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Season 2

Episode 7

(Unsigned Document (1)

When she heard these words, the curve on Xi Xiaye’s beautiful face widened. She quietly watched Shen Yue for quite a while, then she slowly got up. “I’ll go take a look in the kitchen.”

She had just reached the kitchen entrance when she smelled a tempting aroma filling the air. She raised her head slightly and the view of Shen Wenna’snarrow back greeted her.

Even though she had passed 50 years of age, Shen Wenna had maintained herself well and she still looked attractive for an aging woman. Appearing rather young, she looked similar to Xi Xiaye. When the mother and daughter stood together, they looked like sisters.

“You’re back!”

When she noticed Xiaye standing right behind her, Shen Wenna suddenly turned around. She studied her carefully and in her cold eyes, something shifted.

“Mmm,” Xi Xiaye softly answered, then she slowly walked over to wash her hands.

“The school’s been on holiday these past few days and your grandpa’s less busy too. If you’re free, you should come home more often to visit and accompany your grandpa. He’s been missing you.” Shen Wenna stirred the vegetables in the wok as she said this.

“Got it,” Xi Xiaye habitually answered.

While when she heard this, Shen Wenna suddenly frowned slightly. She looked at Xi Xiaye who had turned on the tap beside her and was quietly washing her hands. Helplessly, she sighed on the inside.

Her daughter was so much like her, equally apathetic and stubborn without wanting to admit defeat.

She thought it before turning the tap off and suddenly saying softly.”The day before yesterday, he came looking for me.”

“Who?” Shen Wenna retrieved her gaze and asked as she stir-fried the hot and sour shredded potato.

Xi Xiaye straightened up and slowly turned over, quietly staring at Shen Wenna’s slim back. She fell silent for a long while and then said calmly, “Father…”

When she heard her daughter, Shen Wenna’s body momentarily stiffened. Her movements stopped abruptly too as if some kind of motor in her was halted.

“He said that Friday is Xi Xinyi and Han Yifeng’s engagement ceremony, so he wants me to attend and he even said that Grandfather’s health is worsening…”

“Whatever you decide, I won’t stop you.”

A while after, Shen Wenna suddenly turned around, her slightly dim eyes gazing at Xi Xiaye. “Xiaye, the thing between your father and I happened only because we didn’t know how to manage our marriage well, but this doesn’t apply to everyone. No matter what, don’t give up the right to fight for your happiness. You’re a smart child. You should know what I mean.”

Xi Xiaye fell silent for quite a while, then she nodded. “I got it.”

Shen Wenna sighed softly and fell silent for a moment. Then, she continued, “I can see that Mu Yuchen’s a pretty kind person. As for Han Yifeng, just forget him. No matter how many storms you’ve gone through together, when a new relationship surfaces, we have to believe in it. As strong as we can be, we’re just women… If there’s a pretty sweet person who’s willing to give you love and care, why don’t we accept it sincerely?”

As she listened, Xi Xiaye suddenly felt a mix of emotions swell in her chest and she looked at Shen Wenna. She longed to ask her since she knew this principle, why had she been all by herself all these years?

When those words were about to rush out, she stifled them. Now that things were like this, why would she want to open up old wounds again?

She quietly watched Shen Wenna. Hesitating momentarily, she did not pursue this topic anymore. Instead, she remembered the reason why Xi Xinyi had looked for her earlier.

“Mother, back then when you got a divorce with Father, he gave 20% of his Yueying shares to you… That document… Is it still with you?”

Once Xi Xiaye finished, Shen Wenna was startled. She abruptly turned to look at Xi Xiaye in surprise. “Why would you suddenly ask about this?”

She had almost forgotten all about it!

“Is it still with you?” Xi Xiaye softly asked again, her gaze had an unfathomable flicker which made it hard to guess her thoughts.

Shen Wenna looked at her for quite a while, then she nodded. “It’s still with me.”

“Mother, I want the 20% of shares. Can you… sign it?” Xi Xiaye’s twinkling eyes glimmered with some anticipation as she silently looked at Shen Wenna.

Shen Wenna paused, her eyes flashing with a darkness, yet her expression remained indifferent. She looked at Xi Xiaye and seemed to have understood something. “Did they go looking for you too?”

“Mother, you know about that?” Xi Xiaye asked.

Shen Wenna tossed the vegetables while her voice was calm. “If they didn’t go looking for you, you wouldn’t have suddenly asked me about this.”

“Finish washing the vegetables first. Come to my study room after dinner,” Shen Wennaplainly said, then the conversation between mother and daughter ended just like that.

She assisted Shen Wenna and was busy in the kitchen for close to an hour. Finally, they finished preparing dinner. In fact, it looked pretty sumptuous.

When Xi Xiaye walked out of the kitchen to serve the food, she could hear Shen Yue’s joyful laughter from afar.

“Ah Chen, your chess is definitely much better than those two old fellows in the Mu family. How rare! I didn’t expect you to know Chinese chess too. Not many young people do. Even Xiaye doesn’t! I’ve taught her many times, but every time she’d withdraw her move halfway. In fact, her manners in chess aren’t great, but that girl’s game of Go is pretty decent. She’s a master with some tricks up her sleeves. Even I’m no match for her…”

“Does she always play chess with you, Grandpa?” Mu Yuchen’s deep and calm voice was heard, then the crisp sound of the chess piece falling onto the board echoed. “Your turn, Grandpa.”

“Oh, okay, let me see… I don’t have many hobbies. Just like your grandmother and them, I’ll play chess sometimes. The last time when your grandma was still around, I still had someone to play with, but when she left, I had no one, so Xiaye became my chess buddy…” Shen Yue said as he stared down at the chessboard.

“When you’re free, you can go play cards or chess, and pass the time with Grandfather and Grandmother. Now that they’ve retired, they don’t have many programmes to pass time at home either.”

“Pack it up. Get ready for dinner!” Xi Xiaye put the dishes on the table and called out to the duo playing chess on the coffee table.

When he heard her voice, Mu Yuchen slowly turned to take a look at her and he smiled calmly at her. Then, he extended a hand to help Shen Yue up. “Let’s have dinner first, Grandpa.”

“Okay, we’ll continue again after dinner. Ah, no need to pack it up, no need!” Shen Yue said to Aunt Xu who was about to tidy upbefore he walked to the dining table.

A while after, the whole family sat down together.

Seeing Shen Yue beaming and getting Mu Yuchen to drink up like two buddies, Xi Xiaye could not help but lean to her side and said in a lowered voice into his ear, “Grandpa seems to really like you. You’re really good at pleasing people.”


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