tires screeching on the ground while the back of the car swept up soaring dust.

After that came the winding road with ups and downs. There were still quite a few race cars leading. The cars that were ditched behind had also started to go all out and pursue the Cayenne like angered beasts.

Two Hummers attacked her from both sides and cooperated with each other in an attempt to squash Xi Xiaye in the middle, stopping her dead!

It was not Xi Xiaye’s first time joining such games. When she saw the Hummers that had been picking up speed from her rearview mirror, she instantly guessed their intention. Without caring that there was aprecipitous slope ahead, she slammed on the accelerator and with a loud rumbling, she drifted. The entire car leaped, drifting and flying out as it crossed troughs at lightning speed. At a breakneck increase in speed, she drove towards the straight main street ahead.

When she saw the cars that had been ditched by her, there were vague sounds of people cursing out loud. Xi Xiaye’s beautiful face flashed with a rare grin.

When the car sped past the yellow line under the bridge ahead, Xi Xiaye then slowed down and parked the car by the roadside. When she subconsciously turned to look at the man beside her, she noticed that he was holding on to the handle above his head. His expression was calm as usual, yet astonishment was revealed in his eyes.

Greeting her gaze, he had also caught her smile that had not yet faded. Mu Yuchen instantly chuckled softly, “You learn pretty quickly. Have you already found that feeling again so quickly?”

Xi Xiaye smiled cheerfully back at him. “I was originally not that bad, okay?”

Mu Yuchen smiled and shook his head. When he saw her head of hair messily interweaving and cascading down her chest like dark clouds, he quietly turned to his side. His long, fair fingers weaved through her long, messy hair, helping her comb it smooth. This sudden touch was unexpected and it made Xi Xiaye look up. Her eyes collided with his silent deep eyes that seemed to hold a million stars…

Her gaze was clear and moving. The faint fragrance of her shampoo entered their noses with the bleak night breeze as he stared at her quietly for a long time. Seeing her bright, smiling little face, his handsome face revealed a tenderness too.

His large hand suddenly could not help but reach out and lightly touch her exquisite face. His thumb lightly brushed away her hair, and under Xi Xiaye’s indefinitely flickering gaze, his tall figure leaned in. Her cold hand that was on the steering wheel was now gently held by his warm and dry hand…

A quiet, manly fragrance that belonged exclusively to him entered her nostrils with the night breeze. When she felt him getting closer, the hand that she left by her side suddenly subconsciously tightened. In an instant, her starry eyes were already misty and dazzled…

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